Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 10 and all is well

7:45 AM – woke up. Wow that was late, and that was because I had set my alarm as a back up. Bill said I looked so snuggy he just let me sleep on when he left.

8:30 AM – a girlfriend arrived to visit and had a breakfast wrap for me from Starbucks. Yummy.

10:00 AM – headed to local hospital for blood draw. I am having some liver issues my awesome Dr is trying to figure out, then headed to Costco to get a new prescription. Again this is because of my liver my Dr wanted me on a different antibiotic. The antibiotics are really important because of the toxins I was exposed to because of the perforation. I am lucky it wasn’t as bad as it could have been but no one is ignoring what was there.

12 noonostomy nurse arrived and she watched me change things out. What I have is a two part system. One part is glued to my body over the stoma. That is the part of my intestines that are now open to the outside. It is pretty weird looking, but there you have it. There is a round ring on that ‘barrier’. Then the bag that catches the goodies has a round ring on it and you just snap it on like a plastic glad lid. I am very careful to check to see that it has snapped all the way around.

1:45 PM started organizing and sorting all my new supplies, now that I know what to do with them. I want the house to look back to normal. Not lots of extra boxes and stuff around. So I redid a couple of drawers in the back bathroom for space and put everything away and fixed up my little travel bag and I am good to go.

3 PM I am slow getting things done but somewhere in there I folded two of the three loads of laundry Bill did before he went to work today. Then I took the stack (probable 12 inches high) of magazines that people had given me and sorted them into subject piles, narrowed them down to more I want to read and I have have about 7 – 8 inches I still want to look at. Which is good because after all that I was just too tired to knit so I read a couple of dental hygiene magazines and a travel magazine and a couple of my NRA Freedom magazines. I am going to put together a notebook of interesting dental articles for my patients to look at, like the dangers of biofilm and stuff like that.

Sometime during the afternoon I got a call from my Dr that my blood tests today were awesome.   My liver numbers had improved by 50% and my pancreas is doing well too.   So that is just Great news.  

6:30 PM the Friday night dessert group of friends arrived with dinner. Colleen had made a delicious smoked salmon casserole with asparagus and an awesome salad. Karen had been working at her church all day getting ready for a big garage sale and so she picked up bread and a German Chocolate cake. We celebrated Bob’s birthday and me still being here. They all left about 9 and Bill and I watched a little TV before we went to bed. That was a full day but I am feeling better every day.

Grannies’ Diary (Bobbie Ann Maxwell, 1945)

April 23, Mon – Well old RH got on to me again this morning. I must get away from here if I am to live for I can’t take his abuse like I used to he has broken my health and I won’t live much longer if I don’t get away where he can’t be around.

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