Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011

I am really, I mean really really tired of the cold. Bill says it is always like this in June but we have only seen above 70 degrees 2 times since last September. Yesterday Bill and I took a walk, it was raining and probably 50 at the time. Today when I left the house it was 46.

I made this blog ‘public’ a year ago, for my friends, when I was healing from surgery and I would like to report that a year later I am doing very well. I was in the hospital for 6 hours a month ago but that was a minor glitch. I am on one-fourth of the meds as I was January of 2010 and I saw one of my specialists this week and he was thrilled with how things are going and he gave us a new protocol to try when I do get sick to hopefully keep me from needing to go to the emergency room

It is hard to see the metal
rods in his hands.

When people retire, one of the first things they do is work on their houses. I understand this now. We have started paying attention to things that we have just ignored simply because we didn’t have time to deal with it. This week Bill is adding a shut off valve to the water near our house. In the past if we needed to do plumbing work and had to shut off the water to our house, we had to go out to the street and lift up the lid on the meter from the water company and have a special tool to turn the water off. Now Bill is adding a real shut off valve. When he started digging he knew the general area where it looked like the water line should be but after digging a while he knew he had missed it. The next time I looked out the kitchen window he was walking back an forth across the yard with a forked stick and then he had two metal coat hangers in his hand. Turns out the coat hangers thing worked, he located the water line, he was only off a couple of inches. I was really impressed with his science and engineering skills.

Of course I have been knitting. I have been knitting recently for babies, I had 6 babies due between March and July and I set aside everything else to knit for the breeders. These photos show five of the six sweaters I finished and the sixth I actually knit a while back and it was waiting for a baby. That was handy. Now I just learned that I have a niece expecting her number two in early December. Should I do Christmas colors? Or something else?