Monday, July 26, 2010

July 20th - July 26th

What’s going on around here? July 20th - July 26th

Healing Process: Some things I have learned this week:

1. It is amazing how much sleeping healing takes.

2. Off work, for healing does not mean you will get the closets cleaned out or accomplish anything else for that matter.

3. It’s okay to ask for help, like Tamara taking me shopping and carrying in all my groceries, after she cooked and brought over an amazing dinner for us.

4. I started 8mg of prednisone Saturday with the 'final goal' being 7.5,   I think I will do 8 for at least a week before I cut back again.    I am tired more,    I sleep more,   but I do have enough energy to function and seem to be doing well.  This is a very big deal for my long term health.  

5.  Bill says when you wear a necklace that looks like this you have to be feeling better and I said, "I think I actually paid money for this necklace sometime in the distant past."

Walking Progress:

July 20th – 1172 steps .37 miles

July 21st - 6,503 steps 2.2 miles

July 22nd – 2891 steps .86 miles

July 23rd – 8782 steps 3.33 miles

July 24th – 1968 steps .43 miles

July 25th --  3451 steps    1.21 miles

July 26th -   2256 steps   .64 mile

Just for fun and Sorting and Organizing:

I am off work for two weeks and I had hoped to accomplish something of use each day.

Tuesday: I slept most of the day. I did 3 loads of laundry by waking up to change loads from machine to machine and I folded a little each time I went past the laundry room. I got out salmon patties and broccoli from the freezer but was too tired to even pretend to heat it up so Bill took care of that after he had worked all day.

Wednesday: I planted a hibiscus in a pot on the back porch. It is a beautiful peachy/pink color and the pot was just waiting for something pretty. I did some knitting, I am finishing a few things and hope to have to photos to show off my progress. I did a lot of walking. Took some stuff to Goodwill and the Foodbank and picked up Roasted Chicken, roasted potatoes and green beans for dinner. I am thankful for QFC.

Thursday: Carried a few things to the attic, did the Trader Joe shopping, thanks to Tamara, finished the Baby Boy Williams sweater. Katherine my Portland, Oregon niece arrived for a weekend visit.  Bill found the 'special' he had been waiting for and got his 90 pounds of blueberries for this year. Now he is ready for lots of smoothies and a few pies.

Friday : Bill took off work to play with Katherine and I. They went with me to my follow-up appointment with the surgeon. He took my staples out of the ostomy incision. Bill had taken to calling me Frankenstein stomach, so now I am no longer Frankenstein stomach at all. After the Dr’s appointment Bill took us to one of my favorite restaurants for BLT’s and then we did a little walking before we went home to rest and knit. For Dinner we decided on salmon, but you know me, when we fire up the grill I try to cook extra for the freezer and so we did just that.

Saturday: We all slept in a little and I really just hung out. Katherine on the other hand did a major limbing and pruning project on the blue spruce in the front yard. Later Bill found some ferns that needed moving around and divided a couple and put them under the tree. It looks so much better and now you can walk from the guest parking to the house without being attacked by branches like the Harry Potter tree.

Sunday:  I am still sleeping later than I usually do and taking naps in the afternoon.   Bill and I took a nice walk this morning and then I did some knitting and a little cleaning.  I made tacos for lunch and Bill made dinner for Amanda and I.  She came by to visit after she had been hiking in the mountains.    It was great to see her,  we were both missing each other from her working late on Tuesday night. My cousin Jan calls every Sunday night and that is one of the ways I 'mark' my week.   I always look forward to hearing from him.

Monday:  I slept late again.   When I woke up I called Mom and ask her if she was too busy to talk since it was so late.   We chatted a good 45 minutes before she had to get ready for a luncheon she was going too and I needed to get up and get walking.    I did the usual paper shuffling at the desk and then ran a bunch of errands.  When I came home I did a little cooking and finally froze all the meat that we had cooked on Saturday.  Sarah, the daughter of our next door neighbors and her husband and daughter were in town visiting and so we joined them at the 'campfire' and had s'mores to celebrate their 2 year wedding anniversary. 

What's Cooking? Are you kidding me, that is a joke……  for one it is 80 degrees.

Sunday: Amanda came by and Bill made Greek Salad and good bread for the three of us.

Monday: Salmon patties (from the leftover BBQ salmon) Southwest Orzo Salad w/ roasted corn from BBQ

Tuesday: chicken sausages in buns, with SW Orzo Salad, fruit salad, asian cole slaw,

Wednesday: enchiladas and roasted brussel sprouts

Thursday: Bill’s night out : egg salad for me

Friday: date night

Saturday: two different BBQ party’s to go to, if I am up for it, and I hope I am.

What's on my needles: I finally got the Sasha skirt out again and picked up for the last ruffle. I had set it aside for a month now at least while I focused on babies.

What's off my needles: Photo’s to follow: Lots of bibs, Baby B’s cardigan, Baby W’s cardigan,

Have I seen any good movies lately: We Netflixed a TV miniseries called ‘Angels in America” and I give it a Big B for boring. We watched two of the 6 days and called it quits. ….

I love my iphone, my favorite app this week is: the pedometer. Counting my steps has been pretty encouraging in the getting moving area.

Counting my Blessings: I am so grateful for friends and family that love me and have been so kind, generous and encouraging through this whole ordeal, I am really blessed. I am getting back to normal and glad for it.

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

July 20th – Friday Well, Bill’s air letter we sent him yesterday with his $250 dollars in it came back today due 2 cents postal on it. No letters from the girls, don’t see why they don’t write. Dad is baling hay for Mr. Lewis today. I had a great surprise today, The phone kept ringing so finally I took it on myself and answered and it was Bill calling from Cherokee and in a few minutes Lovie called and said Emma had just called from SanSaba and Bill and Chy and Chipper have such a nice cream colored car. They are so proud of it and we are too. All the children were here tonite but Son, Kathleen and Mary Ann. Dad helped Mr. Lewis bale hay this morning and helped Mr. Smith yesterday. We all were so happy so see Bill, Chy, and Ann, Jim, Gordie, Emma, Gordon, and Elsie, Jymie, Tom Alan all came to be with us tonite.

July 21st - Saturday Well the Jim, Gordie and Gordon all spent the night with Lovie and Hilly last night but Elsie and folks went home. We sure had a good supper last night. Chy fixed enchiladas for supper and they were fine. Cecil said I could get some roasting ears as I asked him so Bill and I and Gordon ran down to his corn and got a lot. They were fine. Cecil Mr. B came a long while we were in the corn field. Everybody went to Cherokee but Gordie and I.

July 22nd - Sunday Well we had a great day today. All the children were here but Son, Kitten and Mary Ann. We sure had a good time, all went home excceping Nancy. Emma has gone to bed with a violent headache, didn’t eat any supper. Ann is still up really telling it to us, and it’s 11 o’clock. Gee, but it is hot. Bill, Hilly got their horses up but didn’t bring them home, wish they would for old Cecil will run and tell Mr. Yates they are over there on her. I was pretty near all in when I got dinner over with. Gordie washed the dishes and I lay down a while, I am bothered some with my stomach, All the kids went to the creek but Lovie, Jymie, Elsie, Gordie and me. Guess Emma swam to hard.

July 23rd – Monday We didn’t do much today. We loved the Chipper.

July 24th - Tuesday Well I kept the Chipper this evening. Gordie, Jim and Gordon came out to wash and we had a big one. I cooked dinner and the kids put the washing out. Jim, Gordie all stayed for supper. Hilly and Lovie all came by. We had a big day.

July 25th - Wednesday Well we all went to town, went up to Gordies, but when we got to Cherokee, Mrs. Gay was at Dennis Deans with a broken arm and bruised up pretty bad. She had a wreck while coming from Cherokee and the truck turned over on her. She is in the hospital at San Saba. Emma went to see Dr Pense and he said she had bronchial trouble. Bill got his car welded, the muffler part. Saw Jymmie the kids are all throwing a big party for Bill tonite at the cabin as he and Chy and our sweet Chipper will leave tomorrow. Sure hate to see them go but maybe they will be back again before too long. Nancy went to town with us. I ran down to see Mrs. Estep as John W told Jim she was pretty off again but I thought she was ok. I went in to see Mrs. Cowan and paid my Star bill which was $1.30. Guess she will have a write up.

July 26th – Thursday Well the Bill, Chy and Ann all left us today about 11 o’clock. Lovie ran down with Frank’s big iced melon and I called the Bowden’s and all of us ate big before the kids left. Emma and Nancy went to the store this evening and they and Hilly and Lovie all came by for supper. I went up to Mrs. Gay’s and helped Lily Randolph clean up the house while Lily ironed. Mr. came home while I was there and Mrs. Gay is doing well but wants to come home. We, the neighbors and I all sent her a bouquet of flowers. The Bill boy helped to cut corn tops while he was here. He also took the colts down to Mack Sr. on the 24th Tuesday, as the big boss had the boys to move them, which is Mr. Cecil the big bastard.

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