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June 15th – June 17th 2010

What’s going on around here? June 15th – June 20th 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!  My post are getting a bit irregular as my schedule gets unpredictable and I probably won't post again this week.  So enjoy life till then....

Just for fun:  Debbie, my best friend from the 7th grade arrived Friday afternoon, she was flying standby and so we had been hoping for her since Thursday afternoon, but she kept us updated well and we were at the airport when she got here. We came home and unloaded and went off to meet up with friends for an early dinner. Bill and Colleen had been on vacation and we had not seen them for 3 Friday nights. Yikes, I almost forgot what they looked like, but they are both still tall and skinny. One of the things I love most about our Friday night get together is how we discuss the ‘hot topics.’ It is always good discussion time and we sure covered a lot of subjects this week. On Saturday Bill, Debbie and I went walking in Seattle we started in West Seattle and had awesome hamburgers for lunch then we walked on the waterfront in Seattle and I saw one of the biggest cruise ships I have ever seen then we found a free Wooden Boat Show and you could walk through any of the boats you wanted to. They were all so beautiful.   Oh I almost forgot,  I was looking at a log book on one of the boats and it was turned to a page that mentioned an earthquake in 1945 so I took a photo since Granny's diary is from 1945 also.....      (sorry I didn't figure out how to turn it.)

Healing Process: I saw the surgeon Friday after lunch to get a date for surgery….. July 13. That will be 3 months to the day from the first surgery. I was hoping to put it off a little longer so that I wouldn’t miss so much work but that was the date he offered and he was pretty firm about it and who am I to argue with the guy who saved my life.

Sorting and Organizing: Mostly this was all about getting the guest bedroom ready for Debbie and it was really ready anyway, I just picked up a few knitting projects and stored them in the computer room so they would be easy to get to if I needed them.

What's up at the dental office? I did work Tuesday and Wednesday in my Redmond office and Thursday this week that office went to the Dental Convention together. I love going to work. Tuesday I had one patient in the morning that said: “CeLinda you are such a nice lady.” Earlier I had told him how Bill says he married me because it is hard to find a good hygienist, so my reply to this 38 yr old was “ too bad, I am already married.” We both had a good laugh. Tuesday afternoon I had another patient that had a lot of recession and really sensitive teeth and at the end of the appointment he said no one had ever been that gentle, or cleaned his teeth that well. I had an awesome day. The Dental Convention was interesting also. There were not near as many vender's as in past years and they were not giving away as many dental products to try like toothbrushes, toothpaste and bleaching stuff. There were booths for getting your patients credit and insurance and such but not like in the past. I took two different classes on periodontal disease and whole body health and the new science that I picked up is that everyone needs to be using a waterpik. The studies on waterpiks are very positive even if you have 5 or 6 millimeter pockets. The office all went to sushi for lunch and we talked about what we had seen. All of us girls had found something pretty at the jewelry booth.
What's Cooking?
Saturday: (Tamara, Todd, Hannah, Hailie and Amanda) Grilled Salmon, grilled corn, grilled stir-fry veggies and grilled romaine salad. Bill made blueberry pie for dessert.

Sunday: Salmon Patties and Southwest salad
Monday: Smoked Turkey w/ stuffing and peas casserole and salad
Tuesday: family dinner: Edamame, Sesame Soy Chicken, Sesame Noodles, steamed pea pods, Spinach salad w/ peanut ginger dressing
Wednesday: Teen Feed @ the City of Redmond Teen Center – this is something I do once a quarter just for fun. When I started doing the food for this group about 30 kids showed up. Last time I think it was double that, so I am cooking bigger for this event. Build your own Taco Salad and Chocolate Brownies.
Thursday: Bill’s night out
Friday: date night
Saturday: Debbie leaves, and I work all day @ Kirkland office, so dinner ????

What's on my needles: I am still working on the Sasha skirt, and a cute cardigan for Baby Buckspan both of which I am now knitting backwards on. I am almost finished with my red vest maybe I will have photos next week.

What I am reading: I am starting a new book for the book club I am in called Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin. I know it is political, but I know nothing else. We are blessed by not getting cable and listening to all the political programs that I do get really tired of. Maybe I am not very political….?

Have I seen any good movies lately: We saw ‘Fracture’ with Anthony Hopkins this weekend. I was an excellent story of intrigue and I liked it and it was not too scary.

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

June 15th – Friday Well Dad and Bill ran up to Cherokee after some turkey feed and hen pellets. Mrs. Gay had Bill, Chy, Nancy and I up there for dinner. She had a lovely dinner and we all enjoyed it so much. Bill and Chy went up to Elsie’s this evening and left Chipper with Nancy and I. My last little turkeys hatched last night. The Chip is so bad this evening, but she gets mad at Nancy. Hilly and Lovie came by for supper. Nancy fried some spuds, they were really good. My back hurts me so. I wrote to Sears and told them about my chicks dying as I lost 21.

June 16th – Saturday Well the Chipper is a bad girl, sure does fuss at Nancy. I washed some clothes for Chip this morning. The Bill and Chy got back on time about 2:30 and Chipper was so glad to see them she wasn’t bad anymore but she tried to make faces at Nancy. Bill and Chy had a round because the Chip turned some nail polish over on her dress and Chy got on Nancy because she had left it in the window and Chip got it, so Bill got on to Chy for scolding Nancy and they haven’t spoken to one another the whole evening. Do hope the make up tonight as they have gone with Hilly and Lovie to Llano. Nancy and Chip are with me. Dad dug the potatoes and onions today. I sent Sears Roebuck a letter about the sick chicks. Elsie had a party for Bill and Chy, Doug Mc and Willene Perry got married. Hilly, Lovie ate supper with us. Lovie got Dad a nice pair of trousers for a Father’s Day gift.

June 17th – Sunday Father’s Day. Tom, Elsie, Jymmie, Tom A, Hilly, Lovie, Nancy, Bill, Chy and Ann were all with us and we had a chicken dinner on the creek. Bill had such a good time as did all the rest of us. Hilly fried the chicken to a turn and I baked a pineapple cake and other things, Lovie brought 3 chickens and I fixed 3. So you see we did have a chicken dinner. Gee it was great to have Bill and his family with us. Ann just sat in her little swing and enjoyed herself. It is going to rain tonite, hope so. Cecie has been down with a (note: she just didn’t finish this page)

June 18th – Monday Well we had a good day, a good dinner, and Bill enjoyed it so much. Bill, Chy, Dad and Chip went to Llano after a case of beer but didn’t get but 3 bottles. The Smiths, Marnie Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Bowden all came tonite, and Lovie, Hilly and Nancy were here for supper and they Bill and Ch y wanted to go to see Jr. and Margie but could not leave the Chip. Gee, but they were mad, Chy said she hated every one of them. The Chipper was a very sweet girl all day. Bill and the Mr. Smith, Mr. Bowden all killed the armadillo in the yard tonite. Sure glad. My back hurts me so very much. I cleaned up the kitchen, it now 1 o’clock tonite. I got 15 pounds of sugar this evening.

June 19th – Tuesday Well, Bill, Chy and Ann all left today as they did one year ago today only little Ann was not born but she is a big girl now. We enjoyed them so very much while they were here. Lovie and Nancy met us at Mr. Gays cattle guard, good thing as we were going to eat dinner with Bonnie, and Lovie said she had sold all of her dinner so we all came on back home and I fixed dinner, had hot rolls. Lovie said I had a good dinner, I fixed up a box of vegetables for Chy as she loved them so. Dad sent 6 cabbage heads with Lovie to sell. What we sold yesterday brought 60 cents. Gee, I am almost past going with my old back. Gee, I thank the good old Monster that Bill Boy is back. I am pretty sick with my back tonight. Guess I will go out with no one to care for me.

June 20th – Wednesday Well I was all in this morning when I waked so Dad made me get up and dress so he could take me to the Dr but when we got to Cherokee Lovie took me and Dad helped Hilly. Dr Pense fixed me two kinds of medicine. Cost $2.50. Dr Pense charged me $2 dollars, he said my back ache was caused from overwork or an old hurt but I am able to get around some tonite. I cooked Dad some supper. Hilly, Lovie, and Nancy came by and brought us some steak and a squirrel. Mr. Mitchel brought them 2 squirrels. We saw Elsie and Jymmie at the laundry after we came from the Dr’s office. Lovie had Dr. Pense fix Nancy’s sulfur drugs to start taking Friday so she can have her tonsils out next Tuesday. Had a letter from Gordie today and Chy got 10 letters back that she had sent to Bill overseas. I must send them to her.

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