Monday, October 4, 2010

September 28th - October 4th, 2010

On Health and Healing: what can I do or be for anyone else if I haven’t taken care of me.   My shoulder surgery is this coming Friday......

What's Cooking?
Tuesday: family dinner, Greek Lemon Chicken and Potatoes w/ feta and Green Beans
Wednesday: Tacos with lots of fixin’s
Thursday: Bill’s night out : I had leftover Greek and it was good again
Friday: date night, we tried a new place for Happy Hour, Bill M and I had a green salad and meatball sliders (thumbs up) Bill K had a salad and chicken Masala skewers that he like also and Colleen said the steak sliders were good too, We will be going back there again.
Saturday: Chicken Enchiladas, to a potluck
Sunday: Salmon Days in Issaquah – grilled salmon on Cesar salad
Monday: Chicken and rice pilaf casserole.

On Life and Living:
Tuesday September 28th – Happy Birthday Bobbie Ann, my baby sister. I texted her first thing this morning. Then thought of her cleaning teeth in Texas while I was cleaning teeth in Washington. Family dinner was just Amanda because Becky was in Katy, TX on a business trip. Bill had requested Greek so that’s what we had.

Wednesday September 29th – Worked all day, Dr V brought me roses today, he said he forgot my birthday, but he took us all to lunch for my birthday. After work I made dinner, rested and went to bed early.

Thursday September 30th – slept in, went to knitting group (Thursday mornings at new LYS), came home did laundry and paperwork for a while.

Birthday Gifts in October  :-)

Friday October 1st – Bill took off today, we are practicing for retirement. I walked with a girlfriend and she treated for lunch. (still celebrating my birthday)

Saturday October 2nd – This was a Saturday to work and they had birthday gifts for me too. What a week. We worked through lunch and got off at 2. Amanda and I met for a late lunch then I heated up a casserole and left at 4:30 for Mount Vernon and a family dinner to send off Chris’ little sister and her husband to Samoa and two years serving with the Peace Corp.

Sunday October 3rd – Issaquah Salmon Days

Monday Oct 4th – I rode the bus to the dentist and got my teeth cleaned. No cavities. Then I walked the three miles home, stopping at the bank and Trader Joe’s.

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: October 2010

For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

Friday September 28th – Well I ironed this morning and Emma called and had me fix up her brown bag shoes and two hats, which I did, and sent up by Mr. Perry. Dad got a load of corn in about 1:30 o’clock. I patched the things that needed it after I got through ironing. It is raining now, started about 5 o’clock and I mean it is sure raining hard, it has rained an inch all ready. I talked to Lovie and she said Hilly was sick, that he had two chills last night. He felt bad last night was why they didn’t come by for supper. Gee, but it is still pouring rain. I almost got wet milking the cows.

Saturday September 29th – Well, it’s still raining this morning. I called the store this morning and poor Hilly had to open up and he is still sick. Emma went to the football game last night and hasn’t come in Hilly said. I think it was pretty dirty of her to run off and leave Lovie with the store and Hilly sick. Well Dad went into the pasture and the bigger part of our goats are frozen. Mr. Gay came and helped him drive in about 40 head. The goats were sheared the 21st of August. Hilly went to the doctor and he has pus on his kidneys and having to take sulpha. Emma said it didn’t rain at Commanche where the San Saba boys were playing football. The San Saba boys beat 6 – 0. The thermometer is standing at 32 degrees, sure is cold.

Sunday September 30th - The last day of this ole’ month and no war raging. This time last year my heart was breaking. I thank thee oh God that the great conflict is over. Well we have a humm dinger of a norther. The thermometer says 52 degrees. Well I was sitting here this evening trying to work up a quilt pattern and who should drive up but the Lovie, Emma and Nancy. Well I fixed them a little bite they finished eating most everything and up drove Jim, Gordie and Gordon so I fixed them a little bite. Wish the kids would tell me when they are coming for I sure enjoy fixing a good dinner or supper for them. While I was milking tonight Mr. Gay drove up for Dad to go coon hunting with him.

Monday October 1st – Well not doing much today. Dad went to Cherokee. Sterling Ring, Delreo. This is the address of the wedding ring. We had a card from Chy and she, Bill and Anne are in Colorado. Chy said she had been real sick with her tonsils. She said it had snowed some. She said Anne is wearing little coveralls and that she has worn the little knees out. All the big oil companies are on strike and the paper says the telephone companies are going on a strike. One month ago today Japan signed the peace treaty and poor Son doesn’t know when he will get to come home but I hope it is soon. Peggy sent me a piece of candy and I ate it and now I have the tummy ache. It’s still cool but it looks rainy.

Tuesday October 2nd – Well I was sitting here looking for some white sacks and Dad was reading the newspaper when who should drive up but Gordie Clark and Lovie. They came to wash as the electricity had stopped all water and helpy self laundries, School had to turn out at San Saba so Gordon came out here with Gordie. Jim had gone on his weekly jaunts. I washed what few things I had. Mr and Mrs. Bowden came tonight.

Wednesday October 3rd – Well Dad and I went to town and I spent $27 but it was all for my eyes and my finger, as my glasses cost $20. Elsie gave me the frames I wanted they would have been $27 but when I pulled out the pretty little frames he said the cost would be $20. Then I went up to Dr Pense and he cut a tumor out of my finger and looked at my nose. He said it was red and swollen and I paid him $3. Tom Allan ran into see us while I was at Gordie’s. The lights came on about 9:30 this morning. Gee my finger sure hurts tonight. Dad bought $2.00 in turkey pellets. Lester’s fine dog came in this evening. Whitey is his name.

Thursday October 4th – Gee I haven’t done anything today. Only to clean up the kitchen, sweep and churn a pound of butter. I have to keep my finger out of water until Monday but I sure came very near getting it wet. Gee, we had a short letter from the Bill Boy. Said it was cold up there and that Anne was not walking too good yet. The girls were to go to San Antonio today but I haven’t called as I knew Hilly would be too busy to fool with me. We pilled a few turkeys this evening to see if the pills are all right. Mrs. Gay called about 9pm and she said Thelma and Lillie came and cleaned house for her.

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