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August 17th to August 23rd My Birthday Week

On Life and Living:         
Tuesday August 17 - Happy Birthday to Christopher! A busy day at the dentist office and then family dinner. Our spaghetti casserole was awesome. Becky had requested lots of meat and it was loaded. I tried making 'bread salad' for the first time and it was good but nothing like the one from Wildwood last weekend. I started the day before making the dressing. I did not have a zinfandel vinegar but I got a champagne vinegar at Trader Joe's. I squeezed the juice out of 2 Roma tomatoes and put them in a jar, then added 2 cloves of garlic, a small chunk of sweet onion some olive oil and the champagne vinegar. Then I muddled it up with my bamix hand blender and let it sit overnight. When I made the salad I drained all the solids out of the jar and use the juice as the dressing. It needed salt and I added more olive oil. I toasted stale bread and cut it into cubes along with chunks of tomato, cucumber and sweet onion. It was tasty. While we were eating dinner Bill was baking my birthday cake to take to a party on Saturday. It smelled so good that Becky, Ryan and I decided that quality control was in order and one of the small loaf cakes was sacrificed to make sure it was okay. My favorite choice for birthday cake is sour cream pound cake. It isn't diet food but I usually only have it once or twice a year. We voted it to be delicious. Really the best ever, and he can't repeat it. Bill had printed the recipe from the internet, he doesn’t remember the site, and he spilled so much on the paper he tossed it when he was done. It had the most awesome crust, kinda crunchy. I have been thinking about it and I think it was the Organic sugar he used, it might be just a little large crystals than normal and maybe the ones on the edges of the pan got hotter and a little crunchy, anyway that cake was amazing. Happy Birthday Christopher!

Wednesday August 18 - Another full day at the dentist office and all the girls went to lunch today to thank the dental assistant that has been temping for Brie while she was on vacation in Hawaii. Wednesday after work I run errands on the way home, so I hit 3 stores in Redmond Town Center and then got home. Here is the new ‘rule’ about food for a while. I am cooking on Tuesdays and the rest of the time we are eating out of the freezer as much as possible. That thing is packed to the gills and so I am not bringing in any groceries that have to go in the freezer, so menu planning is out the window for a while. The bread salad from yesterday was better tonight, it had much more flavor. Interesting. Today was Chris and Anne's anniversary.

Thursday August 19 - I got up early but I didn't get out of my nightgown until afternoon. I did tons of laundry, set up meds for a few weeks and totally went through the hanging clothes in my closet. I have been buying new thin hangers for a while and now I have all my clothes hanging on the new hangers and I took two large black bags of clothes to Goodwill.

Friday August 20 - My 59th birthday. I did a little shopping. Chico's in Bellevue Square had the blue crop pants I have been watching for on sale. It is a funny shade between a blue and a purple and I am wearing the black and brown ones out so I got the blue and now I can go another day or two between laundries. I also went to my favorite Seattle yarn shop where they generously gave me a 25% discount for my birthday. I picked up 4 projects to knit. One for me, one for Savanna and two other children projects. Then I met up with the 'new grandchildren' who are still the godchildren and we went out to a late lunch and winter coat shopping, a grandchildren tradition.   Both the girls picked out nice coats and I texted off a photo to their mom and dad.   When I got home there were two bouquets of flowers and lots of cards. Bill had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said 'shopping for the yarn I want" so he gave me a lotto ticket. My friend Johnny Y thinks Bill is a very smart man. We had a quiet night at home and I loved it. (P.S. I didn't win the lotto.)      
Saturday August 21 - I worked in the yard most of the day today. I knew we had a BBQ to go to in the evening. Bill had made the birthday cake dessert for everyone on Tuesday. I went outside at 10am and started weeding and cleaning the beds. I started in the one by the side of the driveway where I park my car and then just kept moving to the other side of the drive, then to the front and on around to the side of the house. I set the timer for 45 minutes and then would stop and rest for 30 minutes. I would drink liquid and knit a bit then back to work. I worked through lunch and came in at 4 to rest a bit before I showered and got ready for the party. Just about the time I sat down on the couch the phone rang. It was B&C and he asked me where I was and I said 'sitting on the couch resting before I showered and got ready for their party.' That was when he said well your all ready 1 and 1/2 hours late. YIKES!!! I'm blaming it all on Bill but really somehow we just got it in our minds that it started at 6 so it came as a big surprise that it started at 3, we were there before 5, but I am so glad they called when they did. The party was awesome, great food, fun friends and there was even a knitting circle.

Sunday August 22 - I slept in some to rest and recover from the full day yesterday. Got up, showered, got dressed and then sat down to so a few minutes work at the desk when the phone rang, it was Amanda and she had locked her keys in her car and she was at a gas station about 20 minutes away towards the pass as she was off to do some hiking. She had to remind me where the keys were and guess what they were in the 'key house' with a big label that said Amanda's keys. Wow how cool was that. So it was now 9:45 and I was due to meet two friends for brunch at 10am. I headed into Redmond and starting calling one of the friends. We decided to meet and she could  ride with me to take the keys to Amanda. She had talked to the other friend who had said she would be a little late getting out of first service at church and then coming. So we decide to call her when church was out and then we would know how late we were going to be getting back to the restaurant. And that is what we did, unfortunately Linda was there early and so she ran and errand, we finally met up only 45 minutes off schedule and Amanda was so happy that we had 'saved the day.' Brunch was delicious, I had Mexican, surprise, surprise, and a great time visiting and catching up with friends. When I got home Bill had made a big pot of Greek Green Beans to take to the next party. We loaded the car and headed to Christopher's Mother's house for a big family gathering.

When we got there the kids were all in the driveway picking blackberries that later became a delicious cobbler. It was an awesome afternoon and evening with people we love so much. Chris' little sister Rivka and her Chris are headed to Samoa in a few weeks to work for the Peace Corp for two years. They are looking forward to this new journey and I am excited for them. Rivka looked healthy and really happy, marriage must be suiting her well. It was nice to see Chris and Anne and the grandkids too, school will start soon and the schedules will all change again.

Monday August 23rd - I slept in this morning and did a few chores around the house. Then I decided to get some exercise, so I pulled out my bag lady cart and headed to Costco. I think it is about 3 miles one way. I left at 11:15am and got home at 2:15pm pulling a full cart of groceries. I did not use my pedometer app because I wanted to listen to a book and I can't do both things at the same time with this phone. The new ones do, but I am not due to get a new one for a while, so lets just say I walked a lot today. My achilles tendon was plenty sore when I got home and I am going to have to go figure out that problem soon or I am going to end up crippled. That is pretty much the week.

There has been a lot of knitting going on but nothing to show for it. I have learned to change up the needle sizes more often. Those small ones really irritate the arthritis in my hands. I am going to look for the gloves I got when my thumbs were hurting a couple of years ago. My friend Debbie knitted me the most awesome hand warmers and I was wearing them this week. My laptop sits on a fan and the fan blows cold air on my hands and then they hurt more. The hand warmers really help.

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

August 17th Friday No letters today and it has been so hot. Dad helped Mr. Smith this morning shock hay and he will help him a while in the morning. I didn’t do anything much but I did wash 14 print sacks and ironed them. Wish I could hear from the Son and Bill. I wonder if Bill has gone to the hospital in Colorado yet? Elsie and Gordie were supposed to come today and we were going to see Kat and Mary Ann, but they never showed up. Gee, I am really in pain I went in to take a bath and set down on a wasp in the bath tub. I never looked in the tub as Dad had taken a bath before he got into bed, but heaven I will look from now on as it is not very pleasant to have a wasp bite your hiney. I washed my hair today.

August 18th Saturday No letters today and it was a hundred degrees in the shade. Dad got through helping Mr. Smith shock hay. In all he worked about two days for Mr. Smith and Gay. They helped him one morning. Lovie called and said she and Emma and Nancy were going to town to deposit checks. Dad went to Cherokee and brought back ice and we made a freezer full of ice cream and we ate it all, just hogs, that’s what we are. Thelma Light called and wants us to come to dinner tomorrow night. If it is as hot as it is today I think I will not go. I talked to Mrs. Gay and she had not heard from Lester. Hope he is having a nice time with Virginia. Mr. Lewis went to the hospital this week to have a sore burned off of his lip.

August 19th Sunday Well we had quite and enjoyable day as Dad and I went to the dinner given at the Clarence Lights. Sure had a fine dinner and a nice crowd was there. The Lovie and Emma came late after we got home, and they are planning a big ice cream supper for ours and Mr. and Mrs. Bowden’s anniversaries. We have been married 37 years next Saturday August 25th but the ice cream supper will be Sunday night. Hope everyone will come.

August 20th Monday Well we had a letter from the Bill Boy saying that he would leave for Colorado on Tuesday, that is tomorrow. Frank was here when I read it. He is so glad to be ready to get a discharge from the hospital. Dad is fixing his goat pens to get ready to shear. I think the Lewis’s, Smith’s and Gay’s all had cream tonite. I got my little roosters yesterday from Mrs. Lewis.

August 21st Tuesday Well the girls all got here to make soap, all but Lovie, she stayed to help Hilly in the store. We sure had a heck of a time with the soap. I had to cook dinner as Edgar was here shearing the goats and the darn soap just wouldn’t do anything. Gordie went to Mrs. Bowden’s after more lye, she didn’t have any so then Gordie went to Floras, Mrs. Bowden said she had it. Jymmie went and she saw Tom Joe and Worth. She didn’t like them though as Nancy and Em have a crush on Worth. Jymmie says she’ll knock their props out from under them, and she can too. We all ran over to see Kat and Mary Ann, but they were gone, sure hated to miss them, but I got to see Violet and Jennie Wren. Violet said she was at the telephone when the Bill sent his call from N.Y.

Aug 22nd Wednesday Well I sure had a bad night last night. My stomach sure gave me a lot of trouble and my leg is so swollen. Emma called and said Billie Louise told her that I had a letter returned that I had sent to Son. Sure hope he is alright, if he would only write, but I guess his better half told him she would quit him if he wrote to me, poor thing. Dad ran down to Edgar L. to pay him for the goat shearing$17. and gave him $10 for a billy goat. We attended the chicken barbecue at Ellis Randolph’s and it was so nice, lots of good eats. Mr. and Mrs. Gay came by for us.

Aug 23rd Thursday Went to San Saba to sell the mohair, got $1.42. Went to Dr Pense he said for me to stay off my feet and I had Sam fix 3 prescriptions for me; bile salts, crystals, and nose medicine. Hilly took a black mare for the debt the Taylors owed him which was $80 dollars. Mr. and Mrs. Bowden came tonite.

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