Monday, January 31, 2011

January 25 - January 31

So here is a crazy way to do my blog this week. Just a run through of some of last week’s events and places.

Tuesday January 25th; Redmond Ridge Family Dentistry

Note the Staff photo; other than Dr V, I don’t know or recognize anyone in the photo and I am the person now who has worked with him the longest and that is 5 years. I have volunteered to work on updating the web page so check it out now and look for new staff bios and photos soon.

Family Dinner:   Becky made me an apron.  That means she used the sewing machine I gave her years ago for Christmas.  She also spent her time on it and made such a cute apron.    I told her my friend Colleen had on the cutest apron and I said to myself,  I need an apron and then the next week,   less than a week I get one.   Now how cool is that?  

Wednesday January 26th; Curves, after work

Thursday January 27th;     Serial Knitters, I am so lucky to have this local yarn shop nearby. Annilee is leader of the Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning knitting circles and she is the most awesome help to me on my knitting projects. I never seem to stress her out and she is so encouraging. Yikes, I think God planned that yarn shop just for me.

Ford Fiesta - to small
Perfect Color
 Car shopping, so far…..       

Tamara’s : time with Hannah and Halie, we all had dinner together before Hannah went to driving class and Halie and I played a new video game. Then we sat around visiting and watched one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen:

Friday January 28th; We are just starting to make plans for my birthday party: Save the Date: August 20. We are hoping to have a Taco Truck for the occasion. We have learned that in King County the Taco Trucks are not mobile, no wheels. They will cater, but I wanted the truck, so now we are starting to look outside of King County to see if we can get one that will travel to our house. We have eaten at two different ones before we learned this and if you are in Eastgate I really do recommend the taco truck called Cilantro and it's in the Eastgate neighborhood of Bellevue, across the street from the Albertsons...behind the Pizza Hut. It was a very cold day and the enclosed tent was just barely a help but the food was amazingly delicious and low fat. I really do wish the truck travelled. In the end Bill said he may have to build a taco ‘stand’ for the party. This is just the beginning of the research for this event.

We do know we will have live music in the evening: which will be just awesome

We are thinking it will be something like this:

Noon to 5 is Family Friendly and after that we will be including a few of our Emerald City friends. This will be my birthday party and Bill and I will be celebrating 30 years of marriage also.

Saturday January 29th; Dr Marks - no photos, no website, but a really good day.

Sunday January 30th; Everett Civic Music, Jason Coleman

Monday January 31st; Lunch w/ Helen @ Pogacha’s

One more thing; I am knitting a scarf for Dr. Troy, the surgeon that saved my life last April. I have carried the scarf with me a few places and mentioned that it was my thank you gift. Then someone said they wanted to thank him also so I pulled out a 3 X 5 card and said “here, have at it.” Then other people heard about this and they have written thank you notes too. So the thought is that if it has made a difference to you that he saved my life last year and you want to tell him thank you for the work that he does then put it on a 3 X 5 and get it to me and I will include all those thank you notes with my note and gift. (email to: ) He is a young surgeon and the ramification of the work he does is great and I just want to tell him I am really grateful to have had this year and this year of experiences. I am planning on giving it to him sometime the week of April 13 which is my one year anniversary of new life.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

January 18th - January 24th, 2011

Tuesday January 18th - Oh my, I do not like 5am, I do not like it Sam I am. Once I get up and going it is fine, I just don’t like getting up. We celebrated Dr V’s birthday today with pizza and giving him and REI gift card, which he seemed pleased with. Then we had a great time with the nieces at family dinner. I roasted potatoes and two varieties of chicken sausage, did a stir-fry with cabbage, spinach and peppers, and had baked beans too.

Wednesday January 19th – I worked almost 10 hours today. I never even clocked out for lunch. I had a patient that was running late and so I grabbed a snack before he got there and worked through lunch on him and I was the last one to finish at the end of the day. That is very unusual but needless to say I came straight home. I just couldn’t face Curves. Bill made a stir-fry with the roasted potatoes and onions and I added a sausage to mine, it was great and I didn’t have to do any work.

Thursday January 20th - I don’t know when I went to bed last night but it was early and I was asleep instantly. I woke up feeling great, with energy and not too much pain. (The joint pain is a bitch lately but my doctor and I are trying to address it.) I was eager to go to knitting circle today and that is just what I did. I am working on modifying the Spring Garden Tee to fit me in a more flattering way; not quite such a deep neckline and not as much fitting at the waist. The designer does a podcast that I really enjoy listening too but she is young and in pretty much perfect shape and I am not. Once I get it ready to separate at the sleeves it will become my favorite ‘mindless’ knitting until it is finished. I must have a case of cast on fever because I started another baby cardigan this afternoon in a nice purple, I have four “pregnant’s” on the list right now and so there will be more baby knitting.

Friday January 21st - Well this was a crazy day Bill had agreed to take Chris and Anne and kids to the airport this morning and pick them up Sunday night. We had the idea that if I went with them we could all visit on the way to the airport especially since we hadn’t seen them since Christmas and on the way home from the airport we could travel in the carpool lane but when we tried to call we had no cell service. We also had no internet which let out the house phones also. I heard later that AT&T had a major problem that lasted for several hours. Any way I decided not to get my clothes on but I did get up and say hi to all and sure enough the car was packed and there was no room for one more. Just about the time I dozed off again Anne called. They had gotten out of the car at the airport and Bill had driven off when she thought about it. She was using a phone that was one of the agents at the airport and the number was blocked. I almost didn’t pick up. She had tried to call Bill but he didn’t pick up so she just wanted me to call Priscilla and Jeff later and tell them they were travelling without any mobile phones. Chris hadn’t brought his because he just assumed they would be together and he wouldn’t need it…

Bill’s story is; he was driving a strange car, the number calling him was blocked, it was pouring down rain and the dash of the car looked like the panel to a rocket ship. He didn’t need the distraction. When he got home (I had just started to fall asleep again) I told him about Anne’s call. Turns out he had pulled over to the side of the road and listened to his messages, then he talked to an Alaska agent, he had to park the car in the parking lot and go in and give Annes phone to an agent who closed down her ‘pod’ and ran to the gate and was able to give Anne her phone before they took off. We didn’t know she was successful for several hours and we called Anne’s number and she picked up. Bill and I have our phones glued to our hands almost; what with texting and news updates and emails and checking the weather or the stocks or a game of Sudoku….. anyway I gave up on trying to sleep and got up, I had several phone calls to make before I left the house to meet up with my book club mostly for a good visit and lunch then I ran several errands in

Saturday January 22nd – I took a knitting class today and my brain is exploding. It was called learning to design lace with Sivia Harding.

Sivia Harding and some of her
beautiful lace She started the class by saying she is a relatively new knitter. She started knitting in 2000. I started knitting in 2001, so while she has been knitting, designing patterns, traveling the world teaching and turning out the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen, I have been knitting also. Okay what I really should have been taking was “how to knit lace.” Just last night I said to Bill that I had become a pretty good lace knitter this year. I have made two Helena baby cardigans with a cute lace skirt, I did three lace panels on my Sasha skirt, one I made into a shrug later and I have started a Travelling Woman’s shawl. Well today I will tell you that was a really stupid thing to think but sometimes you just don’t know how much you don’t know so if no one ever reads this I’m safe. Today I learned that you can’t really be a lace knitter if you don’t know how to read a chart. I also felt like I was in an advanced literature class and I didn’t know how to read but at the end of the day I really wanted to read, a lot. I also learned that I am glad that I am not a needlework’s professional. I like variety in my crafts and I have loved knitting because of the variety. I have knitted baby blankets, then vest and tees and tanks, then felted bags, then more tees and tanks then a lot of hats and mittens then some scarves then lace. I look at photos and get ideas and make up designs for a top then I knit it into a sweater. What I failed to mention is that I have only just learned how to read a pattern. The Helena cardigan and the Sasha skirt are the first patterns I have ever followed and they did not have a chart to follow or if they did I didn’t notice the chart.



See they are way different. One is verbal and the other is visual.  I am really a visual learner so I don't know why I have resisted but 'resistance is futile'.   At the end of the class my brain was so exploding in a good way, I had to cook to decompress. I made two casseroles, Bill loves a casserole, one was Chicken and broccoli with hash browns and the other was Penne with chili con queso (that’s mac and cheese Mexican style) and a salad made dinner. I needed to chop and dice to calm down and think and relax. I have not really done much cooking this year. Mostly the more I think about cooking the more I eat and I really am trying not to eat so much. Then we watched a mediocre movie with Hugh Grant who was pretending to have a child to hook up with single women. I had a very good day.  P.S.  Did I mention that Hannah played volleyball all day today and her team won all their games.   They are #1 today.    I just don't know how the all keep up the pace.

Sunday January 23rd – Have I mentioned how amazing Bill is about cleaning up. I sometimes set up a project that I am going to work on the next day on the kitchen buffet area. This is not the kitchen counter where we prepare food. Well Bill is always up before me, that is just the way it is, and by the time I get up that project could be anywhere; my desk, the yarn room or on the folding table in the laundry room. I go hunting and usually I find it but it is interesting how things move around and how can I not appreciate someone who is helping pick up. Today we started watching football but just couldn’t get into it so we watched the Amazing Race. I mean almost the whole thing; I think we have 3 episodes to go. (Thanks to Bill M for recording it for me since it was on at the same time as something Bill ‘had’ to watch.) I love that show because it takes me places that I am not ever going to be able to go to myself, beautiful places, hot places, freezing places and really interesting places and we got a lot of knitting time in too. When we got hungry for dinner we decided to get out of the house for a while so we went to Ruby’s Diner in Redmond and I had a great hamburger. At about 8:45pm Bill left for the airport to pick up Chris and Anne. They had really enjoyed their weekend and told him all about it. I got to say hi when they dropped off Bill they were all happy, that was nice to see.

Monday January 24th - Neither one of us opened our eyes until after 8:30 and we just enjoyed not having to jump up and rush off. Today is do chores at home day and I cleaned the pantry shelves and took three bags of food to the food bank. Turns out we just do not eat canned fruit. I think I bought it for the grandkids, what was I thinking, I feed them fresh fruit also. I think I was thinking emergency backup food but so much for that. Bill took a large bag of clothes to the Goodwill for me on the way to his guitar lesson. Almost all the laundry is done and I got a lot of work at the desk done before I went to Curves, two grocery stores and the UPS office. Have I mentioned how much I hate the USPS for packages. Oh but the rewards were sweet. I then went for a pedicure and manicure w/paraffin treatment and my eyebrows are lovely and I had a facial too. When I got home I put together and organized dinner for tomorrow night and Bill is going to start it before I get home from work. I’m tired and off to bed. :-)

I got this link as a forward in my email today:   I can't help it;  I loved it.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The different Ways I talk to Myself…… Jan 11th - Jan 17th

CeLinda (with necklace)  Toula, Bill & Amanda
As you can see, since Bill retired I have barely kept up with my ‘journal’ let alone any spontaneous writing. Hopefully we are getting into a routine and I will have a little more time to chatter about what ever. This week ‘whatever’ is the funny signals we send our selves, or I talk to myself in more than one way and I’m probably the only one that does this and if I write about it then I am certifiably nuts. When I am all ready for bed at night the last thing I do before going into the bedroom is shutting off a particular light at the buffet in the kitchen. If that light is on I am ‘up’ and I still have things to do in the house. One of the last things I do at night is to set up my pills for the next day and I do that in the back part of the house. (That is another Story) It has taken me a while to teach Bill that he is not helping me, if he turns that light off “for me.” When I get up in the morning, and I am really up for the day, I turn off the light at my nightstand and I turn on the light in the kitchen at the buffet. I guess none of this matters in a part of the country where it is not dark all of the time but when it is dark at 4:30pm and not daylight until 9am that little bit of light can make the difference in safe travel through the house or a broken foot. But that is not the only way I talk to myself. The other day I said the oddest thing, then I got to thinking about it and I realized it was profound and I didn’t even have a clue. Bill is often asking me how I feel and he means it in the most serious of ways. He is hoping this day will not be another day in the emergency room. Well last week he asked me if I felt okay and I said yes then a few minutes later he said are you sure your okay and I said, “Bill I am great, can’t you see, I’m wearing a necklace.” I love jewelry and I have lots of it. I don’t wear jewelry to work, it just doesn’t feel clean at the dentist office to wear any jewelry, except my medic alert bracelet. But the rest of the time, I love jewelry; funky stuff, simple stuff all kinds of necklaces, pins and rings. (I don't have pierced ears because of the metal sensitivity and I don't wear necklaces when it is too hot for the same reason, but then again that is a sign that I am not great because heat is one of the first things to get to me.  After my first surgery last year I went on a little jewelry buying spree to celebrate living, until Bill reigned me in, for good reason. I have jewelry that was once my Grannies, silver hair combs. I have jewelry that was once my Aunt Gordies, and a couple of pieces that were Sweetmother’s , several pieces from Mom Avo and Aunt Mac also. Mom says my Aunt Lovie had a whole box set aside for me when she heard that I collected old jewelry but she had a stroke and later passed away before she could give it to me. I am sorry I don’t have a memento from her, I cannot tell you how much all that stuff makes me smile. None of this stuff is valuable but it is pretty to me and the truth is when I am feeling good, I go searching through my treasures and find something special to wear for the day and I think of the person who gifted me and count my blessings and smile just a little bit more. How funny is that?

On Life and Living -

Tuesday January 11th – Today was 01/11/2011 and I didn't even notice all day. I worked @ RR and we had a full day. Since all the charts are in the computer I don’t ever write the date. The weather forecast was threatening snow all day and we drove home from work under overcast skies and no snow. Bill had the table all ready set and looking pretty and tonight I made tilapia fillets w/ seasoned breadcrumbs that were really good and a rice Florentine casserole, steamed broccoli and Bill made the bread and we had some great dipping oils from my friend Alice that we tried out tonight. They were good and I used some of the lemon one to season the broccoli, it was great. We kept looking out the window throughout the night and it was just after 8 when we noticed the snow. Yikes the girls disappeared so fast but they both got home just fine no problems. It is snowing like crazy right now.

Wednesday January 12th – This morning there was 3 inches of snow on the ground but it was pouring down rain and it was an easy drive to work. We had a full schedule, people were calling to cancel but others were calling trying to get in. However at the end of the day one of Nancy’s patients cancelled and she took my patient and I went to Curves early. I can tell all ready that my arm is getting stronger. There is one machine that I couldn’t even budge without a ‘push start’ from my left arm and tonight I was able to get it going without help. How cool is that. At lunch today I got teriyaki chicken from the restaurant nearby so I had a very light dinner; pea pods and hummus some salad with sesame vinaigrette and a hunk of bread. I got one sleeve of Macy’s cardigan off the needles tonight.

Bill's Felted Clutches
 Thursday January 13th – I didn’t go to knitting circle today. I am not working on anything that needs help and I didn’t feel inclined to pay to sit and visit. Bill was home knitting on his bags and so I enjoyed his company in the house. He felted two more bags last night a red one and a blue one.      

He made a mistake on the top of the blue one and we liked the mistake so much he is changing up his pattern for a while to see what he thinks. I took dinner to Tamara’s tonight and she had her first knitting lesson. Halie wants Tamara to knit her a blanket, so she has good motivation to be knitting. She has lots of time too while she is taking kids here and waiting for them there.

Friday January 14th – I went to Curves this morning and then did some grocery shopping on the way home. We started looking at new cars. We stopped at the Chevrolet dealership and looked at the Chevy Cruze.  It is okay but it didn't knock me over.   I think what we are looking for is a somewhat small car,  we aren't even sure if we are going to replace Bill's Civic or my Accord.  I think we both think the new Accords are bigger cars than we like but we haven't really looked at them,  just on the street from time to time.   We both do enough parking in the city to really appreciate a small car.  We also want good fuel economy but probably not a hybrid,  Bill wants a real trunk for privacy and safety for our 'junk' and we don't want to break the bank either.   We spent almost half of the 'new car fund' on medical bills last year,  thanks to the great health care system we have, and that was before Obama care,   our deductible is worse this year and they won't pay anything at all if we need a brandname drug.   (That might be another story but really I don't see that there is an answer so - whatever.)  Back to the car,  if you have any suggestions that you think we should drive just send me an email.   (   Friday night group met at Bill and Colleens. We celebrated Karen's birthday even though it was earlier in the week. Collen made some amazing soup and we all had a great time.

Saturday January 15th -  It was the first time this year to work in Totem Lake. I always look forward to being there. Those guys make me smile. Do you know Dr Mark shaved off his mustache in September and I never noticed? How weird is that? I think it is because he has his mask on so much that I don’t know what he looks like underneath. Bill was at a meeting all day today also and he got home even later than I did.

Maxene and Annieville
 Sunday January 16th – The Seahawks game started early so I slept in and got my knitting ready for a good game of football….. but it wasn’t the best. I was so sad. I had really hoped that the Seahawks would do something amazing but it was not to be and on top of that two players were carted off the field with concussions. I am glad they are so careful with head injuries now but oh my, knocking your brain around just cannot be a good thing. When the game was over, which was before the 4th quarter we headed over to a friend’s house to celebrate a sweet friend and awesome blues  pianist' birthday.   ( The five of them were having a late breakfast after a very late sleepover, so we joined in an ate some delicious crepes and then we just shared a day of laughter and fun, friendship and music and of course I knitted a lot too. We topped off the evening with beautiful salads and great lasagna by Shelly. What a day, so much fun.

Monday January 17th – okay I was totally exhausted. I did a little preparation for family dinner tomorrow and slept the rest of the day, literally. Mom called at about 5:15 and woke me up. Bill had gone to a guitar lesson and I had fallen asleep on the bed. I slept on the couch most of the day. I was way too tired today. I can’t believe that Annieville’s birthday party took that much out of me but gee, I just couldn’t get it together today.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 4th, 2011 - January January 10th

On Life and Living;

Tuesday January 4th I worked @ RR today and yikes I had two 'no shows' in a row with a long list of people waiting to get in. How inconsiderate is that? I am so happy that family dinner is on again, I have missed the girls so much. Tonight Bill had the table set and had made dessert. The menu was: hot bread w/ hummus, veggie tray w/ ranch, turkey meatloaf, corn, mashed potatoes, broccoli salad , chocolate cake and whipped cream. We also had a couple of other friends join us and the time just flew by. One of the friends works at Child Haven, a place that helps children of abuse and helps the families also. I gave her a bag of my hand knitted projects for children that needed to find homes. She was happy to take them and said she would pick nice homes for them.

Wednesday January 5th – worked @ RR. It was a good day I thought I was going to get today off work because things were looking a little slow but we have the most amazing front desk person I have ever worked with. She can fill holes in the schedule better than anyone. So instead of having the day off I had 3 new patients and 3 others so it was a full day. I don’t know if the boss gives her a bonus for what she does, but if I was running a business I would really value that skill. I loved the new patients. One of them is going to make me work, the stuff I love. After work I went to Eddie Bauer’s , I heard from the family last night that their coats were on sale and I was in LOVE with Amanda’s new coat, a full length, below the knees, down parka like thing with a hood, white with a fake fur around the hood and fleece cuffs and inside the pockets. I cannot remember in my adult life having a full length coat, not a rain coat or a dress coat but a real cold weather coat, maybe I had one when I lived in Ohio but I don’t remember it. This year all ready I have been

cold and I was tired of it. When I brought the coat home we had to do a major sorting of the ‘coat closet’ because not one more coat would fit in. Two coats went to the attic for their memories value and a pile went in the goodwill bag and now my new coat fits in but it is tight. Who knew one needed so many coats. After shopping I went to Curves, it was great, my first real workout and I made it through. I did good and I know the machines are going to help my arm get stronger. I talk to my Aunt Jeanne every Wednesday night and we both chatted like magpies tonight. She is 80 something and she is still working. She cannot not work! Her job the last 10 years has been as a ticket taker at Anaheim Stadium and she promised she was going to quit. She gets tired and sometimes it is too hot and other times it is too cold and all of the time her feet hurt but guess what when I talked to her tonight she had signed up to work every weekend in January, motocross and the big trucks are the draw. She said ‘I know you are going to be mad at me.’ But I can’t be mad at her working is what keeps her going.

Thursday January 6th – I woke up before my alarm. That is alarming! Off to my knitting circle, I was starving and stopped for an egg mc muffin and coffee on the way. I have several projects on the needles and Annalee helped me evaluate the neck and shoulder of a top-down tee that I am working on and then I started a swatch, maybe it will be a scarf that I want to do for the surgeon that ‘saved my life’ as a thank you gift. Bill and I are planning a travel weekend this weekend and he has made an itinerary for the weekend; where we are staying, who we might see, and where we might eat and listen to music. This is a far cry from the Bill I married and went to Hawaii on a honeymoon with that didn’t ever make any plans at all except for the hotel. I had to beg him to just give me a little bit of a plan and he agreed to: every other day we would ‘do something’ and every other day we would hang out.

Friday January 7th – I got up and went straight to Curves and then came home to get ready to go to Portland. We were on the road at about 12:30 and stopped once for a stretch and a late lunch. We were getting close to Portland, actually Vancouver Washington when the car’s electrical system shut off. We were going about 70 miles an hour and Bill got us to the side of the road just fine, minus the fact that he grabbed at me and got a hold of my knitting. He managed to take about 10 stitches off the needle and later on tonight it took about an hour to reweave what had unraveled. We called AAA but we ended up taking care of everything ourselves. After the car cooled down a bit the engine started and we drove to a nearby service center, that was open on Saturday. Then we rented a car and went back and unloaded our stuff into the rental car and were on the road again. The delay kept us from making it to the Button Emporium but we met up with Katherine and Spencer with no delay and had a delicious dinner and nice visit together.

Saturday January 8th – We got up and met Katherine for breakfast at one of my favorite places for eggs Benedict. I was not disappointed. Spencer was coming down with a chest cold and Katherine said he was quarantined, which I appreciated even though we missed spending a little more time with him. After breakfast we went to Powell’s book store, I have never been there. It is a four story building that takes up a city block. Now they have taken over a building next to it that is only 2 stories and half a block for the technical books. I think I could live there. I didn't buy anything though, what with carrying it around or limited space at home I am being choosier about the books I do buy. After Powell’s we hit a couple of yarn shops and a paper store

and the Button Emporium. It was lots of fun just walking around the city and riding the street car. We had a very late lunch, Kat and I split the most delicious, decadent macaroni and cheese. I haven't had anything like that in ages. Then I went back to the hotel for a well needed rest and Kat and Bill picked up our car from the shop and returned the rental car. Bill woke me at about 7:30 and we went out for a light dinner to a cute little club called Halibuts and we listened to a set of blues with dinner.

The story with the car is; a couple of months ago I came in from somewhere and told Bill that I was driving on the freeway and the car’s electric system turned off it lasted a couple of seconds and by the time I realized something had happened it was over and all was working. Bill ‘freaked’ out and made me take it to the shop the next day but the mechanics could never find any problem with the car at all. So it all came back to me when this happened yesterday and we told the mechanic our story. They said they could not find anything positively wrong with our car this time but after looking on the internet at odd problems and the fixes he thought he could recommend we replace a specific cable that is in the steering column. $500 later we are on the road again. The good news is that he is pretty sure the cable was the problem because when he took it out there are three burn places on it and two of the places look pretty melted. So we are hoping this is a good fix.

Sunday January 9th – We got up and had a really good breakfast at the hotel. We have stayed there several nights and have never eaten the breakfast they provide. Turns out there were scrambled eggs, sausage, waffles, fruit, cereal, and lots of breads. I filled my coffee cup for the road and we headed out. We wanted to get on the road first to check out the car in case we had more trouble on the way home and second it was threatening to snow and we didn’t want to get caught in bad weather. Next stop: Hannah’s volley ball game. We got there just as she was finishing a game and so we grabbed a quick lunch and then went back to watch her play. She is a sophomore and new to this league so the coaches were not starting her but every single time she went in to play she did awesome. It won’t be long before they figure out how good she is. When we started getting close to home I was so sleepy I couldn’t knit anymore. When we got home, Bill unloaded the car and I went straight to bed and slept about 2 and a half hours. I got up and had something to eat and unpacked my bags and went back to bed and when I was falling asleep Tamara text me and they were just heading for home after a full day of volleyball. I so could not do what they are doing. The amount of rest and sleep that I need to function the rest of the time is crazy and I am not lazy really I’m not.

Monday January 10th – Bill and I met Jeanne Moo at the Honey Bear Bakery to visit and catch-up. The time just flew by and before we knew it, it was noon. When we got home I started working at the desk, yearend paperwork, and I took a one hour break to help him pick his car up from the shop and go to Curves. The Civic needed 120 thousand mile service and a few extra things and the total was almost a thousand dollars. I think it is time to start looking for a new car. Keeping two old cars up is getting expensive and we still have two old cars. Okay I have a load of new yarn. I ordered a bunch of children’s yarn, on sale from an online store and it came over the weekend. I haven’t even unpacked the box yet. I also got yarn at the trunk show at the LYS from a local dyer. I need to get that all ‘stashed’ in my Ravelry stash. I have lots of ‘go to’ yarn for projects for a while.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Tuesday December 28th - Monday Jan 3rd, 2011

On Life and Living:

Tuesday December 28th: I went to work @ RR and Bill was off doing something this evening, He has turned over ownership of his side business to another group of owners and he met at the bank and turned over keys and things like that today. I came home from work and knitted the rest of the evening.   Did I mention it is cold,  really cold.

Wednesday December 29th: I only worked a half day today because I had an appointment with the dermatologist again. I was afraid the skin cancer on my hand was coming back but the good news is: not so, I am ‘spitting stitches’ which means I am having a reaction to the absorbable stitches underneath the skin and the reaction is at the sites where the knots are. All is well, it will heal and be fabulous he says. So that really does mean I am starting the New Year with good health! Tonight I took the last casserole of chicken enchiladas to a book club potluck. I thought I had given them all to my friend for her sisters memorial service a while back but my ‘snowbird’ friend called and said they were cleaning out the freezer and did I want to come get this casserole that she was storing for me when I couldn’t find any room in my freezer. What a laugh, the unending casserole. Well I think we finished them tonight. The book club group is friends from forever and it has morphed focus over the years depending on the need. Now we are good friends and the books are just an added highlight, but every time we get together it seems we never have enough time. Tonight we met at Cindy’s house with no time limit. We had a great dinner and chatted a long time and then Wendy pulled out a game called “I’d Rather”. We did not play the game like the rules suggested. We played it like this: one person would read a question and then guess what the majority of the group would choose. Then the rest of us would have a crazy discussion and laugh our heads off at what others would think up then we would take a vote and if the ‘Reader’ guessed right they got to keep the card and the winner was the first person with five cards. But winning was not the point, that just ended the game and we all had a really fun time. I can’t remember any of the questions so I went to a web site and copied some off;

QUESTION: Would you rather run a marathon with a blood blister on each toe or go a solid month with a horrible sunburn on your neck, head and feet?

QUESTION: Would you rather be incredibly attractive physically but exude an extremely bothersome odor or be hideously unattractive but have a scent that is irresistible?

QUESTION: Would you rather have yur name misspelled on your tombstone or have them erect the proper spelling over the wrong grave?

QUESTION: Never be able to say the word love or never be able to kiss?

One I sort of remember was: would you rather only (or never, I can’t remember) be able to breath through your nose or have armpit hair that goes to your toes….. We laughed and laughed, good friends and good therapy for the heart.

Thursday December 30th: I went to the knitting circle at SK’s today, it was hard to get up after staying up so late last night but I had two projects that I was stuck on if I didn’t go and get a little help. I managed to entertain everyone a little. I am working on a shawl called The Traveling Woman Shawl and I was carrying around one ball of yarn but the shawl is going to take several balls of yarn. So this morning I went to my stash, in the attic and grabbed the bag of yarn that I thought I needed and went off to knitting. When I got the bag out at knitting it was obviously not the correct yarn, but I just kept on knitting and said I am sure I have more of this yarn, I hope. The ladies there thought I was putting a lot of stitches into my “hopes”. When I got home I did a little more searching, turns out it was not Bee Sweet Bamboo left over from Amanda’s top I was using but it was Artyarns Silk Pearl left over from a top I did for myself this year. I can relax, I have plenty of yarn to finish the project.

Friday December 31st: Well I am rested again because I woke up and we bundled up and went for a walk in the neighborhood and I didn’t even take any short cuts. We were scheduled to meet Mick and Christie for a late lunch today and we did meet them at a Chinese Restaurant in Mill Creek. If you like Dim Sun just ignore this but Bill and I thought it was totally icky. The parking lot was packed and when we walked in there was not one Caucasian in the place and oddly enough there was only one thing on the menu that Bill would eat. It was Dim Sum and we have not acquired a taste for dim sum. Bill chooses not to eat much pork and he gets migraines from shrimp. The only chicken on the menu was chicken feet in several different sauces. So we had green beans and steamed rice and they were delicious. I had ordered shrimp cakes mistakenly thinking it would be like a crab cake, it was really shrimp made to the consistency of custard, only a little more chewy and then fried. It was not like crab cakes. I’m glad this lunch was in 2010 and I could put it behind me. We did enjoy seeing Mick and Christie, they are getting all excited about traveling to Costa Rica in the future. We left Mill Creek and went home for a bit, we reloaded the car and then went to the United Methodist Church down the street from our house to walk the labyrinth. It is not a maze but a path. I thought it would be sort of a meditation but there were too many people walking it to not be distracted. The suggestion was that ‘the path’ can resemble the journey of your life. If that is the case; around every curve I saw Bill and he had a smile when he looked at me and that made me happy. When we left the labyrinth we headed for Bob and Karen’s, it is Friday night and we all brought potluck. There was pulled pork with buns and ribs and corn salad and we all had a good time. We were asleep before midnight.

Saturday January 1st, 2011 The Rose parade starts too early, by the time I was up and in the living room it was almost over, that is one time I miss not having a television in the bedroom, a quirk of Bill’s. I love the Rose Parade. Some time I want to go down and be a volunteer helping on a float, and then see the parade live. How fun would that be, I think that should be on my bucket list. But I want to do it on a year when the weather is warm and not raining. How can you plan for that? I have learned how to stream ESPN through the computer and watch it on the television so I enjoyed Football all day and I got a little knitting done also.

Last year I started the year with quite a few unfinished projects on the needles. This year I have 3 sleeping projects: Phyllis’ one mitten, the Sunburst tee and the Diamonds and Gold tee and then there is the lipstick vest that I made this year and have half frogged it and hope to remake into a vest that will fit and look pretty sometime in the future. I am also still working on a Sabori Ruffle scarf that I think I had on the needles last year and I think it will eventually get finished. It is a great mindless project and I grab it when I don’t need to think, like when my other projects are at decision making points. I usually have a baby hat project going also, right now I have two finished and none on the needles but the project bag is ready for me to cast on. I have 3 real projects on the needles; the Spring Garden tee, which I am modifying for me, the Traveling Woman Shawl out of red Silk Pearl yarn by Artyarns and a little Helena cardi out of pink Brilla. I am hoping to get that finished for Macy’s birthday. Oh and I have started a thank you gift for my surgeon, the one that saved my life last year. I think I will send it to him on my one year anniversary of being alive. It is a hat and scarf out of a grey alpaca/silk blend. It is so soft. I am using a 3/2 ribbing and it is going to be soft and snuggy. It is also a good traveling project that doesn’t use to much brain power.

In 2010 I finished: The Febuary Lady sweater and I love it and have worn it a lot. I might need to make another one of those sometime. I also finished the Turquoise Eyelet Tee, the Red Silk w/golden wave tank, the Seaside Coverup and the Sasha skirt for me. Then I made the Baby Buckspan Helena, the Baby Williams Cardigan, Savanna’s cardigan, Luke’s vest, Donna’s shawl and several other hats and scarves and a lot of baby bibs. Wow, it was a lot of knitting when I look back at it.  (They are all posted on Ravelry, except Donna's Shawl)   Also I became a pretty good lace knitter I am pretty comfortable knitting lace but I haven’t become comfortable reading the lace charts, I write out the lace chart ‘verbally’ and then follow that. What I am doing on the Helena is I write each rows lace pattern on a postcard and then when I have finished that row it goes to the bottom of the pile that I rubber band together, that way I always know what row I am on by the card on top of the pile.

What I have on the needles right now and I am actively working on: The Travelling Woman Shawl out of Art yarn silk, a Helena cardigan for my niece Macy out of pink Brilla, a Silk Garden tee for myself out of a Louisa Harding yarn called Jasmine. It is a cotton, bamboo and silk blend in an olive green with a bit of a silver Metallica going through it. I am modifying the pattern just a bit so the neckline won’t be quite as low as the pattern and the sleeve might be just a bit longer.

Goals for knitting in 2011: I don’t think I need so set a quantity goal this year. I am knitting a lot and I am also knitting for others a lot but I do want to set one goal. I want to learn a new technique and get comfortable with it. The technique I want to learn this year is sock knitting. I want to knit at least one pair of socks. I want to start with a basic sock.    Personally: I want to make healthy choices in every area. I want to be aware that my actions are a choice and choose well, much like last year that will include time management, exercise, food choices, sleep and my emotional and spiritual health. That is a big list.
Sunday January 2, We have been trying to meet up and see Karen M for some time. We did have a nice lunch and got a chance to catch up a bit. On the way home we made a big Costco run as we were out of all fruits, vegetables and bread. We got home in time to catch a terrific Seahawks game. And I got a little knitting in besides.

Monday January 3rd - I got up and went to Curves. This was to be my first work out since I have been on medical hold since April, but no, they were having a Zumba class. Who knew, a lot has changed at curves since last April so I came home and started cooking for tomorrow. I did a little work at the desk, but not near enough….. Then I went back into Redmond to mail some packages and give Curves another go. It didn’t work for me this time either. Just as I was pulling into the parking lot a friend called. She really needed someone to listen and to pray and so I did. I made the choice to be a friend, I want my life to matter and today it was about being a friend. So after dinner I talked Bill into taking a walk with me and we bundled up really well since it is so extremely cold here today and walked almost two miles.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

December 21st - Monday December 27th

Another finished project;  Donna's Shawl
On Life and Living: 

Tuesday December 21th: Up early today and we had a totally packed schedule at work on RR. Jody the former assistant worked today. She is on break from dental hygiene school. She lives life with such passion. You can feel it where ever she is. Bill went to Mount Vernon this evening for a winter solstice party and I did 3 loads of clothes and finished wrapping gifts and getting them out of the guest room. Tomorrow when I get home from work Bill's Mom will be with us through Christmas. Now all the packages are wrapped and are packed in boxes depending on their destination and all lined up on the couch in the library. It looks like Santa's shipping center.   I am so sorry I didn't take a photo.  

Wednesday December 22nd: I took a new road to work today It is longer by miles but I think it was 7 or 8 minutes faster because the traffic is less and several less lights. It is a good one to know but I heard that they do not plow or salt it in bad weather. We have had a totally packed schedule at work and I worked late by almost an hour. When I got home Bill was there with Toula and he hadn't given dinner a thought (I was waiting to see) so I had to come up with something for everyone, which was just fine.

Thursday December 23rd: I had my last physical therapy appointment today. I graduated! I still have work to do but I can continue progressing at home. I cannot wait until January when I activate my Curves membership and start exercising there again. I spent most of the rest of the day working on Bill’s Christmas present. I am scrap booking his retirement and retirement party for him including some 400 photos that were in the 20minute slide show he put together. Then Tamara and Halie came for dinner and to visit with Toula.

Halie rolled several skeins of yarn for me which was awesome. She got really good with the swift and ball winder. I love my swift. It is from The Oregon Woodworker; It is so easy to store, easy to use and pretty to look at, in my eyes anyway. Bill got it one year for me for valentines, what a terrific gift! For dinner tonight I made steak, gnocchi in a Parmesan butter sauce and steamed green beans, with salad. When Bill heard that Tamara and Halie were coming he decided to cancel his ‘nite out’ and stay in with us. We all had a good time and really enjoyed Toula being with us and entertaining us with her stories.

Friday December 24th: We slept in and I really needed it. I am running on reserves in the energy department. I made breakfast for Toula and I, eggs with hash browns and steak. Bill had his usual blueberry smoothie. I also made her a good lunch and we left for Bill and Colleen’s at 3:30. In between feeding Toula I worked on the scrapbook again. We had to make two different runs to Ben Franklin to get supplies for the project. I am glad they are pretty close by. Toula has lost more than 20 pounds in the last couple of years and it even has her upset. After being with her I think she just forgets to eat. When you put the food in front of her she eats well and has a good appetite. I wish she were closer and I could watch her and be with her more. She is really clear that she wants to stay in her own home. We had a great time at Bill and Colleen’s. They had decorated every corner of the house and made an awesome meal. We all had a great time together and the time just flew by before you knew it, we were heading for home. Toula and I loved seeing all the Christmas lights. What a nice day.

Saturday December 25th: We had a late breakfast and I made a salad to take to Barb and Steve’s. I had the gifts packed in bags inside packing crates determined by where we were going; yesterday to Bill and Colleen’s with asparagus and gifts, today to Barb and Steve’s with salad and gifts, and to Chris and Anne’s with more gifts. We packed the car with the last stop in the back of the trunk and off we went. I don’t know how many miles we put on the car but I did get some knitting done. It was so nice to see Chris and Ann and the grand kids. They are so busy that they never have a free minute and that means they don’t chat on the phone and they don’t text or even do an update on Face book so we feel totally out of touch with them. I start to think I have done something wrong and then when we see them I realize again that they are just very busy and don’t communicate the way Tamara and I do. There is almost no day that goes by that she and I don’t text, if nothing else at least at bedtime to say goodnight and we often text with Hannah and Halie also. It is such a joy to have that kind of communication. I wish I had that kind of connection with my family when I first left Texas for Ohio. I was so homesick back then, just to hear my mom or dad’s voice and it was so expensive to talk on the phone.

Sunday December 26th: I slept until 10am and didn’t get up until 11:30. Amanda came for lunch and to help me set up meds for the next month. I am changing 4 meds this time. We are doing what we can to switch to generic. We could not get any insurance plan that would pay anything for brand name drugs and they will only pay a percentage of generic drugs. I take a lot of medications and they are really expensive and this was going to make it impossible, I mean it, truly unaffordable for us. So I am praying that the generics work. We will check the results in blood tests around the end of January to see how I am doing.  So I am still exhausted after Amanda left I went back to bed and slept two and a half to three more hours.  When I woke up Tamara was texting and saying Hi and I was texting back when the doorbell rang.  It was Tamara and Halie and they just 'dropped by' 20 miles out of the way, to say Hi.   We had a great visit and when they left my emotions were on top of the world,   Who would drive that far to just check in on me? 

Monday December 27th: I had a great visit with Mom she was still in bed when I called and didn’t have anywhere to go for the morning and I wasn’t going anywhere either. She told me about her Christmas and I told her all about mine and we talked almost an hour. I do miss the Christmas’ I had with her and Daddy here and she and I would cook and Daddy would help Bill with projects. I really did enjoy them so much back “when Christmas was mine.” How funny is that, now we drive from place to place to place. Funny thing;  back when I got "to do Christmas at my house"  I tried to remind the family and friends and guest that Christmas is about Jesus.  This was important to me because growing up in the Church of Christ they tried to avoid talking about Jesus birth at Christmas.  My theory is that this is because it is obvious that Jesus birth could not be in December and they objected to this celebration because it was not literally true,  or something like that.  Any way the family I tried to influence didn't mention Jesus at all and Tamara and her family have adopted the candlelight ceremony that I did every year.   She even text me a photo. 
Remembering the Colors of Christmas
 represent things we can remember about Jesus

I slept till about 8 and didn’t get up till after 10 and took a nap in the afternoon. It sure does take a lot of rest to feel ‘myself’ again.

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