Monday, July 19, 2010

July 13th – July 19th

What’s going on around here? July 13th – July 19th

Healing Process: My ‘reversal’ surgery was last Tuesday and I was out of the hospital Friday afternoon. The surgery was just over 4 hours. The surgeon took his time clearing out adhesions and scar tissue from a surgery in 1986 before I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. The good news is that it was laparoscopic and will make for quicker healing. I am stapled together where the ostomy was and have a least 4 other holes I can spot amongst all the bruising. Everything is working and so now all I have to do is heal. I did have stress doses of steroids in the hospital but I am on the taper down now and since I didn’t get sleepy until 1am last night I only took 10mg today. (I was supposed to take 20) I will see how I do today and I may take 15 tomorrow, then 10 and then down to 9mg again which is what I was the week before surgery. The final goal is 7.5 mg a day and that will be soon. I am only taking Tylenol for pain meds now so that means I can drive.

Just for fun: Since I need to walk and it is okay to drive, I took myself to the new neighborhood grocery market (Metropolitan Market in Houghton for the locals) that I have not been too yet. It opened a few weeks ago and I have been avoiding crowds and difficult parking for a while. I decided today was the day to check them out. I walked up and down every isle, getting in almost 1000 steps and picked up a California BLT wrap for lunch. There are lots of goodies there and I will be going back.

What's Cooking?

Sunday: a friend brought awesome halibut, green beans and quinoa

Monday: chicken and peppers stir fry with coleslaw and some great bread

Tuesday: (I just can’t think about it yet……)


Thursday: Bill’s night out

Friday: date night ?


Have I seen any good movies lately: Smoke Signals It was a sweet story about two very different young men and their relationship with each other and the father of one of them. They go on a road trip together and get to know each other and the father in many different ways through the art of storytelling, one of my favorite art forms.

I love my iphone, my favorite app this week is: the headset, and speakers. Today I just hung around and listened to different podcasts. It is fun to find new stuff so if you have any favorites just past the suggestions on my way.

Counting my Blessings: Thank you so much for the calls and cards and texts and emails that have encouraged me so much. It is easy to feel isolated and I am so grateful to everyone who has reached out to me in different ways. It really has meant so much to me.

My thoughts for the day: What is the Rush? I am moving and glad for it, but I am moving slowly. I am walking slowly; like strolling the aisles of the supermarket today. I was looking back and forth to see what there was and what I was missing, checking out the new stuff. Somehow I lost my list….. so I was trying to remember what the heck was on it after all.

Then when it was time for lunch I did slow eating; I savored the bites and thought this was the best sandwich I’d had in a long time. Then surprisingly I was full and tired of eating before the food was gone and I just scrapped it into the yard waste and said, that was delicious but enough.

Even my hobby is slow. Knitting. It takes hours, even days to make something special and that is part of the point. I think about who I am knitting for and what I am making and put little prayers into those stitches. It is a mindful and calming art form for me and right now, slow is the answer.

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

July 13th – Friday We got a letter from the Bill Boy. We ran up to Cherokee this eve. I sent Son a bucket of candy and from Lovie and I together we sent some peanuts, 3 bars of toilet soap and a can of Colgate tooth powder. I sure hope he gets it. The Gays and Lewis’ all had ice cream last night but they didn’t tell us anything about it. Hilly and Lovie came by. Nancy girl came home with us from Cherokee and can she ride the bicycle now.

July 14th – Saturday Well well, we had a letter from the Son and he is okay. Gee but we are glad to hear from him as it had been 6 weeks since I had heard. I canned gumbo, 8 jars this morning and 7 quarts of peaches. Also ironed. Pretty tired. Son said in his letter that he was T5, same as corporal. Hilly, Lovie and Nancy came by and ate supper. Dad went up to Cherokee this evening. Thought Sis Ermy would come back with him, but she wouldn’t come.

July 15th – Sunday Well another hot day has passed. Lovie came but Hilly didn’t come. Lovie brought a chicken and we looked for Elsie and kids, thought maybe Jim and family would get in. Lester brought me two little bantam pullets this evening and Mr. and Mrs. Gay came and Dad, Mr. Gay, Lester all went over to look at Hilly’s walking colt, but Mr. Gay didn’t buy him as he said Lester needed a horse to ride to school, and the colt would not be big enough. Lester brought a big melon and he had Hilly to come on over to help eat it. Lester is a nice boy. He learned to ride Nancy’s bicycle. I told Mrs. Gay that Cecil wanted the land in there pasture and she said he would have to buy it. I canned the peaches Lovie brought today, we had a good time.

July 16th - Monday Well I canned peaches today. Lovie, Hilly and Nancy are coming by with an iced melon and the Gay’s are coming. They all got here in due time and the melon was good. I fixed supper for the kids, Lester ate with us and Mr. and Mrs. Gay set until bedtime. Three more letters of Bill’s came back today.

July 17th – Tuesday Well I am canning corn today. Mr. Gay and Mr. Smith let us have the corn. We will pay them back in dry corn this fall. Mr. and Mrs. Bowden came by this morning and brought some squash. Mrs. Bowden said Tommie Joe ate dinner with them yesterday as he and Cecil were helping Mr. Thaxton vaccinate the horses for sleeping sickness. Well Mr. and Mrs. B came by and want Dad to come down coon hunting. Hilly, Lovie and Nancy came by for supper. Elsie talked to Lovie. Elsie had called kitten and Son was on the move.

July 18th – Wednesday Well I canned peaches this morning and the mail has come and we had letters from Son and Bill but no letter from the girls. The Hilly, Lovie and Nancy didn’t come by tonite. Dad said they were going to show. Dad went coon hunting and he and the dogs got a big he coon.

July 19th – Thursday Well, Elsie, Jymmie, Virginia M, Lovie, and Nancy all came. Hilly, Lovie, and Nancy all came by with Franks ice melon and it was sure good. Cecil, Charlie Mc killed his hog today, and took it to the locker, and it was dark when they came back. Max Mc was calling Cherokee to see if Charlie and Cecil were there. Dad ran into SanSaba this morning to borrow the $200 for Bill. Dad says he owns 2 cows now. Nancy called me to tell me that she had a card from Gordon mailed in Denver, Colo. And 2 of Emmas letters came back to Casper and was sent here from there, saying Emma M had left for Texas. Dad helped bale hay for Mr. Smith this eve.

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