Monday, March 15, 2010

February Lady

February Lady is a very popular knitting pattern and I started it about the first of February.   It is a 'knitting from the top down' pattern.  When you are knitting from the top down you can try the sweater on from time to time and see how it fits.   This is a great advantage in sweater making because even if it is working up completely right to the measurments that does not mean it is going to look good or fit well on and this can happen for many different reasons.    When I had finished about 7 inches of this cardigan I tried it on for the first time.  It was easy to see that this sweater was going to be too small.   I wanted it big enough that the button band would overlap and look good with buttons.   So back to the drawing board.    I started over with a new ball of yarn and that is when I decided this project could be my 'knitting olympics' project.  That is another story and I didn't finish it by closing ceremony so I will skip that part of the story.   I did cast-on the project durning the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics and the knitting began.    I went up two sizes from where I had started the first time now my big concern was if I was going to have enough yarn.   The yarn was a gift from a friend and I only had 6 balls of yarn.    I knew I was going to make shorter sleeves than the pattern so I was hoping this would give me an advantage.   When I divided the body for the sleeves I then started knitting back the first sweater project, instead of unwinding it and balling it up and then reknitting it.   When that yarn was gone I did the sleeves and got them to the length I wanted, just above the elbows.   That way I knew both sleeves were done and I would not run out after doing one sleeve and not have enough for the second sleeve.    That left me with one more ball of yarn.   I was able to knit about two more repeats of the lace pattern before I started getting nervous and started the garter stitch finish rows.       

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