Monday, January 31, 2011

January 25 - January 31

So here is a crazy way to do my blog this week. Just a run through of some of last week’s events and places.

Tuesday January 25th; Redmond Ridge Family Dentistry

Note the Staff photo; other than Dr V, I don’t know or recognize anyone in the photo and I am the person now who has worked with him the longest and that is 5 years. I have volunteered to work on updating the web page so check it out now and look for new staff bios and photos soon.

Family Dinner:   Becky made me an apron.  That means she used the sewing machine I gave her years ago for Christmas.  She also spent her time on it and made such a cute apron.    I told her my friend Colleen had on the cutest apron and I said to myself,  I need an apron and then the next week,   less than a week I get one.   Now how cool is that?  

Wednesday January 26th; Curves, after work

Thursday January 27th;     Serial Knitters, I am so lucky to have this local yarn shop nearby. Annilee is leader of the Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning knitting circles and she is the most awesome help to me on my knitting projects. I never seem to stress her out and she is so encouraging. Yikes, I think God planned that yarn shop just for me.

Ford Fiesta - to small
Perfect Color
 Car shopping, so far…..       

Tamara’s : time with Hannah and Halie, we all had dinner together before Hannah went to driving class and Halie and I played a new video game. Then we sat around visiting and watched one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen:

Friday January 28th; We are just starting to make plans for my birthday party: Save the Date: August 20. We are hoping to have a Taco Truck for the occasion. We have learned that in King County the Taco Trucks are not mobile, no wheels. They will cater, but I wanted the truck, so now we are starting to look outside of King County to see if we can get one that will travel to our house. We have eaten at two different ones before we learned this and if you are in Eastgate I really do recommend the taco truck called Cilantro and it's in the Eastgate neighborhood of Bellevue, across the street from the Albertsons...behind the Pizza Hut. It was a very cold day and the enclosed tent was just barely a help but the food was amazingly delicious and low fat. I really do wish the truck travelled. In the end Bill said he may have to build a taco ‘stand’ for the party. This is just the beginning of the research for this event.

We do know we will have live music in the evening: which will be just awesome

We are thinking it will be something like this:

Noon to 5 is Family Friendly and after that we will be including a few of our Emerald City friends. This will be my birthday party and Bill and I will be celebrating 30 years of marriage also.

Saturday January 29th; Dr Marks - no photos, no website, but a really good day.

Sunday January 30th; Everett Civic Music, Jason Coleman

Monday January 31st; Lunch w/ Helen @ Pogacha’s

One more thing; I am knitting a scarf for Dr. Troy, the surgeon that saved my life last April. I have carried the scarf with me a few places and mentioned that it was my thank you gift. Then someone said they wanted to thank him also so I pulled out a 3 X 5 card and said “here, have at it.” Then other people heard about this and they have written thank you notes too. So the thought is that if it has made a difference to you that he saved my life last year and you want to tell him thank you for the work that he does then put it on a 3 X 5 and get it to me and I will include all those thank you notes with my note and gift. (email to: ) He is a young surgeon and the ramification of the work he does is great and I just want to tell him I am really grateful to have had this year and this year of experiences. I am planning on giving it to him sometime the week of April 13 which is my one year anniversary of new life.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me. I would love to hear from you also so drop me a line at : or my personal email address if you have it.

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Autumn said...

Hi, CeLinda,

How are you? I'm afraid I'm way behind on reading your blogs, but started reading again tonight. Lots of news! We'll be looking forward to celebrating your birthday and anniversary in August. Cute apron, and yes, the car looks like a good match. I love BLT's and it would be fun to try some of the ones you listed.

I'm glad that you seem to be doing well these days. Chuck had fun with the Greek and Mick on their trip to Stevens Pass, although the weather wasn't very good.

Warm wishes,