Monday, March 8, 2010


There is something to be said for routine. I have not planned any travel for a while because Bill might have needed me while he was recovering from surgery, the good news is he did very well is fast on the way to a complete recovery. While I have been home I have been cleaning – sorting – and organizing some. Recently I redid my recipe box. I should have taken a before photo. It sure looks great to me now. Years ago I told Bill I needed a recipe box and told him the size I wanted. He went out and found some lumber and made me just what I ask for. I failed to mention that making it ‘beautiful’ would be nice and it never occurred to him, so it is not a beautiful box, but his heart was in it and I have always loved that box and I can tell you this, it will never fall apart. As I look ahead the next few weeks are looking pretty normal also, just work, working out, eating with friends, knitting, cooking, time to read. I hate to get excited in the calm for fear it will go away. Normal can be a good thing.

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