Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5th, 2010

What's Cooking:

Sunday: lunch: tomato & rice soup supper: shepherd’s pie & chopped green salad
Monday: salmon, sweet potatoes, peas and peapods
Tuesday: Family Dinner
   turkey and broccoli braid
   turkey penne in pasta sauce
   spinach and cabbage salad w/ sesame dressing
   fresh fruit and chocolate
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: both of us are out
Friday: date night
Saturday: Breakfast out w/ friends and errands

What's on my needles: This is an official list of everything I have on needles at this time, well the one’s in the yarn room anyway.
  1. Phyllis mittens: one is finished and the cuff of the other one is also done.
  2. Turquoise tee: I need to put the shoulder seams together and make two sleeves, I am taking this one to stitches and it is packed and ready to go.
  3. Red silk top with golden streak through front. I have part of each the front and back done. I just need to spend so time on this one and no I am not taking it to stitches.
  4. Brown Rayon Metallica yarn I am calling “diamonds to gold” I think it is going to be a tee. The body is a diamond pattern in stockinet with a purl bump pattern. I want the sleeve to be a diamond lace pattern. I will take this to stitches also
  5. Blue Pixel I am calling Seaside Cover-up. I am taking this one to stitches as well. I think the idea is good but it seems really large.
  6. Sunflower yellow Brilla yarn top I am calling Sunburst tank. It is a design of my own and I am taking this one to stitches. This really isn’t on the needles yet but it will be, hopefully tomorrow but I need several hours to get a good start.
  7. Two scarves: a black and white novelty yarn assortment stitched on the diagonal
  8. And a burgundy lace thing done with ‘kidsilk haze’ a silk and mohair blend about the consistency of eyelashes.
  9. Apple hat: I am trying to have a couple of these finished all the time to send off when I hear that someone else is pregnant. An apple from Washington.
  10. Sasha: a skirt pattern by Louet done with a 100% linen yarn in black, dark brown, medium brown and light grey. The yarn is a little rough to work with but when you wash it the fabric becomes soft and drapey. The goal for this, set by my coworkers, is to wear it to the office Christmas party this year.
Looks like that is an even 10 projects, way too many to have on the needles at one time. Hopefully I can move some to the off the needles column before too long.

What's off my needles: I have absolutely nothing to say here at the moment

What I am reading:
My book club group members each take turns choosing a book. This month we are starting ‘Going Rouge’ by Sarah Palin. We usually take two months to finish a book. I probably never would have chosen to read this but I am.

I also have started ‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett because so many people are talking about it.

What's up at the office: There are always interesting patients and this week was no different: there was the 30 something guy whose wife kept calling. She knew he was at the dentist office, with tools in his mouth, so after the fourth time he decided he needed to pick up. She is hysterical and crying...... the 5 yr old son has feed the new 6 baby chicks to the Labrador retriever. They are all dead. ** Then there was the patient whose car wheel fell off as he was taking a downhill curve and his car went over an embankment and rolled and ended up upside down and yards off the road. Turned out someone had loosened all the lug nuts on all his wheels. He said he stiffened up when he saw his demise coming and managed to pull off the steering column of his Infinity SUV with his bare hands, and elbows, shoulders, and back according to the pain and the damage done. ** I had a patient in a couple of months ago and she was pretty stressed with taking care of her dying husband, he was in late stage cancer. Sometimes when I talk to patients like this I follow up later and see how they are doing. So this week I called her to check in and a very weak male voice answered the phone. I ask to speak with R and he said she was not there, so I said okay I will try again later, not wanting to bother him. He says to me, hold on, Ruth passed away. The rest of the story is she had a stroke and died five weeks ago. He is very sick and just wants to go and be with his sweetie again and he is waiting for Mother Nature (or Father God) to decide when that will be. ** I saw a lady yesterday who was thrilled to tell me her son is a pirate. He has always wanted to be a pirate and now he has been accepted to be a Seafair Pirate. ** And there was the 50+ man who plays cowboy for fun, dresses up like and has gun fights and stuff like that. All these special folks were just in this past week.
I love my iphone, my favorite app this week is: not really an app at all it is this cool thing that clips into the air vent in the car and holds your phone. That way you can talk using the speaker phone and be hands free but even better it hold the phone so you can use the GPS easily. It is awesome and was not even very expensive.

Seen any good movies lately: I have two sitting on the desk; one from 1956 called ‘The King and I’ and the other is ‘Office Space’ made in 1999 and Jennifer Aniston is in it. It is R rated. Maybe I will get to one of these soon.

What else is going on around here:
Amanda and I met and went to church together today. We both liked the church (Holy Spirit Lutheran), the music and the service and it was easy for both of us to get there. That was good. It felt right to celebrate the risen Lord.
Saturday I went out into the garage to get something and over by Bill’s workbench I saw some movement. So I went to my little storage place and pulled out two mouse traps and smeared them with peanut butter. Today I have two dead mice. I wonder how many more I am going to get. (PS – I got one more Sunday night.)

We have had a lot of wind and rain the past few days. There are lots of branches in the yard. I am going to have to hire a real gardener I think. I’m not sure my girlfriend is going to get my yard in her schedule (I was offering to pay) and I really don’t like yard work….

That is enough for now. I am going to go knit a while. I think I will work on more swatches for my stitches classes. I am really getting organized for that.

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