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July 27th – Aug 2nd 2010

What’s going on around here? July 27th – Aug 2nd 2010

On Health and Healing: what can I do or be for anyone else if I haven’t taken care of me.

Focus on Health: I am changing the format to my blog a little, I have lifted the privacy restrictions, and hopefully the focus will be a positive but realistic peek into my life.

Walking Stats: tomorrow will be 3 weeks from surgery
July 27th : 10,413 steps 3.68 miles (WooHoo! This is the first time I hit the 10,000 step mark)
July 28th: 4341 steps 1.36 miles              
July 29th: 8718 steps 2.97 miles
July 30th: 2551 steps .74 miles
July 31st: I didn’t even turn the thing on
Aug 1st: again I slept almost all day
Aug 2nd: 8567 steps 3.08 miles

What's Cooking?
Sunday: Costco Asian chicken wrap sandwiches
Monday: cod, gnocchi in pasta sauce and steamed broccoli (all from the freezer)
Tuesday: family dinner: Turkey Meatloaf, Smashed Potatoes, Green beans, Gnocchi in pasta sauce, Green Salad and Blueberry Pie
Wednesday: from the freezer
Thursday: Bill’s night out
Friday: date night

On Life and Living:

Just for fun:  (What's Happening)   Tuesday was an awesome day. My walking partner JoAnn  (photo above)  had company the last two weeks, and I was ‘taking it slow’ anyway but Tuesday we put on our walking shoes and did almost 3 miles, that is the distance from her house to the nearest Starbuck’s and back. I ran a ton of errands that afternoon and the nieces came for family dinner. I really feel like life is getting back to normal. Wednesday JoAnn and I walked again. We drove into Kirkland and walked all around the city, stopping for lunch at Hectors and visiting the Kirkland Farmers Market. I had a half BLT and salad for lunch which has put me on a new quest. I love a good BLT and so I am going to start a search for the Best BLT. I am open to any suggestions, also look to side panel of blog to follow my quest. Thursday I started the day by walking to a friend’s house, she is out of town and I volunteered to check in on her cat a few times. Oreo is an awesome cat and I sat and knitted and visited with her for a while and then walked home. I also did a Costco run to restock our fruits and veggies. Then I spent the afternoon baking and knitting. Friday we had the ‘dessert group’ over for dessert; cupcakes, cookies and ice cream. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up from the past few weeks. Earlier in the day I helped a girlfriend, her car battery was dead and I went over and then we called AAA. The AAA guy told her she needed a new battery and so we went to Sears where she had bought the battery last November. They said they had to keep the car over night to test the battery themselves. So we left the car over night and on Saturday when we went back they had put a new battery in the car. By the time I got home from helping my friend and running some errands I was so tired. I had a BBQ and a party to go to and I told Bill I just couldn’t do it. I asked him if he thought I had agoraphobia because I didn’t want to go anywhere and he reminded me I had been out helping a friend two days in a row and it was okay to rest. Chris and Anne are home. They started calling me from midway across the state. They had started in Southfish South Dakota and were headed for their own beds that night, it was over 1000 miles that day. I told them I was just sitting around knitting and they could call and check in and we would celebrate the mile markers together. I went to bed pretty early on Saturday, just after Chris and Anne passed our exit and were headed for home, and essentially I didn’t get up until Monday morning. Bill was pretty worried about me sleeping so much but on Monday afternoon I talked to my Dr and she said it is probably me adjusting to the lack of prednisone which seems to make sense. So Sunday, the day I slept all day, we celebrated, sort of, our 29th wedding anniversary.

Sorting and Organizing: Our freezer could not fit one more thing in it! Bill’s 90 pounds of blueberries pushed us over the top and Thursday I was in a baking mood which never happens and I made oatmeal cookie dough and froze the balls of dough so that I could bake them fresh when we want a nice hot cookie. I also made snickerdoodle cookie dough and then I made vanilla cupcakes and chocolate mud pie cupcakes and froze all of those also. Then there is all that meat we grilled last weekend and a good supply of bird suet. Those birds are eating a cake a day. So now I have got to pull some meals from the freezer. I guess I did a good job of stocking up before the last surgery and now we need to eat from the freezer.

On being Productive, experiencing Pleasure and Living Positive

What's off my needles: This week I sewed tags in the sweaters I had finished and buttons and snaps on the bibs. I am getting things in piles and ready to pack up and mail off to future baby’s.

What I am reading: I just finished a simple romance novel called ‘The Duchess’ by Jude Deveraus. It was a fun and quick and easy read, just what I was in the mood for. Today I started a Tom Clancy book ‘Rainbow Six’ sounds like a good story of intrigue….

Have I seen any good movies lately: Bill and I watched ‘It’s Complicated’ which was just hilarious we also say ‘Blind Side’ and he loved it as much as I had the first time and I did not mind watching it a second time either.

Positive Thinking: A few years ago a girlfriend and I were reading and discussing a book together. This book, which I do not remember the name of, challenged the reader to make a list of your Life Priorities and then put them in order. The point being that if you know your priorities and you know the order you feel about them so many of life’s decisions are easier. I put that list together years ago and every so often I review it and move the order around a little bit depending on what is going on in my life at the time. You might ask, where am I on the list…. The answer is if I don’t make good choices for me, first, I am no use to God, Bill or anyone else so CeLinda is in every priority and choice that I face. Along with using my priorities to help make decisions is a saying I have used for many years. I think I used to say it to Christopher when he was younger. No Decision Is A Decision (and usually it is not the best decision.)

Life Priorities:
1. My relationship / God
2. My relationship / Bill
3. My relationship & service to our families.
4. Being a good employee / and dental hygienist
5. My friends .
6. My ministry and service to God

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

July 27th - Friday Another hot day and Dad is almost finished cutting corn tops. We got a little shower this evening. Jim, Gordie and Gordon all came in with Lovie, Hilly, Nancy and Emma tonight for supper. Lester has tonsillitis. Hilly brought his iced melon to him. We were to help him eat it. 4 more of mine and Chy’s letters came back that we had written Bill. Em worked in the store today.

July 28th - Saturday It has been on year since we saw Son, seems like a lifetime. Gee it came a real nice rain this evening almost an inch. Dad, Em, Nancy, all went to Cherokee this evening. I wanted to go but was just too tired as I ironed and cooked dinner. About 4 or 5 more letters came back for Bill. Makes 31 that have been returned. Lovie had a letter from Son 3 or 4 days ago and he said that he didn’t think that he could stand the heat and that was to prepare us if anything happened to him. Well Em called and said they had brought Mrs. Gay home from the San Saba hospital. Em and Nancy came home pretty early as Em, Hilly, Lovie were all going to McBride’s tonite to one of the brawls. I sure don’t approve of it when women drink. I think they have no respect for themselves and no one else.

July 29th - Sunday Well it was another hot day. Hilly brought over a load of stuff to store in the barn loft. Dad and I went over about 1 o’clock as Nancy went with Hilly and the girls had a lot of things packed and Jim came out and took a pickup load and trailer full of things and Dad took a lot of stuff all up to Cherokee. I stayed at the house until they all came back from Cherokee. They were going to take Bright Eyes and more stuff and Dad loaded the pickup with junk to bring over here to store in the barn. While we were over there some bastard got 8 of my turks. I will shoot the devil if I can catch them. I believe it is some of our close neighbors. I took some lunch over to the girls, and got some peaches.

July 30th - Monday Well nothing much doing. I got one of my turks out of Cecil’s bunch. Dad tied up all of his top fodder and shacked it. Frank came this morning, says he is going to move over here at Cecil’s when Cecil moves. The pigs are doing okay that Hilly and Dad castrated yesterday. Dad and I ran up to see Mrs. Gay a while this evening. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and the little Gates Nadine and Emie came they said Mrs. Gates had carried Mr. Gates to the Temple Hospital to go through the clinic. Hilly, Lovie and Emma all came by for supper. I sure missed Nancy, she was gone to Brady with Francis and Gray to spend the week with Francine, Ann’s aunt. Well the Bowden’s all went to the funeral of Mr. Bowden’s sister at Brady who died from a broken hip. The kids were going to catch their chick tonite.

July 31st – Tuesday Well Dad and Frank went over and got Lovie’s hen’s and fryers. Took the hens to Cherokee got $17. out of them. Got no letters from the kids, Lovie and Emma came over after they got through packing some more of the things. We counted most of our turks tonight.

Aug 1st - Wednesday Well we had a letter from the Bill and he said they got home with no car trouble only a flat and they were driving in to a station when that happened. The girls called Lovie and Em and said they had the apartment all fixed up and it was so nice. I made some peach preserves and sweet peach pickles today. Dad hauled in fodder this morn. I went up to see what was the matter that Frank didn’t show up this morn. Mr. Bowden came and borrowed my cooker this morning , Mrs. Bowden sent me a big bucket of peas and some real nice tomatoes.

Aug 2nd - Thursday Well I went up and helped can peaches at Mrs. Gay’s today and Lillie came and we washed, she ironed, canned about 3 pounds of peaches. Dad and Frank hauled corn fodder this morning and they came by Mrs. Gay’s going to Cherokee. Emma called and said she and Lovie were going to town and that they would close the store for the funeral of Miss Mertson, Mrs. Paston’s sister-in-law. Emma said they saw Gordie and Elsie, and that they were going to see Kathleen tonite, Well my turkeys came back. I count 132 now of the big ones.

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