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The different Ways I talk to Myself…… Jan 11th - Jan 17th

CeLinda (with necklace)  Toula, Bill & Amanda
As you can see, since Bill retired I have barely kept up with my ‘journal’ let alone any spontaneous writing. Hopefully we are getting into a routine and I will have a little more time to chatter about what ever. This week ‘whatever’ is the funny signals we send our selves, or I talk to myself in more than one way and I’m probably the only one that does this and if I write about it then I am certifiably nuts. When I am all ready for bed at night the last thing I do before going into the bedroom is shutting off a particular light at the buffet in the kitchen. If that light is on I am ‘up’ and I still have things to do in the house. One of the last things I do at night is to set up my pills for the next day and I do that in the back part of the house. (That is another Story) It has taken me a while to teach Bill that he is not helping me, if he turns that light off “for me.” When I get up in the morning, and I am really up for the day, I turn off the light at my nightstand and I turn on the light in the kitchen at the buffet. I guess none of this matters in a part of the country where it is not dark all of the time but when it is dark at 4:30pm and not daylight until 9am that little bit of light can make the difference in safe travel through the house or a broken foot. But that is not the only way I talk to myself. The other day I said the oddest thing, then I got to thinking about it and I realized it was profound and I didn’t even have a clue. Bill is often asking me how I feel and he means it in the most serious of ways. He is hoping this day will not be another day in the emergency room. Well last week he asked me if I felt okay and I said yes then a few minutes later he said are you sure your okay and I said, “Bill I am great, can’t you see, I’m wearing a necklace.” I love jewelry and I have lots of it. I don’t wear jewelry to work, it just doesn’t feel clean at the dentist office to wear any jewelry, except my medic alert bracelet. But the rest of the time, I love jewelry; funky stuff, simple stuff all kinds of necklaces, pins and rings. (I don't have pierced ears because of the metal sensitivity and I don't wear necklaces when it is too hot for the same reason, but then again that is a sign that I am not great because heat is one of the first things to get to me.  After my first surgery last year I went on a little jewelry buying spree to celebrate living, until Bill reigned me in, for good reason. I have jewelry that was once my Grannies, silver hair combs. I have jewelry that was once my Aunt Gordies, and a couple of pieces that were Sweetmother’s , several pieces from Mom Avo and Aunt Mac also. Mom says my Aunt Lovie had a whole box set aside for me when she heard that I collected old jewelry but she had a stroke and later passed away before she could give it to me. I am sorry I don’t have a memento from her, I cannot tell you how much all that stuff makes me smile. None of this stuff is valuable but it is pretty to me and the truth is when I am feeling good, I go searching through my treasures and find something special to wear for the day and I think of the person who gifted me and count my blessings and smile just a little bit more. How funny is that?

On Life and Living -

Tuesday January 11th – Today was 01/11/2011 and I didn't even notice all day. I worked @ RR and we had a full day. Since all the charts are in the computer I don’t ever write the date. The weather forecast was threatening snow all day and we drove home from work under overcast skies and no snow. Bill had the table all ready set and looking pretty and tonight I made tilapia fillets w/ seasoned breadcrumbs that were really good and a rice Florentine casserole, steamed broccoli and Bill made the bread and we had some great dipping oils from my friend Alice that we tried out tonight. They were good and I used some of the lemon one to season the broccoli, it was great. We kept looking out the window throughout the night and it was just after 8 when we noticed the snow. Yikes the girls disappeared so fast but they both got home just fine no problems. It is snowing like crazy right now.

Wednesday January 12th – This morning there was 3 inches of snow on the ground but it was pouring down rain and it was an easy drive to work. We had a full schedule, people were calling to cancel but others were calling trying to get in. However at the end of the day one of Nancy’s patients cancelled and she took my patient and I went to Curves early. I can tell all ready that my arm is getting stronger. There is one machine that I couldn’t even budge without a ‘push start’ from my left arm and tonight I was able to get it going without help. How cool is that. At lunch today I got teriyaki chicken from the restaurant nearby so I had a very light dinner; pea pods and hummus some salad with sesame vinaigrette and a hunk of bread. I got one sleeve of Macy’s cardigan off the needles tonight.

Bill's Felted Clutches
 Thursday January 13th – I didn’t go to knitting circle today. I am not working on anything that needs help and I didn’t feel inclined to pay to sit and visit. Bill was home knitting on his bags and so I enjoyed his company in the house. He felted two more bags last night a red one and a blue one.      

He made a mistake on the top of the blue one and we liked the mistake so much he is changing up his pattern for a while to see what he thinks. I took dinner to Tamara’s tonight and she had her first knitting lesson. Halie wants Tamara to knit her a blanket, so she has good motivation to be knitting. She has lots of time too while she is taking kids here and waiting for them there.

Friday January 14th – I went to Curves this morning and then did some grocery shopping on the way home. We started looking at new cars. We stopped at the Chevrolet dealership and looked at the Chevy Cruze.  It is okay but it didn't knock me over.   I think what we are looking for is a somewhat small car,  we aren't even sure if we are going to replace Bill's Civic or my Accord.  I think we both think the new Accords are bigger cars than we like but we haven't really looked at them,  just on the street from time to time.   We both do enough parking in the city to really appreciate a small car.  We also want good fuel economy but probably not a hybrid,  Bill wants a real trunk for privacy and safety for our 'junk' and we don't want to break the bank either.   We spent almost half of the 'new car fund' on medical bills last year,  thanks to the great health care system we have, and that was before Obama care,   our deductible is worse this year and they won't pay anything at all if we need a brandname drug.   (That might be another story but really I don't see that there is an answer so - whatever.)  Back to the car,  if you have any suggestions that you think we should drive just send me an email.   (   Friday night group met at Bill and Colleens. We celebrated Karen's birthday even though it was earlier in the week. Collen made some amazing soup and we all had a great time.

Saturday January 15th -  It was the first time this year to work in Totem Lake. I always look forward to being there. Those guys make me smile. Do you know Dr Mark shaved off his mustache in September and I never noticed? How weird is that? I think it is because he has his mask on so much that I don’t know what he looks like underneath. Bill was at a meeting all day today also and he got home even later than I did.

Maxene and Annieville
 Sunday January 16th – The Seahawks game started early so I slept in and got my knitting ready for a good game of football….. but it wasn’t the best. I was so sad. I had really hoped that the Seahawks would do something amazing but it was not to be and on top of that two players were carted off the field with concussions. I am glad they are so careful with head injuries now but oh my, knocking your brain around just cannot be a good thing. When the game was over, which was before the 4th quarter we headed over to a friend’s house to celebrate a sweet friend and awesome blues  pianist' birthday.   ( The five of them were having a late breakfast after a very late sleepover, so we joined in an ate some delicious crepes and then we just shared a day of laughter and fun, friendship and music and of course I knitted a lot too. We topped off the evening with beautiful salads and great lasagna by Shelly. What a day, so much fun.

Monday January 17th – okay I was totally exhausted. I did a little preparation for family dinner tomorrow and slept the rest of the day, literally. Mom called at about 5:15 and woke me up. Bill had gone to a guitar lesson and I had fallen asleep on the bed. I slept on the couch most of the day. I was way too tired today. I can’t believe that Annieville’s birthday party took that much out of me but gee, I just couldn’t get it together today.

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