Friday, March 19, 2010

Freaking Fridays Fly Fast

Formula Friday:

Yikes! It is cold outside today. That may explain the ‘intruders’ we have had lately. (see photos) It is 9 am and it is 36 degrees outside. Heck, yesterday it was almost 65 in the afternoon. It was an awesome beautiful day.

Looking Ahead:

Saturday: we have tickets to hear the Butch Thompson trio, they do classic jazz and ragtime. I love ragtime. Chicken chili  (FTF)  for lunch before we go and Dinner out

Sunday: I am spending a little extra time with Amanda. This is a good thing and I am looking forward to seeing the headway she has made in organizing her office.  For Dinner - Chicken pot pie  (FTF),  salad.

Monday:  Turkey Lasagna  (FTF)  and salad

Tuesday: Family Dinner - Rice , Chicken Masala  (FTF), curry w/ potatoes and peas (FTF), chickpeas, and cauliflower curry, sesame green beans, wilted spinach w/ peanut sauce

Wednesday: salmon, broccoli and sweet potatos

Thursday: out

Friday: Book Club group @ noon and Friday Night Dessert Group in the evening

Now it is off to run some errands and then a friend is coming over to knit a while.

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