Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 10 – August 16th 2010

On Health and Healing: what can I do or be for anyone else if I haven’t taken care of me.

I had some personal goals at the beginning of this year one was: to make the healthiest choices for myself; time management, exercise, food, and emotional. To me this means that I need to keep thinking about the choices carefully and remember that my actions are making a choice.   Sorry about the lack of photos for this week,  the good ones are in Bill's camera and I am choosing to go to bed instead.   Maybe later.
Walking Stats: so I didn’t keep track so good this week

What's Cooking? So we either had grand kids or ate out so not much exciting in that department this week either.

On Life and Living:
Tuesday Aug 10 Luke and Savanna were still with us. Bill took off work to play with them today and so off they went to the Locks and walking on the beach for the day. I gathered up all their clothes and started the laundry so everything would be clean for Chris and Anne. Then I got a call from Chris and Anne that they had decided to come home early. We were pretty sad about that but it was just a few hours so, okay.

Wednesday Aug 11 I was back at work. I do know I was pretty tired Wednesday night because I totally fell asleep and missed my weekly call with my Aunt Jeanne. So we talked first thing Thursday morning

Thursday Aug 12 I spent the morning and part of the afternoon at my new LYS (Local Yarn Shop)   http://serialknitters.com/    I have been needing help on designing a sleeve for ages. I had planned to go to classes in Atlanta to learn how to do this. In Atlanta I would have been in a class with 30 to 40 people and I would have learned the 'general' rules for design. Thursday I took my sweater in and the instructor worked with me and my project one on one for just over three hours. She taught me so much and now I am working on the sleeve that goes into this top. I am just thrilled with the help I got. Then Thursday evening my friends Jeanne and Kelly picked me up and I started celebrating my birthday. Kelly and my birthdays are very close and for several years Jeanne has been treating us to something really special for our birthday. This year it was a foot massage and a fabulous Italian dinner. This food massage started with a head and neck rub, shoulders and arm rub and stretch and legs and feet, then you roll over and get shoulders and back and back of legs also. It was wonderful.
Friday Aug 13 Bill and I slept in, had breakfast and then started packing. We hit the road around 10 am and were in Portland, Oregon before 1 to meet up with my Nashville sister and her husband. They were visiting their daughter, our niece and her SO for the week and we wanted to visit with everyone also. We met up and went to lunch right after we got there to a great bakery, everything was delicious. As it turned out we were having a heat wave and the temperature was soaring, in the high 90's, it may have hit 100. I know it did on Saturday. So instead of going out in the heat much we decided to hang out at Katherine’s place and visit. It was so nice to just see everyone and catch-up a bit. We had snacks when Spencer got home from work and then went to a late dinner that was so delicious I don't know when I had a more perfect meal and all six of us said the same thing. The restaurant is called the Wildwood and if you are in the Portland area it is well worth a visit.    http://wildwoodrestaurant.com

Saturday Aug 14 We all met up again and went to brunch. I don't know how K & S did it but they found a place to live that is in walking distance to some awesome food. The place we went for breakfast had amazing eggs Benedict, my favorite. http://www.besaws.com/    They usually have the classic and then about 6 varieties also. After brunch we went to the waterfront area and took a cruise on the Willamette River. It is a fabulous way to get a good view of the Portland Bridges. Portland has lots of bridges that cross the two rivers that cut in and around the city. These bridges all are unique and beautiful and getting a close up view was really interesting and also a great way to be outside but not to hot. The breeze off the river really helped keep everyone comfortable. After the river cruise we all went back to our own places and rested and cleaned up for dinner. Dinner was at Krueger Farm on Sauvie Island. http://www.krugersfarmmarket.com/     It was called Farm to Plate, and almost all of the ingredients were picked right there that day and prepare for us. The tables were set up under a huge oak tree and the breeze in the air made it really comfortable. The appetizers were fruits and berries and cheeses with delicious crusty breads. Then they served the rest family style: grilled lemony artichokes, steamed mussels, a green bean and grilled peach salad, a tender greens and red and golden beets salad, then there was beef tenderloin with roasted potatoes and a gorgonzola sauce and for dessert an almond cheesecake with berries and crème fraise. They just kept bringing food and we just ate until we could not eat any more. We waddled off to the car and a great night’s sleep. Sadly we said goodbye to my sister and her husband who had a very early flight Sunday morning.

Sunday Aug 15th We met K and S again for breakfast and more delicious eggs benedict then we hit the road for Seattle. We did stop for a late lunch which really was an early dinner. We got home and unpacked and started some laundry and the mail and I was texting with Tamara when she realized we had the air-conditioning on, so she and the packed their stuff in short order and came up for a sleepover. By morning they were all buried under the covers and it was about 63 degrees in the house. We all had a good time visiting, I loved the spontaneous fun evening.

Monday Aug 16th I had agreed to sub for one of my hygienist friends so I got up and headed off to work, It is so great to feel good and be back working and seeing patients again. This week I will work 3 days in a row and I am just doing great. On my lunch break I did some grocery shopping and a bank deposit and after work I stopped at Trader Joe's for the rest of the groceries. When I got home I started putting together dinner for tomorrows family dinner. If it turns out well I will give you a new recipe I am trying. So It was a great week, I am feeling well, managing the heat without too many problems which is great and looking ahead to good times. I celebrate my birthday this week, but I am keeping it low key because next year is my big birthday.

On being Productive, experiencing Pleasure and Living Positive

What's on my needles: looking back to the first of the year, I set some knitting goals for 2010 for myself: knit from my stash more, thinking of my niece who is hoping to knit a sweater a month, I think I will try to finish 6 sweaters this year. Also I want to learn a new technique or take on a project that challenges my skills this year. That sounds like some reasonable goals. I wanted to look back a minute to see how I am doing and if I am on target. So far, I am pretty happy with the progress, especially if baby sweaters count and my baby B sweater took plenty of time and plenty of skill. The baby W sweater also was very cute the problem with both of these is that I bought the yarn this year, I did not use yarn from my stash. The February Lady sweater was a great project and the challenge for that was getting it to fit and getting it completed during the Olympics, which I almost did. I count 3 completed sweaters and it’s August. I better get with it. I have 3 more close and they are all from the stash so there is hope with this goal.

Positive Thinking: Another of my personal goals at the beginning of this year was to try and make the choices and be involved in or spend my energy on the things that will make a positive difference in the lives of my family, my local community and friends and somehow choose something to be involved in that can make some kind of difference globally.

Nothing is real to you until you experience it; otherwise it's just hearsay.

Surviving and living your life successfully requires courage. The goals and dreams you're seeking require courage and risk-taking. Learn from the turtle, it only makes progress when it sticks out its neck.

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

August 10th – Friday no letters today. I had Dad and Frank to put down the pretty flowered rug that Lovie gave me. She is such a dear girl and has almost furnished my house and my Emma girl dresses me and Elsie and Gordie are pretty nice and so is Bill and Chy.

August 11th - Saturday Well Cecil will finish moving his things today. Dad and I caught 10 hens and the old red rooster and he carried them to Cherokee. I couldn’t go as I was canning some weevil infested beans. Dad says no one will eat them but we shall see. Wish I could hear from the boys, but this ole war is going to be over as Japan has asked to keep her Emperor their Sun God and they won’t mind to surrender. Well, my 10 hens and rooster brought $10.37 and Dad and I made us a half gallon of cream in Lovie’s tin freezer and we are so full. Oh yes Mrs. Lewis called for Dad to come help them bale hay yesterday eve, which he did.

August 12th- Sunday Today was Dad’s birthday and he was 58 years old. Hilly, Lovie, Nancy, Emma, Jim, Gordie, Gordon, all came. We had a good dinner as Lovie had made stuffed peppers with hamburger meat and I had Fried Chicken, salad, rolls and cinnamon rolls. The kids all had a hand in putting down the new rugs. Lester came and brought me western margarine and Clarence Light family came by tonight, so did Mr. and Mrs. Bowden. Cecil has most everything moved but his chickens. My knee is still crippled. Jim wants me to have it x-rayed. The girls all brought Dad a gift shirt and 1.00 bill pretty card. Elsie and folks didn’t come. We missed them as we did the sons and folks.

August 13th – Monday No letters today. Sure wish we could hear from the Sons. Dad helped Clarence Light shock feed today so Clarence could come cut our feed tomorrow. Jim came by this evening and brought me 4 bed slides to set the legs in to keep from scaring up my pretty rugs. I admire the rugs all through the day. Jim said that the girls might come tomorrow.

August 14th – Tuesday Well No letters today. Can’t understand Bill not writing. It has been two weeks since we heard from him and one month since we heard from Son. I had a very enjoyable day as the girls all came but Gordie and she went to Austin with Eunice to take Gordon to see a specialist about Gordon’s toes. Old Japan has not sent the surrender terms in yet but the radio said she would in a couple of hours. Well Japans surrender came in before 7 o’clock this evening and the world is going wild. Well, it has just come over the radio that tomorrow Aug 15th will be a national holiday for the end of WWII. I thank thee, Oh God in heaven that my sons are both alive, but my heart is so grieved over the fine boys that sleep in far away graves and for the broken hearted mothers. God, help them in their grief. It will take time to heal their broken hearts for those precious sons, Amen. Mrs. Bowden has just called and we talked over the war ending and how happy we are that it is over. Oh how happy I am! I can’t put it on paper just how happy I am. Clarence Light cut our feed and Dad is helping Mr. Gay bale hay. He started about 10:30 when Clarence got through here.

August 15th Wednesday Well we had a letter from the Bill and he had been back in the hospital two days and he said he would be sent from there to a convalescent hospital in Colorado Springs and that Chy and Ann would go with him. They will stay up there about two months and then maybe he will get to come home for a while. Gordie called and said that Gordon’s foot disease was caused by him eating certain things. I talked to Lovie and they were going somewhere, I bet they went to the big Auction at Brady. Lester went as far as Brady with RT Altizer, on his way to see Virginia. Hope he has a good trip. Well Dad got through helping Mr. Gay and Mr. Smith bale hay. I made pepper relish today, 9 half pints.

August 16th Thursday Well Mr. Smith, Mr. Gay and Dad got through shocking the hay. Dad worked 2 ½ days up there. The half day was for Lewis. I fried a chicken make gravy and Dad and I went up and ate dinner with the store folks. Frank went to Cherokee with us but we didn’t ask him to go eat with us. Emma giggled and told us that Mr. Cecil came in and got $2 of things. Tom Joe and Jr. came in while we were up there. Hilly and Dad ran over to Llano to see about a car as Hilly wants a delivery car. I am still praising the good God that this old war is over. Nancy is such a sweet little fat headed girl, just plods around in her little bare feet but her Aunt Poggie prettied her up to go to a party this evening at 4 o’clock at Mrs. N.Gays.

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