Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 9th to November 15th, 2010


On Life and Living:

Sorting and Organizing: Bill has cleaned out his office at work. Every night for the past couple of weeks he has been slepping home stuff and now the library looks like this: I guess this will be on his list of things to do soon, I hope.

Tuesday November 9th: I worked on Redmond Ridge today. I had one hole in my schedule and I clocked out and ran down the road and did some last minute grocery shopping for tonight’s family dinner. Bill took off right after lunch and drove up to Mount Vernon to pick-up his mom so she could be at the party tomorrow. Tonight’s family dinner was the beginning of the festivities for celebrating his retirement. Barb and Steve, Amanda and Becky and Toula all came and we had a great time together.

Wednesday November 10th: Today is the day. Bill went to work as usual but I took off today and stayed with Toula. We ate a leisurely breakfast and got dressed for the party. The party started at 1pm. When Toula and I got there we heard Bill’s laugh coming from down the hall. The room was well decorated and people were starting to arrive. The party was a big success and it made Bill so happy to see and hear from all his coworkers that think so much of him. His mom ask us several times if he was the only one graduating today.

Bill and Toula
Bill is wearing his special SAP outfit
with all the 'bell's and whistle's

 Thursday November 11th: Today
was a training day at work with a focus on marketing to get new patients and to grow the practice. It was interesting, but I am always talking up the dentist I work for anyway, because I choose to work for dentist that I believe in. (Well except for just a while after Dr Kitchel, when I stayed in the practice because I had such a loyalty to the patients.) After the training day we all went to a local endodontist that was having an open house party. I met staff from a couple of offices that we work with and I also met a couple of new specialist in the area that we are working with. It was nice to put faces to names.

Friday November 12th: Today I took all the chicken enchiladas from the freezer to Dr S’ office to Debbie. Her sister died a week ago and the memorial service and celebration of her life is tomorrow. So here is the story as I know it, Debbie's sister was healthy and 51 years old but she got diverticulitis and went to the hospital. The surgeon did a colon resection and told her they did not need to do a colostomy, A couple of days later on Friday November 29th she went home feeling great with a new lease on life. Then the toxins in her system flared up and she had so much infection that she went back to the hospital on Tuesday November 2nd. They could not get the infection under control and she died on Thursday November 4th. Now you can guess that this hit Bill and me pretty hard because it was so close to my story, and again I ask 'What on earth am I here for?' Bill's boss took him out to lunch and then he was officially finished with working at PSE. He went with me to the dermatologist to get the stitches out of my had. We both really like that doctor and my hand is looking great. The pathology report was back and it was some skin cancer but all the edges were clean so all it good there. The Friday night dessert group came over for soup and blueberry pie. The pie was a gift to Bill at his retirement party. I made Cream of broccoli soup and Pasta e' Fagoli and we got some good bread at the bakery to go with it. We had a nice evening reminising about his party.

Saturday November 13th: I worked at Dr S today and always have such nice patients. Amanda came in before lunch to get a new nightguard and she and I went to lunch together. I got a BLT (at the Brown Bag) the sandwich was good. They use thick slices of fresh baked bread and half a sandwich is a full meal. When I finished work and pulled in the driveway, Bill was pulling out, he was going to a friends 60th birthday party. I was pretty tired and took my knitting with me to bed. I actually got up later to eat something and I had slices of grilled steak, from the freezer and baked a potatoe. The freezer is really getting cleaned out now. We have made some good progress in eating from the freezer. There is still quite a bit of shrimp, I need to be making shrimp....

Sunday November 14th: Bill and I took a nice walk this morning and then we went to Office Max for some boxes to store his work stuff in. We met Mick and Christie in Everett at lunch for Mexican and then listened to a quartet do music after lunch. It wasn't a 'string' quartet, there was a violin, an accordian, an obo and and chello. They were pretty good and it was a good listen. Sunday night we got several phone calls all wishing Bill a nice retirement and not having to do his 'sunday night' chores. He enjoyed that too and stayed up a little later than usual

Monday November 15th: Bill's first day as a retired person, he was up early and went running. He spent a lot of the day sorting and organizing all the books, paperwork and files that he brought home from work. he got it into 6 book boxes and stored it in the attic.  Now the library looks great again.  This afternoon he went with me running a few errands and we went to friends down the street for dinner tonight. She had decorated the table so beautifully, I was getting the urge for new dishes before but now I really am. Some that look like fall. Maybe the ones I like will be on sale after Thanksgiving. I say them at Pier 1 and they were called Crysynthium.


On Health and Healing: what can I do or be for anyone else if I haven’t taken care of me.  

What's Cooking?

Tuesday: family dinner: Shepherd’s Pie, Steamed broccoli and cauliflower, big green salad, spinach and cheese pasta w/ olive oil and seasonings and some good bread

Wednesday: ate @ the Purple Café with lots of Bill’s friend’s

Thursday: Bill’s night out; I went to a party with my office group and there was lots of food there

Friday: date night: our house: Black bean and pasta soup, Cream of broccoli soup, good bread and blueberry pie

Saturday: Steak and Baked Potatoe and spinach salad

Sunday: out for Mexican w/ Mick and Christie

Monday: went to friends for dinner

On being Productive, experiencing Pleasure and Living Positive

What's on my needles: Luke’s vest, I started it Thursday morning while I was in the training class at work and it is almost finished. I just needed to put the shoulders together and do the finishing ribbing around the armholes and the neckline.

What's off my needles: snowman hats for Dr S. We have always given out handmade Christmas ornaments at this office to all the patients durning the month of December. Dr S has a niece who has made them for years. This year she is all grown up and not making the ornaments so Donna is making snowmen and she has others of us making the hats for the snowmen. The top hats she made are sooooo darling.

Counting my Blessings: I am here to celebrate Bill’s work career and to look forward to many new adventures. It is just too amazing if I dwell on it too much I get overwhelmed. (and it makes Bill cry)

Bill is greeting Savanna (out of photo),
 Luke,  Anne and Christopher

We got to introduce Tamara,
Hannah and Halie.  (Todd couldn't make it.)

There was a great crowd of friends.

Me, about to talk.  I'm wearing
the skirt I knit. 

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