Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No Apologies - Life is Great

Greetings: I make no apologies. I have really enjoyed keeping this ‘journal’ and updating friends and family this past year as I have been healing. But when things became more stable I began to feel that it was pretty boring to say; Monday I grocery shopped and cooked ahead, Tuesday and Wednesday I worked, Thursday I knit and Friday night we went out with the dessert group……. Which is pretty much how each week goes for now.

We did get a new car: the Hyundai Elantra, made in America, somewhere in the south like Alabama I think.   We did not get the 'navigation package' because we love and use our iphones for that but I love the bluetooth feature,  my phone calls come in through the radio speakers and the microphone is built in right above the drivers head.  I have really enjoyed talking to my Mom on the way to work on Tuesday Mornings.


My Redmond Ridge dental office is in the process of getting a 180 gallon saltwater aquarium and I am really excited about it. I have always loved aquariums and I have never wanted to commit to the work it takes to keep one healthy. I wanted on so much that years ago I did an entire needlepoint aquarium and framed it and we still have it hanging in the house.

If you are a follower you will get alerts when I post and I will be posting, just not quite so often.

Smiles to All, CeLinda