Monday, August 30, 2010

August 24th - August 30

On Life and Living:

Tuesday August 24th - Life is Good. I have survived celebrating my birthday. I went to work this morning and all the 'girls' greeted me with birthday hugs. It was great. (Like last week at Dr Marks, wonderful, warm, positive greetings.) We are all ages and different backgrounds and we all get along so well. I ask myself, why did I stay in a toxic office for so long. I know that I loved the patients and had loyalty to them but truthfully I was blind to the toxic and malicious and even greedy environment. I know I missed a lot just because I was there only one day a week. I just wasn't looking for the bad stuff until it slapped me in the face, and I can't believe I tried to give the job I have now to someone else, I am glad God is watching over me especially when I am not acting smart. Dr V treated the whole office to lunch and we sat outside and enjoyed one of the last days of summer. Family Dinner was lots of fun too. The nieces brought birthday greetings too and Dinner was good. I am cooking from the freezer so I started with some gold potatoes and roasted them with garlic and olive oil @ 500 degrees for about 20. During those 20 minutes I took some thawed chicken breast and pounded them thin and pan fried them a bit on each side using an Italian herb seasoning that I got at the oil and vinegar store. I cut the chicken in smaller pieces and put it on top of the potatoes then I added some frozen broccoli and frozen zucchini on top of the chicken and on top of all of that I poured a jar of marinated artichokes with the dressing and continued to bake at 400 degrees for another half hour. The meal was delicious with some good crusty bread. Amanda brought brownies that she had taken to work. They had a brownie smackdown: four or five people had brought in their brownies and there had been an office wide taste test, Amanda's came in second they were awesome. She also brought her computer with her as she had just bought a new computer program, Rosetta Stone for learning Greek. So we all sat around the table and had a lesson in Greek until our brains couldn't take any more. I pretty quickly understood what I was learning and could hear the sounds that were important but I could not 'say' any of them correctly. It was a great program to work with and lots of fun.

Wednesday August 25th - Another full day at work. We were still eating birthday brownies and cupcakes at the office too. After work on Wednesdays I try to run errands through Redmond on the way home. Tonight I picked up ten more bags of compost and 3 of potting soil. When Bill was unloading my car he said next year we are not doing it this way, we are getting a big truck load at one time. I didn't know I was going to need so much compost but it is really helping the beds look good and it is eventually going to enrich the soil also. I missed AAA by 15 minutes, they closed at 5:30 and it was 5:45 when I got there so I will go by there in the morning. Then I stopped by my friend JoAnn's house and watered all her hanging baskets and pots while they are on a cruise on the St. Lawrence Seaway. Bill had all ready had dinner, (leftovers) when I got home. The television was not working well at all (We don't have cable and the antenna is not a good answer, in my opinion.) so I went off to another room and wrote a few thank you notes.

Thursday August 26th - I so look forward to the extra rest I am getting on Thursdays these days. It was wonderful. There was rain in the air and the temperature was about 50 degrees. I did some laundry and some work at the desk then dressed and went back to Redmond to AAA to get maps for vacation planning. Vacation will be coming up in a few weeks and we are starting to get excited. Do you want to see the house we have rented? Check out this link:    Then I drove to Renton and met Tamara for lunch and to get my hair cut. I like the cut, the color I will need to get used to. The highlights are sort of orange..... she called it a 'wood' shade, definitely more brown than golden that I have been used to in the past but it is not hot pink.... but it looks pretty orange to me. Then I just came home and hung out. I am listening to an audio book and knitting. Maybe I will have something to show for it by the end of the week. Not as much as I wanted but that’s the way it is.

Friday August 27th – Bill took the day off. Actually we had both planned to be off today because we were going to go camping with Christopher’s family and the rest of his side of the family (Priscilla and Jeff, Avram, Rivka and her Chris, Linda, and Jerry) We had planned it for a couple of months and were really looking forward to it. Then when I came back to work from my second surgery there was a sign up in the staff room that said, “Staff Meeting, Mandatory Attendance, Friday August 27th” so you guessed it, we missed the camping trip. I have missed too much work this year and I just couldn’t miss this meeting. I did take my knitting, a scarf that I am working on for a friend of Bill’s. I have finished the hat and I am making the scarf to match so I used the border of the hat for the ends of the scarf. It is not an interesting knit, just a knit2-purl2 ribbing so listening to the consultant and participating in the class all day really helped the knitting process.

Friday evening we did meet up with our Friday Night Dessert Group, we met at Bob and Karen’s and it was BYOF. We stopped at Rock and Roll Burgers in Issaquah and got sandwiches, I got a bacon burger, hold the burger, my attempt at getting a BLT and it was very good, not in competition for the ‘best’ sandwiches but it was very good.

Saturday August 28th - We had one more birthday party to go to. Mick was Bill’s best friend when they were growing up and his birthday is the same day as mine. Mick and Christie put together a barbeque and lots of our Mount Vernon and peninsula and Canadian friends came and we all had fun catching up and seeing each other. That is one group where the food is always awesome usually healthy and for sure delicious. I made a pasta salad out of multi colored orzo made with corn, black beans and red chilies. The dressing was made from salsa and Greek nonfat yogurt. There was grilled Salmon, a corn salad, lemon green beans, broccoli salad, rice salad, good breads, rhubarb pound cake, chocolate brownies and lots more goodies. Bill and I went up in separate cars because I wanted to run some errands and he had a meeting to go to and was going to be running late. I did go by one of my favorite yarn shops that was having a sale on everything cotton, getting ready for the fall yarns, but I did not get very much. I was looking for the shades of peach for a hat I am working on and I got yarn for one other children’s project. Mick and Christies’ house is one exit from an outlet mall and so I ‘had’ to go by there when I was in the area…. Chico’s, and Coldwater Creek in the same area and I didn’t buy one single thing, I was running so late by that time I didn’t look at the shoe stores.

Sunday August 29th - We were up so late at the party and driving home and then I had a hard time falling asleep so I slept till after 9am. I put on my ‘work’ clothes and started cleaning up the herb bed. I did all the beds around the back porch area before I quit and felt like I had made great progress. I pulled the drying foxglove and shook all

I'm in front of the Bay Laurel

the seeds into a white plastic garbage bag. I want to cultivate the seeds and strategically plant more. I love the height and color it brings to the beds. The seeds are so tiny and I bet I got between ¼ and 1/3 cup of seeds. Bill sorted out all the miscellaneous stuff and got it to just seeds. When we finished in the yard we decided to rest and watch a movie. I had Avatar on the Netflix list and it had come in the mail so that’s what we watched. We had seen it, 3D in the theater but I enjoyed watching it again and I paid more attention to some of the details this time around. We had a movie, documentary about Mark Twain but it didn’t work, in either of our DVD players so I am going to ask for them to send us a different DVD and we will try that again. We have really liked the biographies on historical figures that we have been watching. I think we have Thomas Jefferson to watch next. While I was watching TV I finished the second sleeve on a top that has been in process for over a year. Thanks to my new LYS (local yarn shop) and an awesome teacher there I finally charted the sleeves, knit them and now the sweater is ready to sew together. Yea!!!     

Monday August 30th - I did a great job today of marking things off the list. I finally finished touching up the paint in both bathrooms. I wrapped a pile of gifts and got several almost ready to mail. I put 3 bags of potting soil and compost under the tree in the front yard and popped dandelions for about an hour, then I met up with my walking partner and we did 3 miles together from her house I did some shopping at Trader Joes, mailed a pile of letters, took books back to the library and picked up prescriptions at Costco. I am making pizza for dinner, the meat is from the freezer.

What I am reading: I am at chapter 6 of ‘Respectable Sins’ by Jerry Bridges. I am listening to this in audio and when I got to chapter 5 and 6 I listened to it, then stopped and went back and listened to it again and now I am listening for the third time in the past couple of weeks. There is a lot of meat to chew on in this book. I may have to break down and buy a paper version so I can underline and go back more easily. It is very thought provoking. I am almost finished with Lavender Morning by Jude Deveraux. It is an easy read, a romance novel with a twist of history. Nothing is turning out like you first think it will. I checked it out from the library and it has been a fun read.

Positive Thinking: No matter what happens to me, I am intent on remaining personally grounded: no longer thrown off course by events or my reactions to them. (Taken from Everyday Commitments by David Richo) That decision has really played a part in my life this year. I am grateful for a great support system of family and friends that have help me keep on track and reminded me that God is with me. I know I am healthier physically and mentally because of my experiences this year. I know that no matter what comes my way I will do my very best to handle it. My daughter-in-law Anne asks the children each night “What is your goal for tomorrow?,” the appropriate answer being ‘be a good boy… or make good choices. With Anne’s question in mind my goal for the week is to stay grounded and handle whatever comes my way in a positive manner.

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

Aug 24th Friday Well, well, I had a letter from Chy, the first I have had since she left July 26th. I sent Son a letter and I sent Bill one Tuesday. We washed today, sure had a big one. I mopped the floors. I am having trouble with my stomach but my leg is better. I talked to Emma and she is sewing. I talked to Mrs. Smith and they cannot come Sunday night as her aunt is dying she said she went to see her this morning. She also said for us to come and get her freezer. I told Jymmie to bring some of her friends Sunday night but Elsie said if she brought June Spruce she wasn’t coming. My telephone broke late this evening as I was trying to ring Cherokee.

Aug 25th Saturday - I ironed today and Dad and Frank went to Cherokee to vote. I can’t ring anybody but they can ring me. I wanted to ring Mrs. Walker and tell them to come eat cream with us tomorrow eve at 7 o’clock. I never did get Shelly Fay but I guess the girls told her. I talked to Em and Lovie and they went to town but the bank was closed. Tom M Jr. finally got Lovie some money and he deposited her checks for her.

Aug 26th Sunday – Well we had the big ice cream supper and it was sure nice, had a big crowd and lots of cream. It tried to rain late this evening. Elsie, Tom, Jymmie, Tom A, Jim, Gordie, Gordon all were here. Lovie, Hilly, Nancy, Emma all put this big to do on. I say again it was nice We have been married 36 years and Mrs. and Mr. Bowden 37 years.

August 27th Monday – I didn’t do much today. Talked to the Emma and Lovie. Emma wanted me to go to Brownwood with them and get my glasses and she told me late this evening that Gordie was going to take Gordon to Dr Phillips at San Angelo, so I guess they were going by Brownwood then on to San Angelo but I didn’t feel like making the trip with them. I’ll just have my glasses change up here in San Saba when Dr Conner comes, as I figure he is about as good as any eye specialist. Well the big storm on the coast has not gotten here. The radio says it is doing a lot of damage, some lives have been lost. Had a letter from Bill and he is in Colorado Springs.

August 28th Tuesday Well I wrote Bill and Chy each a separate letter today. It has tried to rain today and it is raining tonight. I guess the wind comes from the storm on the Gulf. Lovie called me and said the Peggie got off to Brownwood. The SanSaba girl scouts were bringing a play over to Cherokee tonite, a mock wedding, but we did not go as it was so rainy looking. Cecil took his nieces and Carolyn, and Alene went over to stay with Flora as Thomas was kinda sick. Dad got the goats in before it gets to stormy.

August 29th Wednesday – My we had a big rain today it sure was a much needed one. I talked to Lovie and I had forgotten to tell her that Bill had written us that he was in Colorado and that he might be home on a leave in a week or two. Sure hope the Peggie girl has a big time up at Jeans. 8 o’clock tonight. Gee, it is still raining, just fairly pouring down. I am so anxious for my two little Las Cruces girls to get here. We will sure love a body coming which includes ‘Lady Ann’, that is what Jymmie used to say when she was beginning to talk. She would stretch her eyes real wide and say ‘I hear a body coming.’

August 30th Thursday - Well we had a letter from the Chy, said she and Ann are ok but Ann had fallen down and hurt her nose and cut herself between the eyes, said she was going to have her picture in the paper. Sure hope she send us one. Well Mr. and Mrs. Bowden, Carolyn all came for a few minutes this evening and it started thundering and they hurried off home. Dad worked like a Trojan today separating one of his corn cribs into two bins, one for oats and one for maize.

August 31st Friday - Tonight at 10 minutes before 12 o’clock little Ann will be one big year old. We had a letter from Bill and he said he hadn’t gotten his leave yet as his chart hadn’t gotten there but some one said it came in the day he was writing to us, so maybe by now he will know how long a leave he will get. Mr. and Mrs. Bowden came this morning and brought me the steel saw. Dad and I sawed the heads from the iron beds and they look right cute. Mrs. Bowden said Tomas O had ear trouble in both ears, poor fellow. Lovie called but she didn’t know anything. I made pepper relish today. Banty started sitting on 7 of her eggs last night.

Monday, August 23, 2010

August 17th to August 23rd My Birthday Week

On Life and Living:         
Tuesday August 17 - Happy Birthday to Christopher! A busy day at the dentist office and then family dinner. Our spaghetti casserole was awesome. Becky had requested lots of meat and it was loaded. I tried making 'bread salad' for the first time and it was good but nothing like the one from Wildwood last weekend. I started the day before making the dressing. I did not have a zinfandel vinegar but I got a champagne vinegar at Trader Joe's. I squeezed the juice out of 2 Roma tomatoes and put them in a jar, then added 2 cloves of garlic, a small chunk of sweet onion some olive oil and the champagne vinegar. Then I muddled it up with my bamix hand blender and let it sit overnight. When I made the salad I drained all the solids out of the jar and use the juice as the dressing. It needed salt and I added more olive oil. I toasted stale bread and cut it into cubes along with chunks of tomato, cucumber and sweet onion. It was tasty. While we were eating dinner Bill was baking my birthday cake to take to a party on Saturday. It smelled so good that Becky, Ryan and I decided that quality control was in order and one of the small loaf cakes was sacrificed to make sure it was okay. My favorite choice for birthday cake is sour cream pound cake. It isn't diet food but I usually only have it once or twice a year. We voted it to be delicious. Really the best ever, and he can't repeat it. Bill had printed the recipe from the internet, he doesn’t remember the site, and he spilled so much on the paper he tossed it when he was done. It had the most awesome crust, kinda crunchy. I have been thinking about it and I think it was the Organic sugar he used, it might be just a little large crystals than normal and maybe the ones on the edges of the pan got hotter and a little crunchy, anyway that cake was amazing. Happy Birthday Christopher!

Wednesday August 18 - Another full day at the dentist office and all the girls went to lunch today to thank the dental assistant that has been temping for Brie while she was on vacation in Hawaii. Wednesday after work I run errands on the way home, so I hit 3 stores in Redmond Town Center and then got home. Here is the new ‘rule’ about food for a while. I am cooking on Tuesdays and the rest of the time we are eating out of the freezer as much as possible. That thing is packed to the gills and so I am not bringing in any groceries that have to go in the freezer, so menu planning is out the window for a while. The bread salad from yesterday was better tonight, it had much more flavor. Interesting. Today was Chris and Anne's anniversary.

Thursday August 19 - I got up early but I didn't get out of my nightgown until afternoon. I did tons of laundry, set up meds for a few weeks and totally went through the hanging clothes in my closet. I have been buying new thin hangers for a while and now I have all my clothes hanging on the new hangers and I took two large black bags of clothes to Goodwill.

Friday August 20 - My 59th birthday. I did a little shopping. Chico's in Bellevue Square had the blue crop pants I have been watching for on sale. It is a funny shade between a blue and a purple and I am wearing the black and brown ones out so I got the blue and now I can go another day or two between laundries. I also went to my favorite Seattle yarn shop where they generously gave me a 25% discount for my birthday. I picked up 4 projects to knit. One for me, one for Savanna and two other children projects. Then I met up with the 'new grandchildren' who are still the godchildren and we went out to a late lunch and winter coat shopping, a grandchildren tradition.   Both the girls picked out nice coats and I texted off a photo to their mom and dad.   When I got home there were two bouquets of flowers and lots of cards. Bill had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said 'shopping for the yarn I want" so he gave me a lotto ticket. My friend Johnny Y thinks Bill is a very smart man. We had a quiet night at home and I loved it. (P.S. I didn't win the lotto.)      
Saturday August 21 - I worked in the yard most of the day today. I knew we had a BBQ to go to in the evening. Bill had made the birthday cake dessert for everyone on Tuesday. I went outside at 10am and started weeding and cleaning the beds. I started in the one by the side of the driveway where I park my car and then just kept moving to the other side of the drive, then to the front and on around to the side of the house. I set the timer for 45 minutes and then would stop and rest for 30 minutes. I would drink liquid and knit a bit then back to work. I worked through lunch and came in at 4 to rest a bit before I showered and got ready for the party. Just about the time I sat down on the couch the phone rang. It was B&C and he asked me where I was and I said 'sitting on the couch resting before I showered and got ready for their party.' That was when he said well your all ready 1 and 1/2 hours late. YIKES!!! I'm blaming it all on Bill but really somehow we just got it in our minds that it started at 6 so it came as a big surprise that it started at 3, we were there before 5, but I am so glad they called when they did. The party was awesome, great food, fun friends and there was even a knitting circle.

Sunday August 22 - I slept in some to rest and recover from the full day yesterday. Got up, showered, got dressed and then sat down to so a few minutes work at the desk when the phone rang, it was Amanda and she had locked her keys in her car and she was at a gas station about 20 minutes away towards the pass as she was off to do some hiking. She had to remind me where the keys were and guess what they were in the 'key house' with a big label that said Amanda's keys. Wow how cool was that. So it was now 9:45 and I was due to meet two friends for brunch at 10am. I headed into Redmond and starting calling one of the friends. We decided to meet and she could  ride with me to take the keys to Amanda. She had talked to the other friend who had said she would be a little late getting out of first service at church and then coming. So we decide to call her when church was out and then we would know how late we were going to be getting back to the restaurant. And that is what we did, unfortunately Linda was there early and so she ran and errand, we finally met up only 45 minutes off schedule and Amanda was so happy that we had 'saved the day.' Brunch was delicious, I had Mexican, surprise, surprise, and a great time visiting and catching up with friends. When I got home Bill had made a big pot of Greek Green Beans to take to the next party. We loaded the car and headed to Christopher's Mother's house for a big family gathering.

When we got there the kids were all in the driveway picking blackberries that later became a delicious cobbler. It was an awesome afternoon and evening with people we love so much. Chris' little sister Rivka and her Chris are headed to Samoa in a few weeks to work for the Peace Corp for two years. They are looking forward to this new journey and I am excited for them. Rivka looked healthy and really happy, marriage must be suiting her well. It was nice to see Chris and Anne and the grandkids too, school will start soon and the schedules will all change again.

Monday August 23rd - I slept in this morning and did a few chores around the house. Then I decided to get some exercise, so I pulled out my bag lady cart and headed to Costco. I think it is about 3 miles one way. I left at 11:15am and got home at 2:15pm pulling a full cart of groceries. I did not use my pedometer app because I wanted to listen to a book and I can't do both things at the same time with this phone. The new ones do, but I am not due to get a new one for a while, so lets just say I walked a lot today. My achilles tendon was plenty sore when I got home and I am going to have to go figure out that problem soon or I am going to end up crippled. That is pretty much the week.

There has been a lot of knitting going on but nothing to show for it. I have learned to change up the needle sizes more often. Those small ones really irritate the arthritis in my hands. I am going to look for the gloves I got when my thumbs were hurting a couple of years ago. My friend Debbie knitted me the most awesome hand warmers and I was wearing them this week. My laptop sits on a fan and the fan blows cold air on my hands and then they hurt more. The hand warmers really help.

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

August 17th Friday No letters today and it has been so hot. Dad helped Mr. Smith this morning shock hay and he will help him a while in the morning. I didn’t do anything much but I did wash 14 print sacks and ironed them. Wish I could hear from the Son and Bill. I wonder if Bill has gone to the hospital in Colorado yet? Elsie and Gordie were supposed to come today and we were going to see Kat and Mary Ann, but they never showed up. Gee, I am really in pain I went in to take a bath and set down on a wasp in the bath tub. I never looked in the tub as Dad had taken a bath before he got into bed, but heaven I will look from now on as it is not very pleasant to have a wasp bite your hiney. I washed my hair today.

August 18th Saturday No letters today and it was a hundred degrees in the shade. Dad got through helping Mr. Smith shock hay. In all he worked about two days for Mr. Smith and Gay. They helped him one morning. Lovie called and said she and Emma and Nancy were going to town to deposit checks. Dad went to Cherokee and brought back ice and we made a freezer full of ice cream and we ate it all, just hogs, that’s what we are. Thelma Light called and wants us to come to dinner tomorrow night. If it is as hot as it is today I think I will not go. I talked to Mrs. Gay and she had not heard from Lester. Hope he is having a nice time with Virginia. Mr. Lewis went to the hospital this week to have a sore burned off of his lip.

August 19th Sunday Well we had quite and enjoyable day as Dad and I went to the dinner given at the Clarence Lights. Sure had a fine dinner and a nice crowd was there. The Lovie and Emma came late after we got home, and they are planning a big ice cream supper for ours and Mr. and Mrs. Bowden’s anniversaries. We have been married 37 years next Saturday August 25th but the ice cream supper will be Sunday night. Hope everyone will come.

August 20th Monday Well we had a letter from the Bill Boy saying that he would leave for Colorado on Tuesday, that is tomorrow. Frank was here when I read it. He is so glad to be ready to get a discharge from the hospital. Dad is fixing his goat pens to get ready to shear. I think the Lewis’s, Smith’s and Gay’s all had cream tonite. I got my little roosters yesterday from Mrs. Lewis.

August 21st Tuesday Well the girls all got here to make soap, all but Lovie, she stayed to help Hilly in the store. We sure had a heck of a time with the soap. I had to cook dinner as Edgar was here shearing the goats and the darn soap just wouldn’t do anything. Gordie went to Mrs. Bowden’s after more lye, she didn’t have any so then Gordie went to Floras, Mrs. Bowden said she had it. Jymmie went and she saw Tom Joe and Worth. She didn’t like them though as Nancy and Em have a crush on Worth. Jymmie says she’ll knock their props out from under them, and she can too. We all ran over to see Kat and Mary Ann, but they were gone, sure hated to miss them, but I got to see Violet and Jennie Wren. Violet said she was at the telephone when the Bill sent his call from N.Y.

Aug 22nd Wednesday Well I sure had a bad night last night. My stomach sure gave me a lot of trouble and my leg is so swollen. Emma called and said Billie Louise told her that I had a letter returned that I had sent to Son. Sure hope he is alright, if he would only write, but I guess his better half told him she would quit him if he wrote to me, poor thing. Dad ran down to Edgar L. to pay him for the goat shearing$17. and gave him $10 for a billy goat. We attended the chicken barbecue at Ellis Randolph’s and it was so nice, lots of good eats. Mr. and Mrs. Gay came by for us.

Aug 23rd Thursday Went to San Saba to sell the mohair, got $1.42. Went to Dr Pense he said for me to stay off my feet and I had Sam fix 3 prescriptions for me; bile salts, crystals, and nose medicine. Hilly took a black mare for the debt the Taylors owed him which was $80 dollars. Mr. and Mrs. Bowden came tonite.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 10 – August 16th 2010

On Health and Healing: what can I do or be for anyone else if I haven’t taken care of me.

I had some personal goals at the beginning of this year one was: to make the healthiest choices for myself; time management, exercise, food, and emotional. To me this means that I need to keep thinking about the choices carefully and remember that my actions are making a choice.   Sorry about the lack of photos for this week,  the good ones are in Bill's camera and I am choosing to go to bed instead.   Maybe later.
Walking Stats: so I didn’t keep track so good this week

What's Cooking? So we either had grand kids or ate out so not much exciting in that department this week either.

On Life and Living:
Tuesday Aug 10 Luke and Savanna were still with us. Bill took off work to play with them today and so off they went to the Locks and walking on the beach for the day. I gathered up all their clothes and started the laundry so everything would be clean for Chris and Anne. Then I got a call from Chris and Anne that they had decided to come home early. We were pretty sad about that but it was just a few hours so, okay.

Wednesday Aug 11 I was back at work. I do know I was pretty tired Wednesday night because I totally fell asleep and missed my weekly call with my Aunt Jeanne. So we talked first thing Thursday morning

Thursday Aug 12 I spent the morning and part of the afternoon at my new LYS (Local Yarn Shop)    I have been needing help on designing a sleeve for ages. I had planned to go to classes in Atlanta to learn how to do this. In Atlanta I would have been in a class with 30 to 40 people and I would have learned the 'general' rules for design. Thursday I took my sweater in and the instructor worked with me and my project one on one for just over three hours. She taught me so much and now I am working on the sleeve that goes into this top. I am just thrilled with the help I got. Then Thursday evening my friends Jeanne and Kelly picked me up and I started celebrating my birthday. Kelly and my birthdays are very close and for several years Jeanne has been treating us to something really special for our birthday. This year it was a foot massage and a fabulous Italian dinner. This food massage started with a head and neck rub, shoulders and arm rub and stretch and legs and feet, then you roll over and get shoulders and back and back of legs also. It was wonderful.
Friday Aug 13 Bill and I slept in, had breakfast and then started packing. We hit the road around 10 am and were in Portland, Oregon before 1 to meet up with my Nashville sister and her husband. They were visiting their daughter, our niece and her SO for the week and we wanted to visit with everyone also. We met up and went to lunch right after we got there to a great bakery, everything was delicious. As it turned out we were having a heat wave and the temperature was soaring, in the high 90's, it may have hit 100. I know it did on Saturday. So instead of going out in the heat much we decided to hang out at Katherine’s place and visit. It was so nice to just see everyone and catch-up a bit. We had snacks when Spencer got home from work and then went to a late dinner that was so delicious I don't know when I had a more perfect meal and all six of us said the same thing. The restaurant is called the Wildwood and if you are in the Portland area it is well worth a visit.

Saturday Aug 14 We all met up again and went to brunch. I don't know how K & S did it but they found a place to live that is in walking distance to some awesome food. The place we went for breakfast had amazing eggs Benedict, my favorite.    They usually have the classic and then about 6 varieties also. After brunch we went to the waterfront area and took a cruise on the Willamette River. It is a fabulous way to get a good view of the Portland Bridges. Portland has lots of bridges that cross the two rivers that cut in and around the city. These bridges all are unique and beautiful and getting a close up view was really interesting and also a great way to be outside but not to hot. The breeze off the river really helped keep everyone comfortable. After the river cruise we all went back to our own places and rested and cleaned up for dinner. Dinner was at Krueger Farm on Sauvie Island.     It was called Farm to Plate, and almost all of the ingredients were picked right there that day and prepare for us. The tables were set up under a huge oak tree and the breeze in the air made it really comfortable. The appetizers were fruits and berries and cheeses with delicious crusty breads. Then they served the rest family style: grilled lemony artichokes, steamed mussels, a green bean and grilled peach salad, a tender greens and red and golden beets salad, then there was beef tenderloin with roasted potatoes and a gorgonzola sauce and for dessert an almond cheesecake with berries and crème fraise. They just kept bringing food and we just ate until we could not eat any more. We waddled off to the car and a great night’s sleep. Sadly we said goodbye to my sister and her husband who had a very early flight Sunday morning.

Sunday Aug 15th We met K and S again for breakfast and more delicious eggs benedict then we hit the road for Seattle. We did stop for a late lunch which really was an early dinner. We got home and unpacked and started some laundry and the mail and I was texting with Tamara when she realized we had the air-conditioning on, so she and the packed their stuff in short order and came up for a sleepover. By morning they were all buried under the covers and it was about 63 degrees in the house. We all had a good time visiting, I loved the spontaneous fun evening.

Monday Aug 16th I had agreed to sub for one of my hygienist friends so I got up and headed off to work, It is so great to feel good and be back working and seeing patients again. This week I will work 3 days in a row and I am just doing great. On my lunch break I did some grocery shopping and a bank deposit and after work I stopped at Trader Joe's for the rest of the groceries. When I got home I started putting together dinner for tomorrows family dinner. If it turns out well I will give you a new recipe I am trying. So It was a great week, I am feeling well, managing the heat without too many problems which is great and looking ahead to good times. I celebrate my birthday this week, but I am keeping it low key because next year is my big birthday.

On being Productive, experiencing Pleasure and Living Positive

What's on my needles: looking back to the first of the year, I set some knitting goals for 2010 for myself: knit from my stash more, thinking of my niece who is hoping to knit a sweater a month, I think I will try to finish 6 sweaters this year. Also I want to learn a new technique or take on a project that challenges my skills this year. That sounds like some reasonable goals. I wanted to look back a minute to see how I am doing and if I am on target. So far, I am pretty happy with the progress, especially if baby sweaters count and my baby B sweater took plenty of time and plenty of skill. The baby W sweater also was very cute the problem with both of these is that I bought the yarn this year, I did not use yarn from my stash. The February Lady sweater was a great project and the challenge for that was getting it to fit and getting it completed during the Olympics, which I almost did. I count 3 completed sweaters and it’s August. I better get with it. I have 3 more close and they are all from the stash so there is hope with this goal.

Positive Thinking: Another of my personal goals at the beginning of this year was to try and make the choices and be involved in or spend my energy on the things that will make a positive difference in the lives of my family, my local community and friends and somehow choose something to be involved in that can make some kind of difference globally.

Nothing is real to you until you experience it; otherwise it's just hearsay.

Surviving and living your life successfully requires courage. The goals and dreams you're seeking require courage and risk-taking. Learn from the turtle, it only makes progress when it sticks out its neck.

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

August 10th – Friday no letters today. I had Dad and Frank to put down the pretty flowered rug that Lovie gave me. She is such a dear girl and has almost furnished my house and my Emma girl dresses me and Elsie and Gordie are pretty nice and so is Bill and Chy.

August 11th - Saturday Well Cecil will finish moving his things today. Dad and I caught 10 hens and the old red rooster and he carried them to Cherokee. I couldn’t go as I was canning some weevil infested beans. Dad says no one will eat them but we shall see. Wish I could hear from the boys, but this ole war is going to be over as Japan has asked to keep her Emperor their Sun God and they won’t mind to surrender. Well, my 10 hens and rooster brought $10.37 and Dad and I made us a half gallon of cream in Lovie’s tin freezer and we are so full. Oh yes Mrs. Lewis called for Dad to come help them bale hay yesterday eve, which he did.

August 12th- Sunday Today was Dad’s birthday and he was 58 years old. Hilly, Lovie, Nancy, Emma, Jim, Gordie, Gordon, all came. We had a good dinner as Lovie had made stuffed peppers with hamburger meat and I had Fried Chicken, salad, rolls and cinnamon rolls. The kids all had a hand in putting down the new rugs. Lester came and brought me western margarine and Clarence Light family came by tonight, so did Mr. and Mrs. Bowden. Cecil has most everything moved but his chickens. My knee is still crippled. Jim wants me to have it x-rayed. The girls all brought Dad a gift shirt and 1.00 bill pretty card. Elsie and folks didn’t come. We missed them as we did the sons and folks.

August 13th – Monday No letters today. Sure wish we could hear from the Sons. Dad helped Clarence Light shock feed today so Clarence could come cut our feed tomorrow. Jim came by this evening and brought me 4 bed slides to set the legs in to keep from scaring up my pretty rugs. I admire the rugs all through the day. Jim said that the girls might come tomorrow.

August 14th – Tuesday Well No letters today. Can’t understand Bill not writing. It has been two weeks since we heard from him and one month since we heard from Son. I had a very enjoyable day as the girls all came but Gordie and she went to Austin with Eunice to take Gordon to see a specialist about Gordon’s toes. Old Japan has not sent the surrender terms in yet but the radio said she would in a couple of hours. Well Japans surrender came in before 7 o’clock this evening and the world is going wild. Well, it has just come over the radio that tomorrow Aug 15th will be a national holiday for the end of WWII. I thank thee, Oh God in heaven that my sons are both alive, but my heart is so grieved over the fine boys that sleep in far away graves and for the broken hearted mothers. God, help them in their grief. It will take time to heal their broken hearts for those precious sons, Amen. Mrs. Bowden has just called and we talked over the war ending and how happy we are that it is over. Oh how happy I am! I can’t put it on paper just how happy I am. Clarence Light cut our feed and Dad is helping Mr. Gay bale hay. He started about 10:30 when Clarence got through here.

August 15th Wednesday Well we had a letter from the Bill and he had been back in the hospital two days and he said he would be sent from there to a convalescent hospital in Colorado Springs and that Chy and Ann would go with him. They will stay up there about two months and then maybe he will get to come home for a while. Gordie called and said that Gordon’s foot disease was caused by him eating certain things. I talked to Lovie and they were going somewhere, I bet they went to the big Auction at Brady. Lester went as far as Brady with RT Altizer, on his way to see Virginia. Hope he has a good trip. Well Dad got through helping Mr. Gay and Mr. Smith bale hay. I made pepper relish today, 9 half pints.

August 16th Thursday Well Mr. Smith, Mr. Gay and Dad got through shocking the hay. Dad worked 2 ½ days up there. The half day was for Lewis. I fried a chicken make gravy and Dad and I went up and ate dinner with the store folks. Frank went to Cherokee with us but we didn’t ask him to go eat with us. Emma giggled and told us that Mr. Cecil came in and got $2 of things. Tom Joe and Jr. came in while we were up there. Hilly and Dad ran over to Llano to see about a car as Hilly wants a delivery car. I am still praising the good God that this old war is over. Nancy is such a sweet little fat headed girl, just plods around in her little bare feet but her Aunt Poggie prettied her up to go to a party this evening at 4 o’clock at Mrs. N.Gays.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 3 – August 9 2010

On Health and Healing: What can I do or be for anyone else if I haven’t taken care of me.

Focus on Health: Right now it is still about rest and I am getting a lot of rest. Last weekend I went to bed Saturday night and got up Monday morning. I have been getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night. I am sure it is because I am finally down to the goal amount of prednisone and it is more than 2/3rds less than I was taking in April. I am adjusting to less meds and it is better for my body then that is what I am going to do.

Walking Stats:

Tue, Aug 3rd: worked and family dinner, not so much walking
Wed, Aug 4th: worked and too tired to walk
Thur, Aug 5th: forgot to use pedometer
Fri, Aug 6th: forgot to use pedometer
Sat, Aug 7th: forgot to use pedometer
Sun, Aug 8th: 7136 steps 2.65 miles
Mon, Aug 9th: 3451 steps 1.35 miles

Okay so I really need to improve in this area......

What's Cooking? (What’s ‘From the Freezer’/ FtF)
Sunday: tacos, (FTF) (quesadilla’s for Luke) and corn
Monday: chicken breast and salmon patties, (FTF) broccoli (FTF), green beans (FTF) and mac and cheese
Tuesday: family dinner (take out Thai Food)
Wednesday: chicken in peppers with pineapple and soy and steamed rice cole slaw and corn on the cob
Thursday: Bill’s night out

On Life and Living:

Mom (CeLinda),  Tamara, and Papa Bill

Todd and Tamara
What’s Happening: Tuesday August 3 was Tamara’s birthday. I have known Tamara for over 20 years now when she started working for Dr Kitchel and before she was married to Todd, probably around 1988. Chris was in college then and living in Arizona. Anyway over the years I have totally fallen in love with Tamara as the daughter of my heart. We have a pretty real mother-daughter relationship in that we love each other, count on each other, help each other and even misunderstand or get upset with each other and then make up. This year I have been thinking a lot about relationships, especially since I nearly ‘kicked the bucket’ and I just want to clarify my relationship with Tamara. So on Tuesday, her birthday, I had an unofficial adoption ceremony. I would have included more of the family but physically I just wasn’t up to it so we included it in this week’s family dinner. From now on Tamara is my daughter, Todd gets another mother-in-law, lucky him and Hannah, my God daughter and her sister Halie have another grandmother. I just want them to know how I feel and that it is real to me. Wednesday August 4th was two days in a row working and it was great to be back in the routine. I am hoping for lots more routine in the future. Thursday August 5th I met my knitting group at Tricoter in Madison Park and we knitted and visited all day. I was there just about the time they opened and headed home before the traffic got to thick. I am finally working on a few things that I started ages ago and want to get finished. Friday August 6th a new LYS (local yarn shop) had it’s grand opening in my neighborhood. I was thrilled and was there almost when the doors opened to greet them. I did buy some yarn in beautiful colors and I am thinking hats and scarves. I did a little cooking on Friday afternoon including making a big pasta salad for Saturday. Friday night Bill went to a Mount Vernon High School class Reunion gathering. That class gets together every year and they spend a whole weekend catching up. Bill went to the Friday night meet and greet that had followed a day of golf. Next year he wants to golf with them also.

Saturday August 7th we went to a family birthday party. Our brother-in-law turned 60 and we got to see lots of the family we haven’t seen in a while. Our niece Sarah pulled the whole thing together and did a wonderful job. It was our first time to her and David’s house and they have put together a lovely and comfortable home. Everyone judges that differently but I loved the minimalist feeling and not too much clutter and somewhat artsy. I loved her way of putting things together.

When we got home Saturday night Chris and Anne arrived with Luke and Savanna and all spent the night and Chris and Anne left early Sunday for a few days vacation on their own and we got to play with the Grandkids. We had been planning this since before my first surgery. I think we had it on the schedule the end of February or the first of March, anyway Bill and I were glad I was well enough to be able to do it, I would have been really disappointed. I have such good memories of the times I spent at each of my three sets of grandparent’s houses and I so want to build that kind of memories for my grandchildren also. (Including the new god-grandchildren) Sunday August 8th we walked down the street to a park and the kids got to play on all the equipment and I walked around the track a few time to get in some more steps. Then we went back to the house and watched a couple of videos and Luke played with Legos and we all just had a good time together and then after dinner we went to Kirkland and walked all around the waterfront and looked at the boats and artwork and statues. It was a nice walk.

Monday August 9th we hit two more parks, Chuck E Cheese’s for lunch and more games and we worked in a doctor’s appointment for me in there also. They also started coloring pillowcases that I then had to iron to set the color and they were all finished when they went home.

Sorting and Organizing: The Grandkids have been here for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so we are just trying to stay on top of things. Today I am doing loads of laundry so that their mom does not have all that to do when she gets home.

What's up at the dental office? Tuesday was my first day back to work since the most recent surgery and all went well. Everyone was glad to see me and it was great fun to be working with patients again. I had a full schedule and the day flew by. Dr V had done an update to Dentrix the weekend before and it sounds like things did not go so well on Monday but by Tuesday he had everything going and I thought it was one of the easiest updates to get used to so far. I had a cute 14 year old male patient named Harry. I told him I thought he looked like Harry Potter. He said he was not named after Harry Potter (Which I could have guessed since Harry Potter was not invented when this Harry was born.) but he was named after Harrison Ford.

On being Productive, experiencing Pleasure and Living Positive

Sasha skirt
What's on my needles: I thought that I had made a list of all my unfinished projects sometime around the first of the year, with the hopes of finishing some of them this year. So in review:
1. Sasha skirt                            
2. Turquoise top
3. Red silk top “w/ golden wave”
4. Brown “diamonds of gold”              
5. Light blue Pixel coverup tee
6. Lipstick vest is finished and I am ripping it out completely!
7. Burgundy kid silk haze scarf
8. Turquoise ruffle scarf
9. Floral hat for Macy (great niece)
@ 12 oclock, lipstick vest, to right
is tourquoise top, below that is brown
diamonds, to left is red silk 'wave',
and on the left is blue 'pixel'.
10. And I am about to cast on for a hat and scarf for a friend of Bill’s (he wants to give her a really nice gift, we picked out the yarn today.

One time when I did this type of count I think I had 14 projects on needles so this is pretty good and I am getting close with a couple of them for sure.

What I am reading: Rainbow 6 by Tom Clancy is very good. I think there are some twists in this story that I am not getting yet. There are at least three stories going at once and they have not come together yet and my mind is trying to figure it out, but has not. I also started ‘Black Hills’ by Nora Roberts. It is set in the Black Hills of South Dakota and I have never been to South Dakota. The main female character is Lil and she loves and protects the wildlife in the area.

Have I seen any good movies lately: We watched ‘Matilda’ last night with the grandchildren. It was a really cute movie perfect for kids with all the right elements.

Positive Thinking:
Do the math. Count your blessings.
God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.
Laugh every day - it's like inner jogging.
The most important things in your home are the people.

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

Aug 3rd - Friday Well we did a big washing after Dad and Frank got the corn tops hauled in. I talked to Em and she said they went to see Mary Ann, and that she was the sweetest little fat headed baby that she ever saw. Kat had a letter from Son and he had sent her a lot of jewelry, beautiful stuff. Sent Bill and air letter today, hope he gets it before he is moved to another place. Mr. and Mrs. Bowden came tonight.

Aug 4th – Saturday Well we ran up to Cherokee this evening and I paid my phone bill. Took the girls one baked chicken and one to fry and they gave me a big steak so I have cooked it and Dad said it was mighty good. Emma took me up to their apartment, it is real nice. Jim came by the store this evening. My knee is sure giving me some trouble, have to hop along on it. I ironed this morning while I cooked dinner.

Aug 5th – Sunday Hilly, Lovie, Nancy and Emma all came by, going over to move the rest of the stuff and I stayed at home and cooked dinner. Em and Nancy came back for me and the dinner. Jim, Gordie and Gordon all came over to help haul the stuff to Cherokee. Lovie gave me a pretty rug, and Em bought one from her for $4. I cooked Tipper a armadillo and he didn’t like it.

Aug 6th – Monday Well it has been a hot day and Dad had a birthday gift from Bill, 4 undershirts and me a pair of silk hose. We were thrilled over the nice gift. I made a small cabinet for the bathroom out of Lovie’s old radio. Dad is putting a cover over his top reservoir. The Bowden’s canned Mrs. Yates peaches today they will take part of them. Also I made a pot of 4 cakes of lye into soap.

Aug 7th - Tuesday Gee but we had almost an inch of rain today. The men all got wet loading Mr. Bowden’s 2 calves. Lester came and brought me some books and magazines to read. Lovie, Em, Nancy and all came late and ate supper. Lovie sold her Ice box for $200.

Aug 8th - Wednesday Oh, I am all in this morning as I had such a bad dream about Bill Boy. I dreamed his car turned over with him 3 times and Chy was the cause of it as she had left him and took Ann. I thought I was in Fort Worth when Bill was killed but he had called me from home. I could hear his voice so plain. His car turned over on the streets of Fort Worth, it was a horrible dream. I thought Nancy was with me and I lost her. I am still shaky over this dream. Well, we had another good rain this evening. I still feel bad, called Lovie and Mr. Gay had stopped to see her. She said they were so busy. The first atomic bomb hit one of Japan’s cities yesterday and destroyed it. I canned some beans and gumbo today. Russia declared war on Japan yesterday the 7th of August.

August 9th – Thursday Talked to Lovie and she said Nancy, Billie Louise and Georgia Bess had a cold watermelon stand out in front of the store and they were making quite a bit. I put down my green rug but I think I will put the pretty flowered one down that Em gave Lovie $4 for. Lovie said Mamie called over for her to hold the store for Nancy Holman. Frank came today and listened to Dad and I fight while we put the rug down. I went up to the east field to see old Brownies baby boy calf.

Monday, August 2, 2010

July 27th – Aug 2nd 2010

What’s going on around here? July 27th – Aug 2nd 2010

On Health and Healing: what can I do or be for anyone else if I haven’t taken care of me.

Focus on Health: I am changing the format to my blog a little, I have lifted the privacy restrictions, and hopefully the focus will be a positive but realistic peek into my life.

Walking Stats: tomorrow will be 3 weeks from surgery
July 27th : 10,413 steps 3.68 miles (WooHoo! This is the first time I hit the 10,000 step mark)
July 28th: 4341 steps 1.36 miles              
July 29th: 8718 steps 2.97 miles
July 30th: 2551 steps .74 miles
July 31st: I didn’t even turn the thing on
Aug 1st: again I slept almost all day
Aug 2nd: 8567 steps 3.08 miles

What's Cooking?
Sunday: Costco Asian chicken wrap sandwiches
Monday: cod, gnocchi in pasta sauce and steamed broccoli (all from the freezer)
Tuesday: family dinner: Turkey Meatloaf, Smashed Potatoes, Green beans, Gnocchi in pasta sauce, Green Salad and Blueberry Pie
Wednesday: from the freezer
Thursday: Bill’s night out
Friday: date night

On Life and Living:

Just for fun:  (What's Happening)   Tuesday was an awesome day. My walking partner JoAnn  (photo above)  had company the last two weeks, and I was ‘taking it slow’ anyway but Tuesday we put on our walking shoes and did almost 3 miles, that is the distance from her house to the nearest Starbuck’s and back. I ran a ton of errands that afternoon and the nieces came for family dinner. I really feel like life is getting back to normal. Wednesday JoAnn and I walked again. We drove into Kirkland and walked all around the city, stopping for lunch at Hectors and visiting the Kirkland Farmers Market. I had a half BLT and salad for lunch which has put me on a new quest. I love a good BLT and so I am going to start a search for the Best BLT. I am open to any suggestions, also look to side panel of blog to follow my quest. Thursday I started the day by walking to a friend’s house, she is out of town and I volunteered to check in on her cat a few times. Oreo is an awesome cat and I sat and knitted and visited with her for a while and then walked home. I also did a Costco run to restock our fruits and veggies. Then I spent the afternoon baking and knitting. Friday we had the ‘dessert group’ over for dessert; cupcakes, cookies and ice cream. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up from the past few weeks. Earlier in the day I helped a girlfriend, her car battery was dead and I went over and then we called AAA. The AAA guy told her she needed a new battery and so we went to Sears where she had bought the battery last November. They said they had to keep the car over night to test the battery themselves. So we left the car over night and on Saturday when we went back they had put a new battery in the car. By the time I got home from helping my friend and running some errands I was so tired. I had a BBQ and a party to go to and I told Bill I just couldn’t do it. I asked him if he thought I had agoraphobia because I didn’t want to go anywhere and he reminded me I had been out helping a friend two days in a row and it was okay to rest. Chris and Anne are home. They started calling me from midway across the state. They had started in Southfish South Dakota and were headed for their own beds that night, it was over 1000 miles that day. I told them I was just sitting around knitting and they could call and check in and we would celebrate the mile markers together. I went to bed pretty early on Saturday, just after Chris and Anne passed our exit and were headed for home, and essentially I didn’t get up until Monday morning. Bill was pretty worried about me sleeping so much but on Monday afternoon I talked to my Dr and she said it is probably me adjusting to the lack of prednisone which seems to make sense. So Sunday, the day I slept all day, we celebrated, sort of, our 29th wedding anniversary.

Sorting and Organizing: Our freezer could not fit one more thing in it! Bill’s 90 pounds of blueberries pushed us over the top and Thursday I was in a baking mood which never happens and I made oatmeal cookie dough and froze the balls of dough so that I could bake them fresh when we want a nice hot cookie. I also made snickerdoodle cookie dough and then I made vanilla cupcakes and chocolate mud pie cupcakes and froze all of those also. Then there is all that meat we grilled last weekend and a good supply of bird suet. Those birds are eating a cake a day. So now I have got to pull some meals from the freezer. I guess I did a good job of stocking up before the last surgery and now we need to eat from the freezer.

On being Productive, experiencing Pleasure and Living Positive

What's off my needles: This week I sewed tags in the sweaters I had finished and buttons and snaps on the bibs. I am getting things in piles and ready to pack up and mail off to future baby’s.

What I am reading: I just finished a simple romance novel called ‘The Duchess’ by Jude Deveraus. It was a fun and quick and easy read, just what I was in the mood for. Today I started a Tom Clancy book ‘Rainbow Six’ sounds like a good story of intrigue….

Have I seen any good movies lately: Bill and I watched ‘It’s Complicated’ which was just hilarious we also say ‘Blind Side’ and he loved it as much as I had the first time and I did not mind watching it a second time either.

Positive Thinking: A few years ago a girlfriend and I were reading and discussing a book together. This book, which I do not remember the name of, challenged the reader to make a list of your Life Priorities and then put them in order. The point being that if you know your priorities and you know the order you feel about them so many of life’s decisions are easier. I put that list together years ago and every so often I review it and move the order around a little bit depending on what is going on in my life at the time. You might ask, where am I on the list…. The answer is if I don’t make good choices for me, first, I am no use to God, Bill or anyone else so CeLinda is in every priority and choice that I face. Along with using my priorities to help make decisions is a saying I have used for many years. I think I used to say it to Christopher when he was younger. No Decision Is A Decision (and usually it is not the best decision.)

Life Priorities:
1. My relationship / God
2. My relationship / Bill
3. My relationship & service to our families.
4. Being a good employee / and dental hygienist
5. My friends .
6. My ministry and service to God

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

July 27th - Friday Another hot day and Dad is almost finished cutting corn tops. We got a little shower this evening. Jim, Gordie and Gordon all came in with Lovie, Hilly, Nancy and Emma tonight for supper. Lester has tonsillitis. Hilly brought his iced melon to him. We were to help him eat it. 4 more of mine and Chy’s letters came back that we had written Bill. Em worked in the store today.

July 28th - Saturday It has been on year since we saw Son, seems like a lifetime. Gee it came a real nice rain this evening almost an inch. Dad, Em, Nancy, all went to Cherokee this evening. I wanted to go but was just too tired as I ironed and cooked dinner. About 4 or 5 more letters came back for Bill. Makes 31 that have been returned. Lovie had a letter from Son 3 or 4 days ago and he said that he didn’t think that he could stand the heat and that was to prepare us if anything happened to him. Well Em called and said they had brought Mrs. Gay home from the San Saba hospital. Em and Nancy came home pretty early as Em, Hilly, Lovie were all going to McBride’s tonite to one of the brawls. I sure don’t approve of it when women drink. I think they have no respect for themselves and no one else.

July 29th - Sunday Well it was another hot day. Hilly brought over a load of stuff to store in the barn loft. Dad and I went over about 1 o’clock as Nancy went with Hilly and the girls had a lot of things packed and Jim came out and took a pickup load and trailer full of things and Dad took a lot of stuff all up to Cherokee. I stayed at the house until they all came back from Cherokee. They were going to take Bright Eyes and more stuff and Dad loaded the pickup with junk to bring over here to store in the barn. While we were over there some bastard got 8 of my turks. I will shoot the devil if I can catch them. I believe it is some of our close neighbors. I took some lunch over to the girls, and got some peaches.

July 30th - Monday Well nothing much doing. I got one of my turks out of Cecil’s bunch. Dad tied up all of his top fodder and shacked it. Frank came this morning, says he is going to move over here at Cecil’s when Cecil moves. The pigs are doing okay that Hilly and Dad castrated yesterday. Dad and I ran up to see Mrs. Gay a while this evening. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and the little Gates Nadine and Emie came they said Mrs. Gates had carried Mr. Gates to the Temple Hospital to go through the clinic. Hilly, Lovie and Emma all came by for supper. I sure missed Nancy, she was gone to Brady with Francis and Gray to spend the week with Francine, Ann’s aunt. Well the Bowden’s all went to the funeral of Mr. Bowden’s sister at Brady who died from a broken hip. The kids were going to catch their chick tonite.

July 31st – Tuesday Well Dad and Frank went over and got Lovie’s hen’s and fryers. Took the hens to Cherokee got $17. out of them. Got no letters from the kids, Lovie and Emma came over after they got through packing some more of the things. We counted most of our turks tonight.

Aug 1st - Wednesday Well we had a letter from the Bill and he said they got home with no car trouble only a flat and they were driving in to a station when that happened. The girls called Lovie and Em and said they had the apartment all fixed up and it was so nice. I made some peach preserves and sweet peach pickles today. Dad hauled in fodder this morn. I went up to see what was the matter that Frank didn’t show up this morn. Mr. Bowden came and borrowed my cooker this morning , Mrs. Bowden sent me a big bucket of peas and some real nice tomatoes.

Aug 2nd - Thursday Well I went up and helped can peaches at Mrs. Gay’s today and Lillie came and we washed, she ironed, canned about 3 pounds of peaches. Dad and Frank hauled corn fodder this morning and they came by Mrs. Gay’s going to Cherokee. Emma called and said she and Lovie were going to town and that they would close the store for the funeral of Miss Mertson, Mrs. Paston’s sister-in-law. Emma said they saw Gordie and Elsie, and that they were going to see Kathleen tonite, Well my turkeys came back. I count 132 now of the big ones.