Monday, November 8, 2010

November 2nd to November 8th, 2010

On Health and Healing: what can I do or be for anyone else if I haven’t taken care of me.

What's Cooking?

Tuesday: family dinner: chicken and broccoli alfredo, green salad and good bread

Wednesday: BLT’s (Bill made them while I ran errands, yummy)

Thursday: Bill’s night out: I had pizza, from Trader Joe’s

Friday: date night

Saturday: Split Pea Soup and good bread

Sunday: Penne Pasta with Turkey Bolognese Sauce

Monday: Black Bean and Pasta Soup cooked in the crock-pot

On Life and Living:

Tuesday November 2nd – I worked today and I was so busy I didn’t get any chart notes written, so guess who is going to work early tomorrow. I usually leave the house at 6:30am. Family dinner was just us an Amanda tonight and we had a good time catching up. Bill and she spent a good part of the evening working on problems with the new computers. I know dinner was really good when Amanda chooses to take home leftovers. Oh I put out my fall decorations today.

Wednesday November 3rd – Wednesday mornings are hard because I am all ready tired and Tuesdays are long days and today I went in early, only about 20 minutes early but it did help me get a little caught up on the chart notes. I was all caught up and finished with Wednesday also at the end of the day. By the time I got home Bill had done several outside chores and was making dinner, BLT’s. You know I love a BLT.

Thursday November 4th – I went to knitting group on Thursday morning and then had a quick lunch and ended up at the dermatologist office to have a skin cancer removed from my hand. I watched. It wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t small either. He did an under layer of stitches that will dissolve and then 7 stitches on top and I get those out next Friday. One more thing, hopefully this is it and I am all taken care of and on the mend again.

Friday November 5th – We got up and did a walk around the neighborhood and then did a few things around the house. We met our ‘Friday Night’ friends for lunch and did a lot of talking about the election and how much things will change or not. It was a good discussion and I wondered how many people at the tables around wanted to join in, but didn’t. The place was packed for lunch, we have been there in the evenings and there was never a crowd like that.

Saturday November 6th – We were just messing around the house this morning when a woman from Bill’s work called. She wanted us to meet for lunch and go to flower world. It seems Bill’s work group wanted to get me a gift for his retirement too. I picked a bay plant for my herb bed. Then I took 2 leafs off of it and took them home with me and made split pea soup with them. I can’t believe I haven’t had a bay plant before. I am going to plant it in the center of the second tier of the herb bed. It says it is slow growing but eventually it will get pretty good size. Later in the day Tamara came over and I tried on clothes until we decided what I should wear to the retirement party. The Sasha skirt is finish but it took a little doing to find just the right top. I hope it looks nice when I wear it.

Sunday November 7th – Today we ‘fell back’ time wise that is . Now it will be dark all the time, when I go to work and when I come home from work. This morning we met some friends I had not seen in years and years. I knew them back when I was an active glider pilot. We met up for breakfast and then Bill went home to get more work done and Sharon, Norm and I went to a quilt show in Issaquah. Sharon has been a quilter for years and knew a lot of the vendors and had a really good time seeing the show. Norm had an appreciation for all the work and talent that goes into quilting and enjoyed the show also but he met a man playing the harp and had a bag full of his CD’s when we went to the car. I had a great time too, I loved the quilts and again had to remind myself that I don’t get along with machines and to ‘not go there.’

I did find some awesome buttons that I am going to have to knit something for them to go on. Football stinks this year. The Huskies, Longhorns and Seahawks all lost and lost big. Those games weren’t even good enough to watch while I was knitting. I am almost finished with Savanna’s Christmas present. I really hope it fits her. Now to start Luke’s vest…..

Monday November 8th – Woke up way to early because my body didn’t fall back as far as the clock did. I turned to look at Bill and there he was playing on his iphone. I met a dental hygienist/family friend for coffee and shopping and then later lunch and a good visit and catch up time. On the way home I had the usual errands to run, banking, mail packages and today I went to Borders. Bill is still getting a present a day on his countdown to retirement and I picked up a couple of books for the last couple of gifts. He has had a lot of fun opening a present each day and I have no idea what I will get him for Christmas because I have given him almost everything I can think of. He wants a guitar and to take lessons but he was very clear he wants to pick it out and not even a gift card to a music store because he wants to look around and not be tied to one place. As if I would try to pick out a guitar anyway.

On being Productive, experiencing Pleasure and Living Positive

What's on my needles: I am casting on two things this week, one I had a dream about and had to go up in the attic and find the yarn and then download the pattern. It is a really simple top and I just can’t begin to tell you why I ‘need’ to make this top right now, but it is on the needles. Then I am casting on for Luke’s Christmas present. I am making him a vest with cables up the front and I need to make that happen. I cast on yesterday for the swatch to make sure the gauge is right. I am really trying to make things that will fit. My fingers are crossed.

What's off my needles: Savanna’s Swing Cardigan is off the needles but I still need to do the side seams. It is looking so cute. Now I need to find the perfect button.

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Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

Friday, November 2nd – Well Chy got on to me this morning. She asked me if I cut Annie’s bangs. Of course I said I did, came near getting me. Well, I just ought not to have done it, but I believe if Chy loved me she wouldn’t get mad at me so much about the sweet little Ann. Dad and Bill went to gather pecan this morning but dad got home about 11 o’clock. Bill, Hilly, dad and I went to see the deaf and dumb football boys play the San Saba boys. The score in favor of the deaf boys 38 to 0. Lovely and Nancy stayed with Chy and Ann.

Saturday, November 3rd – Well, I ran up to the bazaar with Mrs. Gay and Mrs. Lewis. Bought my dinner at the bazaar which was $0.50. Dad and Bill put a concrete floor in the smoke house and the wash house. The kids were really selling things this evening. Nancy came home with me. Jessie Trent brought me home. Mrs. Gay and Mrs. Lewis stayed to go home with Mr. Gay who had gone out to Cardwell’s. Nancy came off with her daddy’s store keys and Lovie , Em came after them. That Chy got Bill on to me. He’s not my Bill any more since he married that sweet little Chy. Think the kids are going to the midnight show.

Sunday, November 4th – Well, the Bill, Chy, Ann, Nancy, dad and I all went to Elsie’s today. Had a nice day. All went to see the Maxwell’s. All but Gordie, Elsie and dad. I could not get dad to go. Shame on him. Ma and Pa are sure feeble. We saw all the Sheppard boys and wives and children but Joe and his family. My little pigs all died. I sure tried to save them. Richard Taylor’s little boy ate a poison pill and died instantly. Poor little boy.

Monday, November 5th – Well, I went to town with Chy, Lovie, and Em. Chy and Lovie washed. We ate dinner with Gordie. Then, we all went to town. Gordie took care of little Ann. She was asleep. I went up to see about the taxes. Paid Son and got a $3 bottle of Melgas $6.50 in all. And the girls all had their ears pierced and had ear screws put in them. Chy was the first, Lovie next, then Emma. Dr Pense wanted to pierce mine but nothing doing. No Sir. Bill helped Hilly all day. I saw Wilma Light in town and she paid me dad’s $12.50 for work. And I brought Mr. Gay his check that she sent him, but I gave it to Lester. Glory be, I had a letter from Son.

Tuesday, November 6th – Well, I ran into town with Eula. Lovie, Emma and I went to stay with Gordie as Jim was gone, and the girls went to Richard’s little boy’s funeral. So, very sad. Poor Jane is ready to have another one.

Wednesday, November 7th – Well, Gordie and I sewed, made her two shirt waists. Went to the show. Saw the Call of the Wild. Sure was good. Gordie, Gordon and I all went. Elsie and Tom came also. Tom bought our tickets. Old man Butler has bought Hilly’s store building out from under him. Told Hilly it would be.

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