Thursday, June 2, 2016

Part 2 of the Fiber Love LYS tour

Welcome, welcome to another addition of CeLinda’s Chatter.  This weeks edition finishes up my review of the 2016 Fiber Love LYS Yarn tour and it may not be of interest to everyone,  if not stop by next time.  

Seahawks Scarf 
 (Weeks until Football season….. 14)  I finally finished my Seahawks Scoreboard Scarf from last season.  The finishing touches were to duplicate stitch the season year’s on the scarf so that in years to come I will remember what year this scarf was from.  Each round on the scarf represents a point in the Seahawks season; blue for the Seahawks scores and green for the opponent.   I have all ready bought one of the yarns I will use for this coming seasons scarf so I guess I will be casting on another one on opening day this year.

Cucumber & Cilantro

Sesame Ginger Snap Pea Salad 

Corn & Black Bean Salad

In the Kitchen:  it is getting to be salad season and for family dinner recently we had:  Sesame Ginger Pea Salad,  Cucumber and Cilantro salad with a citrus vinaigrette, Corn and Black bean salad with avocado and tomato, and brown rice pilaf with curried chicken meatballs. 

Events and Happenings, In My Travels and For Knitters, mostly is continued from last week.  Kristin and I spent 13 hours together Wednesday and she had to work most of Thursday and Friday.  We agreed that she would let me know what shops she got to as she traveled around Seattle working and I would hit them separately.  Thursday I only hit one shop and on Friday a friend, Gretchen joined me for the day and we took the core Seattle Shops at a leisurely pace.

Serial Knitters; is my very own personal yarn shop that I love and appreciate with all my heart.  Debbie the owner is very special and she has created a very welcoming environment and she includes almost every variety of fiber art; knitters, crocheters, weavers, and spinners.   She also has a very complete collection of accessories and trinkets that seem absolutely necessary to a knitter; yarn bowls and buddies, assorted beads, buttons and bags.  The most awesome staff is always helpful and nice.  Annelie Wallbom is the designer of this year’s patterns; she is highly respected for her talent and wiliness to help others learn.  The pattern for knitters is a beautiful crescent shawl.  It was the first project from this year’s tour that I wound the yarn for and am ready to cast on. I think I have made all but one of her tour patterns over the years and the one I have not made is in my queue to do. The cowl in Tunisian Crochet is also very clever and versatile piece that I may have to do some time.   I have not done much Tunisian Crochet.   The featured yarn for these projects was Black Trillium Sublime DK.  I love this yarn and to get 10% off is like a feeding frenzy to me.

Imported from Europe
Water saving toilet
Acorn Street Shop was Gretchen and my first stop on Friday morning.  This shop has changed so much over the years.  They still carry the yarns they were originally famous for; lots of Jameison Shetland for Fair Isle work and Lopi for more rustic workhorse sweaters but they have also added so many other beautiful lines.   They have taken down tall shelves that made you feel like you were in a cave and opened up the place.  The crochet pattern made me want to find a needle right away.  It is an amazing Diamond Lattice Scarf that I was sure had been knit, don’t take that wrong crocheters and the knitted shawl used one of my favorite variegated yarns, so of course I was drawn to it but the highlight of this shop was the toilet and everyone was talking about it.    The owner being very water conscience ordered this toilet from somewhere in Europe.  After you use the toilet and flush, the water at the sink turns on for you to wash your hands.  When the tank for the toilet is full the water turns off and there was plenty of time to wash up.   Now that is creative engineering if you ask me.  But my friend Dale had another suggestion for recycled toilets that is pretty creative also.

Option for recycling 

Weaving Works was the next stop for me and Gretchen,  She was looking for yarn for a particular project as she was leaving on vacation very soon and this shop did not disappoint her.  She went home with a sweater quantity of beautiful yarn all rolled and ready for a road trip. This shop is really a treasure for weavers and spinners and if you lean that direction you have to stop by and check it out.

Right across the street from Weaving Works is Rain City Grill and it is one of my favorite hamburger spots in the city.   I have a weakness for hamburgers and I don’t mind admitting it.  Gretchen was kind enough to humor me, actually I think she shares my passion.

The Fiber Gallery is in the Greenwood area of Seattle.  The featured patterns were a crocheted cloche and a knit cowl.  The featured yarn for the cowl was a beautiful cotton/ linen blend by Juniper Moon called Zooey that I know will make something beautiful in my future, maybe the cowl.  It is a new yarn to me and a really good one for warmer weather, or women with their own personal summers that follow them around.

The Tea Cozy’s knit pattern was a poncho that I loved, bought the yarn for and plan to cast on very soon.   It will be a perfect light weight summer ‘jacket’ with a couple of dresses that I love and was looking for a jacket to go with.

Admiring Her future Seahawks Scarf
Bad Woman Yarn in Wallingford featured a crochet or knit two color cowl but I was totally sucked into a different hat and cowl that was on display that I want to make.  I got the yarn and it is going to happen. The community of shops where Bad Woman Yarn is located were all offering discounts to shoppers on the yarn tour and that is a pleasant surprise.  The added bonus is that one of those shops is a cupcake shop.  Gretchen and I split one, wasn’t that something.

Seattle Yarn in West Seattle was the last stop for the day and we each fell in love with a new to us dyer.  Seattle Sky Dyeworks had the most beautiful colorways of merino-silk blend yarn.  Each colorway was named after a special Seattle feature.  I plan on making a cardigan in the Ferry Boat colorway but I really loved the Space Needle too,   I may have to go back.  There was a really good Mexican restaurant just around the corner from Seattle Yarn and was just the fortification we needed at the end of the day.  

Saturday morning Kristin and I started our adventure at Makers Mercantile, or rather Riley’s Bakery which is inside.  Maker’s Mercantile has just finished a remodel making Riley’s Bakery more of the center court with tables nearby.  Our breakfast quiche was delicious and the yarn assortment plentiful.  The crochet pattern was a fun little bag and the knit pattern a cute vertical strip top. 

The Knittery in Renton was next and their pattern was a Stranded Snowflake Hat.   I have been doing some ‘stranded’ knitting recently and it is quite addictive.  I just can’t wait to see what the next row has in store.          
Baable Hat pattern is free on Ravelry
Here is the one I have been working on:   The name of this pattern is “The Baable Hat” .  This was the official pattern for Shetland Wool Week 2015, an event held every year in Shetland to celebrate Shetland wool and its associated crafts. This pattern has been so popular this year that it has been knit thousands of times all ready. It is one of the most popular patterns on Ravelry and it has only been published for a year. 

Next we picked up Kristin’s sister Beth who joined us for the rest of the day.  We headed straight north for the border but then decided we needed a break in the drive and took a turn to Stanwood and a visit to PinchKnitter Yarns.  This year’s pattern was a sun hat in either knit or crochet and it was really cute.  I am not positive, because I didn’t take notes and it wasn’t on the pattern but I think the featured yarn was Anne, a new to me cotton yarn.   I had not seen it before and now it is in lots of stores.  I bought enough to do a little girl dress because it was so soft.   I think the hat could be done out of strips of recycled plastic bags and it would even be waterproof.  I had a memory of eating a delicious hamburger in Stanwood before and the ladies at PinchKnitter directed us a couple of doors down to the Conway Boxcar a bar and grill that did not disappoint, except that it took longer than we had to spare and we paid the price later in the day.  That hamburger was awesome and so worth it.  If you are in the area do stop by.

Beach Basket Yarns was the next stop all the way to Blaine.  Their pattern was a circular bag that was very pretty, but I am not so sure how it would look if you put anything in it for fear the weight would distort the very nice shape.   This is a beautiful stop on the tour,  it right across from the water and always reminds me I want to come back and sit on the beach and knit for a few days.

Wear On Earth in Lynden was next.  This is a consigned clothing and yarn shop where you can save on clothing and splurge on yarn and really the featured yarn was Madelinetosh Tosh Sport, so how could you not.

Apple Yarns in Bellingham is in a strip mall with a rock garden out front.  Many of the rocks are ‘dressed’ in crochet jackets that someday I am going to do at home.   Really I am.  Their knit pattern was a shaped shawl  that featured two different yarns and the cute crochet hat also featured 2 different yarns.  Now I think this was an amazing business choice;  four special yarns at 10% off each,  this is hard to resist and I didn’t try.  The SpinCycle Dyed in the Wool called my name and it is rarely on sale and the colors are amazing.  There was another yarn there that called my name, a hand dyed squishy goodness that I finally walked away from only because I have something very much like it all ready.  Those guys also gave me another store pattern for a cowl designed to use the Dyed in the Wool yarn that I plan on making also.

NW Handspun in Bellingham  wants to be your local, fresh, home grown source for yarn and fiber arts. They had two hat patterns; one featuring Kraken the giant ‘sea monster’ and the other also in honor of the squid.  We were here about 4pm and the guy at the counter was telling people they closed at 6.  We had to break his bubble and remind him they would be open until 8, LYS tour rules.   I think he was quite exhausted, actually we were too.  No time to stop now,  I handed out snack bars to Kristen and Beth and ate one myself because we were off to Mount Vernon.

Wild Fibers is a really nice yarn shop and Mount Vernon is really lucky to have this shop.  They carry lots of traditional and contemporary yarns.   She is connected to Melissa Goodale of stick chick Knits and they always have a cute kit with a pattern, a very special bag in colors that coordinate with the yarn, by dancing sheep (check out her shop on Etsy:  and a Hazel Knit yarn.  I love these kits and have been in her ‘clubs a couple of times.  They were always over-the-top well done.  Lucky me there were only four kits left when I got there.  

Fidalgo Artisan Yarn Company is new in Anacortes which was severely lacking since Ana-cross had closed over a year ago.  I would never have found this shop if I hadn’t been looking it was down and alley and around a corner.  The knit pattern was a lovely Evening shawl and the crochet pattern was an equally lovely wrap but my oh my,  the yarn was heavenly.  It was a 51%silk, 29% wool and 20%Sea Cell   SeaCell, a cellulose-based material that is mostly made up of the fiber from the eucalyptus tree and processed through the same method as Tencel. The eucalyptus fiber is combined with seaweed and turned into a fabric that contains numerous benefits for human skin. With a fiber structure that facilitates active exchange of nutrients between the skin and fabric, SeaCell releases nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin E onto the wearer. I don’t know if I buy that part but it is soft, beautiful, shiny and luscious.  Now is is getting late and as we anticipate our timing it looks like we won’t make it to the next stop until after eight pm.

Perfectly Knotty in Arlington couldn’t have been nicer.  We called ahead and begged and she was so kind, she told me on the phone to come on in, and when we got there she ask if this was “CeLinda’s late arrivals”.   She saved us two hours off of the next days travel and we were so grateful and appreciative.  So this is the yarn shop to come to if you have wool allergies and even sensitivities to dyes.  The owner is a knitter and crocheter extraordinaire and is a most talented designer.  Kristen was so happy to see the crochet hat pattern that can also be worn as a cowl because she had been telling me about this type of pattern for a couple of days now.  One of the featured yarns was the softest Peruvian alpaca and I can’t wait to make a shawl with it.  When we finished here is was 8:45 pm a very long day indeed.  We all went home tired and after a cup of yogurt I was fast asleep.   Not Kristen though she knit for a while because she had made awesome progress on her Snuggly Snood from Port Townsend by the next morning.      I didn't take a photo but that was knitting up even more beautiful than the store sample. 

Country Yarns in Snohomish was our first stop on Sunday  and they had a really pretty lacy scarf that could be knitted with or without beads.  This shop is warm and inviting and seems like the perfect gathering place for the community’s knitters.

At Quintessentialknits in Duvall, I finally got to meet the owner,  I have made several stops there over the past few years.  She started this shop in an out building on her home property and outgrew it quite fast, so she moved into town.  She has several good designers that work with her.   I loved the boot cuffs pattern from last year and I bought a great collection of headband patterns the first year.  This year the featured pattern was a cute hat and who can’t enjoy making one more hat.

The final stop was Tolt Yarn and Wool.  Their knit pattern was a wrap, that can be modified for a more masculine look or change it up with a softer look and a lovely pair of crocheted mitts that are especially practical also.  Tolt was celebrating each finisher with cheers and greetings that made you feel like you had really accomplished something,  which we had.   They had “finishing buttons” to add to our bags and a little project bag with their name on it for each finisher as well.   Turns out it is important to pick where you finish the tour as well. 
So 28 shops, four long days, lots of fun times with friends and a car load of yarn later we ended our 2016 Fiber Love LYS Tour.  I hope each shop was happy they participated  and I have a lot of knitting to do.