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January 4th, 2011 - January January 10th

On Life and Living;

Tuesday January 4th I worked @ RR today and yikes I had two 'no shows' in a row with a long list of people waiting to get in. How inconsiderate is that? I am so happy that family dinner is on again, I have missed the girls so much. Tonight Bill had the table set and had made dessert. The menu was: hot bread w/ hummus, veggie tray w/ ranch, turkey meatloaf, corn, mashed potatoes, broccoli salad , chocolate cake and whipped cream. We also had a couple of other friends join us and the time just flew by. One of the friends works at Child Haven, a place that helps children of abuse and helps the families also. I gave her a bag of my hand knitted projects for children that needed to find homes. She was happy to take them and said she would pick nice homes for them.

Wednesday January 5th – worked @ RR. It was a good day I thought I was going to get today off work because things were looking a little slow but we have the most amazing front desk person I have ever worked with. She can fill holes in the schedule better than anyone. So instead of having the day off I had 3 new patients and 3 others so it was a full day. I don’t know if the boss gives her a bonus for what she does, but if I was running a business I would really value that skill. I loved the new patients. One of them is going to make me work, the stuff I love. After work I went to Eddie Bauer’s , I heard from the family last night that their coats were on sale and I was in LOVE with Amanda’s new coat, a full length, below the knees, down parka like thing with a hood, white with a fake fur around the hood and fleece cuffs and inside the pockets. I cannot remember in my adult life having a full length coat, not a rain coat or a dress coat but a real cold weather coat, maybe I had one when I lived in Ohio but I don’t remember it. This year all ready I have been

cold and I was tired of it. When I brought the coat home we had to do a major sorting of the ‘coat closet’ because not one more coat would fit in. Two coats went to the attic for their memories value and a pile went in the goodwill bag and now my new coat fits in but it is tight. Who knew one needed so many coats. After shopping I went to Curves, it was great, my first real workout and I made it through. I did good and I know the machines are going to help my arm get stronger. I talk to my Aunt Jeanne every Wednesday night and we both chatted like magpies tonight. She is 80 something and she is still working. She cannot not work! Her job the last 10 years has been as a ticket taker at Anaheim Stadium and she promised she was going to quit. She gets tired and sometimes it is too hot and other times it is too cold and all of the time her feet hurt but guess what when I talked to her tonight she had signed up to work every weekend in January, motocross and the big trucks are the draw. She said ‘I know you are going to be mad at me.’ But I can’t be mad at her working is what keeps her going.

Thursday January 6th – I woke up before my alarm. That is alarming! Off to my knitting circle, I was starving and stopped for an egg mc muffin and coffee on the way. I have several projects on the needles and Annalee helped me evaluate the neck and shoulder of a top-down tee that I am working on and then I started a swatch, maybe it will be a scarf that I want to do for the surgeon that ‘saved my life’ as a thank you gift. Bill and I are planning a travel weekend this weekend and he has made an itinerary for the weekend; where we are staying, who we might see, and where we might eat and listen to music. This is a far cry from the Bill I married and went to Hawaii on a honeymoon with that didn’t ever make any plans at all except for the hotel. I had to beg him to just give me a little bit of a plan and he agreed to: every other day we would ‘do something’ and every other day we would hang out.

Friday January 7th – I got up and went straight to Curves and then came home to get ready to go to Portland. We were on the road at about 12:30 and stopped once for a stretch and a late lunch. We were getting close to Portland, actually Vancouver Washington when the car’s electrical system shut off. We were going about 70 miles an hour and Bill got us to the side of the road just fine, minus the fact that he grabbed at me and got a hold of my knitting. He managed to take about 10 stitches off the needle and later on tonight it took about an hour to reweave what had unraveled. We called AAA but we ended up taking care of everything ourselves. After the car cooled down a bit the engine started and we drove to a nearby service center, that was open on Saturday. Then we rented a car and went back and unloaded our stuff into the rental car and were on the road again. The delay kept us from making it to the Button Emporium but we met up with Katherine and Spencer with no delay and had a delicious dinner and nice visit together.

Saturday January 8th – We got up and met Katherine for breakfast at one of my favorite places for eggs Benedict. I was not disappointed. Spencer was coming down with a chest cold and Katherine said he was quarantined, which I appreciated even though we missed spending a little more time with him. After breakfast we went to Powell’s book store, I have never been there. It is a four story building that takes up a city block. Now they have taken over a building next to it that is only 2 stories and half a block for the technical books. I think I could live there. I didn't buy anything though, what with carrying it around or limited space at home I am being choosier about the books I do buy. After Powell’s we hit a couple of yarn shops and a paper store

and the Button Emporium. It was lots of fun just walking around the city and riding the street car. We had a very late lunch, Kat and I split the most delicious, decadent macaroni and cheese. I haven't had anything like that in ages. Then I went back to the hotel for a well needed rest and Kat and Bill picked up our car from the shop and returned the rental car. Bill woke me at about 7:30 and we went out for a light dinner to a cute little club called Halibuts and we listened to a set of blues with dinner.

The story with the car is; a couple of months ago I came in from somewhere and told Bill that I was driving on the freeway and the car’s electric system turned off it lasted a couple of seconds and by the time I realized something had happened it was over and all was working. Bill ‘freaked’ out and made me take it to the shop the next day but the mechanics could never find any problem with the car at all. So it all came back to me when this happened yesterday and we told the mechanic our story. They said they could not find anything positively wrong with our car this time but after looking on the internet at odd problems and the fixes he thought he could recommend we replace a specific cable that is in the steering column. $500 later we are on the road again. The good news is that he is pretty sure the cable was the problem because when he took it out there are three burn places on it and two of the places look pretty melted. So we are hoping this is a good fix.

Sunday January 9th – We got up and had a really good breakfast at the hotel. We have stayed there several nights and have never eaten the breakfast they provide. Turns out there were scrambled eggs, sausage, waffles, fruit, cereal, and lots of breads. I filled my coffee cup for the road and we headed out. We wanted to get on the road first to check out the car in case we had more trouble on the way home and second it was threatening to snow and we didn’t want to get caught in bad weather. Next stop: Hannah’s volley ball game. We got there just as she was finishing a game and so we grabbed a quick lunch and then went back to watch her play. She is a sophomore and new to this league so the coaches were not starting her but every single time she went in to play she did awesome. It won’t be long before they figure out how good she is. When we started getting close to home I was so sleepy I couldn’t knit anymore. When we got home, Bill unloaded the car and I went straight to bed and slept about 2 and a half hours. I got up and had something to eat and unpacked my bags and went back to bed and when I was falling asleep Tamara text me and they were just heading for home after a full day of volleyball. I so could not do what they are doing. The amount of rest and sleep that I need to function the rest of the time is crazy and I am not lazy really I’m not.

Monday January 10th – Bill and I met Jeanne Moo at the Honey Bear Bakery to visit and catch-up. The time just flew by and before we knew it, it was noon. When we got home I started working at the desk, yearend paperwork, and I took a one hour break to help him pick his car up from the shop and go to Curves. The Civic needed 120 thousand mile service and a few extra things and the total was almost a thousand dollars. I think it is time to start looking for a new car. Keeping two old cars up is getting expensive and we still have two old cars. Okay I have a load of new yarn. I ordered a bunch of children’s yarn, on sale from an online store and it came over the weekend. I haven’t even unpacked the box yet. I also got yarn at the trunk show at the LYS from a local dyer. I need to get that all ‘stashed’ in my Ravelry stash. I have lots of ‘go to’ yarn for projects for a while.

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