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January 18th - January 24th, 2011

Tuesday January 18th - Oh my, I do not like 5am, I do not like it Sam I am. Once I get up and going it is fine, I just don’t like getting up. We celebrated Dr V’s birthday today with pizza and giving him and REI gift card, which he seemed pleased with. Then we had a great time with the nieces at family dinner. I roasted potatoes and two varieties of chicken sausage, did a stir-fry with cabbage, spinach and peppers, and had baked beans too.

Wednesday January 19th – I worked almost 10 hours today. I never even clocked out for lunch. I had a patient that was running late and so I grabbed a snack before he got there and worked through lunch on him and I was the last one to finish at the end of the day. That is very unusual but needless to say I came straight home. I just couldn’t face Curves. Bill made a stir-fry with the roasted potatoes and onions and I added a sausage to mine, it was great and I didn’t have to do any work.

Thursday January 20th - I don’t know when I went to bed last night but it was early and I was asleep instantly. I woke up feeling great, with energy and not too much pain. (The joint pain is a bitch lately but my doctor and I are trying to address it.) I was eager to go to knitting circle today and that is just what I did. I am working on modifying the Spring Garden Tee to fit me in a more flattering way; not quite such a deep neckline and not as much fitting at the waist. The designer does a podcast that I really enjoy listening too but she is young and in pretty much perfect shape and I am not. Once I get it ready to separate at the sleeves it will become my favorite ‘mindless’ knitting until it is finished. I must have a case of cast on fever because I started another baby cardigan this afternoon in a nice purple, I have four “pregnant’s” on the list right now and so there will be more baby knitting.

Friday January 21st - Well this was a crazy day Bill had agreed to take Chris and Anne and kids to the airport this morning and pick them up Sunday night. We had the idea that if I went with them we could all visit on the way to the airport especially since we hadn’t seen them since Christmas and on the way home from the airport we could travel in the carpool lane but when we tried to call we had no cell service. We also had no internet which let out the house phones also. I heard later that AT&T had a major problem that lasted for several hours. Any way I decided not to get my clothes on but I did get up and say hi to all and sure enough the car was packed and there was no room for one more. Just about the time I dozed off again Anne called. They had gotten out of the car at the airport and Bill had driven off when she thought about it. She was using a phone that was one of the agents at the airport and the number was blocked. I almost didn’t pick up. She had tried to call Bill but he didn’t pick up so she just wanted me to call Priscilla and Jeff later and tell them they were travelling without any mobile phones. Chris hadn’t brought his because he just assumed they would be together and he wouldn’t need it…

Bill’s story is; he was driving a strange car, the number calling him was blocked, it was pouring down rain and the dash of the car looked like the panel to a rocket ship. He didn’t need the distraction. When he got home (I had just started to fall asleep again) I told him about Anne’s call. Turns out he had pulled over to the side of the road and listened to his messages, then he talked to an Alaska agent, he had to park the car in the parking lot and go in and give Annes phone to an agent who closed down her ‘pod’ and ran to the gate and was able to give Anne her phone before they took off. We didn’t know she was successful for several hours and we called Anne’s number and she picked up. Bill and I have our phones glued to our hands almost; what with texting and news updates and emails and checking the weather or the stocks or a game of Sudoku….. anyway I gave up on trying to sleep and got up, I had several phone calls to make before I left the house to meet up with my book club mostly for a good visit and lunch then I ran several errands in

Saturday January 22nd – I took a knitting class today and my brain is exploding. It was called learning to design lace with Sivia Harding.

Sivia Harding and some of her
beautiful lace She started the class by saying she is a relatively new knitter. She started knitting in 2000. I started knitting in 2001, so while she has been knitting, designing patterns, traveling the world teaching and turning out the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen, I have been knitting also. Okay what I really should have been taking was “how to knit lace.” Just last night I said to Bill that I had become a pretty good lace knitter this year. I have made two Helena baby cardigans with a cute lace skirt, I did three lace panels on my Sasha skirt, one I made into a shrug later and I have started a Travelling Woman’s shawl. Well today I will tell you that was a really stupid thing to think but sometimes you just don’t know how much you don’t know so if no one ever reads this I’m safe. Today I learned that you can’t really be a lace knitter if you don’t know how to read a chart. I also felt like I was in an advanced literature class and I didn’t know how to read but at the end of the day I really wanted to read, a lot. I also learned that I am glad that I am not a needlework’s professional. I like variety in my crafts and I have loved knitting because of the variety. I have knitted baby blankets, then vest and tees and tanks, then felted bags, then more tees and tanks then a lot of hats and mittens then some scarves then lace. I look at photos and get ideas and make up designs for a top then I knit it into a sweater. What I failed to mention is that I have only just learned how to read a pattern. The Helena cardigan and the Sasha skirt are the first patterns I have ever followed and they did not have a chart to follow or if they did I didn’t notice the chart.



See they are way different. One is verbal and the other is visual.  I am really a visual learner so I don't know why I have resisted but 'resistance is futile'.   At the end of the class my brain was so exploding in a good way, I had to cook to decompress. I made two casseroles, Bill loves a casserole, one was Chicken and broccoli with hash browns and the other was Penne with chili con queso (that’s mac and cheese Mexican style) and a salad made dinner. I needed to chop and dice to calm down and think and relax. I have not really done much cooking this year. Mostly the more I think about cooking the more I eat and I really am trying not to eat so much. Then we watched a mediocre movie with Hugh Grant who was pretending to have a child to hook up with single women. I had a very good day.  P.S.  Did I mention that Hannah played volleyball all day today and her team won all their games.   They are #1 today.    I just don't know how the all keep up the pace.

Sunday January 23rd – Have I mentioned how amazing Bill is about cleaning up. I sometimes set up a project that I am going to work on the next day on the kitchen buffet area. This is not the kitchen counter where we prepare food. Well Bill is always up before me, that is just the way it is, and by the time I get up that project could be anywhere; my desk, the yarn room or on the folding table in the laundry room. I go hunting and usually I find it but it is interesting how things move around and how can I not appreciate someone who is helping pick up. Today we started watching football but just couldn’t get into it so we watched the Amazing Race. I mean almost the whole thing; I think we have 3 episodes to go. (Thanks to Bill M for recording it for me since it was on at the same time as something Bill ‘had’ to watch.) I love that show because it takes me places that I am not ever going to be able to go to myself, beautiful places, hot places, freezing places and really interesting places and we got a lot of knitting time in too. When we got hungry for dinner we decided to get out of the house for a while so we went to Ruby’s Diner in Redmond and I had a great hamburger. At about 8:45pm Bill left for the airport to pick up Chris and Anne. They had really enjoyed their weekend and told him all about it. I got to say hi when they dropped off Bill they were all happy, that was nice to see.

Monday January 24th - Neither one of us opened our eyes until after 8:30 and we just enjoyed not having to jump up and rush off. Today is do chores at home day and I cleaned the pantry shelves and took three bags of food to the food bank. Turns out we just do not eat canned fruit. I think I bought it for the grandkids, what was I thinking, I feed them fresh fruit also. I think I was thinking emergency backup food but so much for that. Bill took a large bag of clothes to the Goodwill for me on the way to his guitar lesson. Almost all the laundry is done and I got a lot of work at the desk done before I went to Curves, two grocery stores and the UPS office. Have I mentioned how much I hate the USPS for packages. Oh but the rewards were sweet. I then went for a pedicure and manicure w/paraffin treatment and my eyebrows are lovely and I had a facial too. When I got home I put together and organized dinner for tomorrow night and Bill is going to start it before I get home from work. I’m tired and off to bed. :-)

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