Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's Cooking

I usually look at what's cooking for the week ahead on the weekend so that I get my shopping done and do the major cooking while I am working at home on Mondays.   I have friends who do 'meal plan mondays' so here is my look at this week.

Monday:  chicken spagetti casserole  (from the freezer :-) - FTF )
Tuesday: Family Dinner   (big night of the week)  6 people this week
    Crab Cakes (from the pantry) w/ hummus
  Main meal:
    Italian Chicken, (FTF)
    Tomatoe Basil Pasta (FTF)  w? Wilted Spinach w/ pine nuts
    Aspargus and Pea Rissoto (fresh)
    Stir-fried brussel sprouts and carrots
    Roasted Aspargus and Green Beans
Wednesday:  probably leftovers but I am taking Crock-Pot Lasagna to work for 
        lunch on Thursday so I will put that together Wednesday night.  (ps the sauce is FTF.)
Thursday :  night out, each different places.
Friday:  We are going to friends for an early St Patricks party.   I'm bring Lime Cheesecake  that I will put together Friday morning.
Saturday:  I work all day so maybe I can talk Bill into doing some salmon.

And that is all we have planned this week.  

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