Monday, April 12, 2010

Wild and crazy weather

What is going on around here: Hunting: Since I started setting the mouse traps a week ago I have trapped 7 mice in our garage. That is a lot, a whole colony. One mouse trap has completely disappeared and I think it is under Bill's workbench. I told him this morning that I think he should be more concerned about this. 7 mice is a lot. Wild and crazy weather wind and rain, snowflakes and slush. It is beating the spring flowers to death. Not that my yard has noticed. I need a gardener bad. Also, I am sick! I have been denying it but can't any longer and therefore I started antibiotics Friday. It is a cold and sinus infection. I feel terrible and sound worse, too tired to do anything but can't really sleep. Please feel sorry for me. :-) I am taking antibiotics for the sinus infection and packing up my 'misery bag'. That is what Bill and I call the bag of extra things you need: saline nasal spray, advil, kleenix, cough drops, etc....) Husbands: Bill did a lot of work around the house today. I was a complete slug.... I'm sick, but this afternoon I swear he watched a 'Stargate marathon' on TV, one show right after the next. Then he gave me a ten minute heads up that my new favorite program was coming on. I love 'Undercover Boss'. Each show has been really good. But just when I come in to settle down and watch..... he disappears to the computer room and misses 45 minutes of the best program on Sunday nights. Then he wants to know what happened.... Go Figure.

What's Cooking:
Sunday: Lunch: Tuna Sandwiches and Chicken Tortilla Soup and Cornbread
     Dinner: Penne Pasta Puttanesca and steamed broccoli
Monday: King Ranch Chicken Casserole, Mexican coleslaw, mexican hashbrowns
Tuesday: Family Dinner: Greek chopped Salad w/ chicken & or gyro meat
     Greek 'smashed' potatoes,
Wednesday: salmon and sweet potato salad
Thursday: special date night since I am leaving town tomorrow (how sweet is that)
Friday: BK on his own and I am off to Atlanta
Saturday: BK on his own (till the 26th)

We have been eating so much better since I have been doing real meal planning and I am still trying to use from the freezer and the pantry

What's new on my needles: I needed a new mindless scarf to work on and I had the yarn for one more Sabori Ruffled Scarf. I am working on the center I-cord now.

What's off my needles: I finished the black and white novelty scarf knitted on the diagonal. I pulled through all the loose ends from changing yarns now and then. Then I threaded the thing with blocking wires and steamed it to heck. Also I have finished all my homework for my Stitches classes in Atlanta and have them packed in one bag. That is one big accomplishment behind me.
What I am reading: I finished reading "The Help" this week. I have actually fallen asleep two nights this week reading it. Then I have to figure out where I left off from what I can remember. I loved the book but parts of the story hit a little too close to home. My grandmother's maid was Velma and I loved her and appreciated her and never realized the conflicts that were going on at the time. I was blind but now I see a lot more. I appreciate Katherine Stockett for writing this novel, based in her own personal experiences.

What's up at the office: The really big news this week is that Dr V's office got our official invite to the local oral surgeons Cinco de Mayo party. The invite came with a bag of chips and salsa. The oral surgeon treats a lot of offices that refer to him, dinner and drinks. We all look forward to it ahead of time. We start talking about it 6 weeks ahead of time and don't stop talking about it afterward for two months. It is at Desert Fire a Southwest theme restaurant and there is lots of food and margaritas and beer for the group. It is like a terrific staff party for us, and we get to see other offices having a good time too. It is a great team bonding; let your hair down kind of party.

I love my iphone, my favorite app this week is: again not and app but a new Bluetooth to use. It only works with the phone, not for any mp3 type files but it is an awesome Bluetooth. I added some 'bling' myself and I think it is a pretty snazzy piece of jewelry.

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