Saturday, April 24, 2010

Super Saturday

What’s going on around here?

• Bill and I went on three different nice walks today. I am moving and feeling well.

• We had guests in and out but I took it easy and just enjoyed my friendships. I had a puzzle for people to play with. Hannah, my goddaughter is amazing.  Of course I am knitting all the time I am sitting around and tomorrow I will take a photo of what I am working on.  

• Bill bought me a gorgeous new ring for ‘staying alive’. It is soooooo pretty. I’m not usually so material but today I was. 

*  I am still planning on going back to work on Tuesday.  I am great,   really great just a little low on the energy level. 
*  Oh and we haven't seen any mice in the traps for days.   Maybe we have gotten them all taken care of?????

What's Cooking? (Me – I am back in the kitchen again, barely)

Sunday: Lunch or Dinner: BLTA’s , We both love a good BLT
    Mexican – tacos, rice and beans with corn salad maybe.
Monday: Salmon, sweet potatoes and broccoli
Tuesday: family dinner and first day back at work: Santa Fe chicken (from Costco) Mexican Rice from the freezer and a Southwest green salad.
Wednesday: Lyn’s Soup and bread. (she brought it today and it was delicious)
Thursday: Bill’s night out and maybe me, we will see.
Friday:  date night
Saturday: I just can’t think or plan that far ahead this week

Grannies Diary (Bobbie Ann Maxwell) 1945:
April 24, Tue – Well another day no letter from Bill. Chy got her signs painted. Lovie came to go to Cherokee to help with lunch. We had a letter from Em.

What I am reading: My Book club is coming to the house next Friday and we are supposed to be halfway through Sarah Palin’s – Going Rogue – an American Life and that is what it is so far, her story, her life. She just ends up in politics. It reminds me some of when I read “Eat, Love, Pray”. I just like other people’s stories sometimes. I guess that why I am bothering with this blog. I am really boring but I’m me.

Have I seen any good movies lately: We watched Angels and Demons tonight and I was surprised that Bill liked it so much. It was fast paced and interesting. I had read the book and found it hard to put down then.

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