Monday, March 15, 2010

Formula Friday's

That is a stupid name but it is the day I look ahead and do my planning. The coming week is looking uneventful so far and that is good. Sunday I did some shopping to get ready for cooking on Monday.

Sunday: Mexican Chicken Casserole, with guacamole
Monday: lemon tilapia w/ steamed rice and corn pilaf
Tuesday: Family Dinner
   hummus and hot bread
   squashed potatoes
   Chicken, broccoli and pasta casserole
   Broiled tomatoes
   Steamed pea pods and green peas
Wednesday: salmon & shrimp, wilted spinach w/ peanut sauce,
Thursday: out
Saturday: some good soup for lunch or dinner (w/ M&C for other meal out)
What’s off the needles: February Lady, my lime green cardigan, I think I like it, a lot. I am looking forward to wearing it.

What’s new on the needles: I started a tee I am calling Diamonds to Gold because the yarn is soft variegated brown rayon with a gold metallic thread in it and the stitch pattern is the shape of diamonds with the purl bumps. I am making this one up on the fly with a few ideas in my head. I am looking forward to Atlanta and taking the class on designing your own patterns. Maybe I will learn the right way.

I also cast on for a new skirt. The pattern is called Sasha the yarn is linen. Bill rolled every ball of yarn for me yesterday, 12 balls. This will be my mindless knitting project for a very long time as it is stockinet stitch for 40 inches of black linen. Then you pick up stitches 3 different places and knit on overlapping ruffles in coordinating colors. Mine are gray, brown, and something else dark. I hope it is pretty.

I also started a scarf, but for me I need to be alone and sitting at a table with good light to work on it, so it may not go too fast. I really want to learn the technique because I want to put this swirl element into a tank top I am thinking about.

I realized I have a few UFO’s that I ought to acknowledge and maybe get back to some time. One is Phyllis’ second mitten, The other is a turquoise tee but I am taking that to Atlanta to seek professional help.

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