Friday, October 15, 2010

October 5th – October 11th 2010

On Health and Healing: what can I do or be for anyone else if I haven’t taken care of me.

On Life and Living: (Just for fun: Sorting and Organizing: What's up at the dental office? I love my iphone, my favorite app this week is: In the news:)

Tuesday October 5th - Worked on Redmond Ridge and then the nieces came over for dinner. We had a good time visiting and talking about what Bill might do in retirement.

Wednesday October 6th – Another Day on Redmond Ridge and when I got home one of our financial advisors was at the house. We are making the decisions about what to do with the money we have saved for retirement. It is a bit overwhelming and we are so hoping we are making good decisions. We grabbed some leftovers and watched a little television before bedtime. My Aunt Jeanne and I talk every Wednesday night. She is my Dad’s little sister and over 80 now and she has just finished this season of working. She is a ticket taker at Angel Stadium in Anaheim California. She has had this job for almost 15 years. When the Angel’s are in town sometimes she may work 10 days in a row. She is there before each game and has to stay until most of the fans have left after each game. Sometimes it is boiling hot and she is in the sun and all that time she is on her feet which have really started bothering her also but that woman just cannot not work, she can’t even just ‘be home’, she is going all the time.

Thursday October 7th – I went to the podiatric surgeon today. I have been having pain in my right heel for over a year. Last August at Sock Summit I walked a convention center cement floor for three days and then took the train home to Seattle from Portland, almost four hours. When I got up to get off the train I could barely put any weight on my right foot without it hurting really bad. Over the past year the pain in my right heel has been an incipient pest. The truth is it has been a pain it is just that other things have been more of a priority but since walking is the best exercise I really need and want to walk without pain. Guess what the doctor said?  This tendon is starting to tear away from the bone (could be the prednisone or just getting more mature.) To solve the problem I need to stretch the tendon regularly, put a lift in the heel of my shoes and get this – wear heels more often. Not flats, not necessarily high heels but the little low heels like 1 ½ inch to 2 inch. I am supposed to get out of bed at 3AM and slip into a little heel to go to the bathroom. Ha Ha LOL I am so happy that another doctor didn’t tell me I need another surgery that I will be thrilled to wear heels. I feel the urge to go shoe shopping coming on. Oh yes, the new ‘Shape-Up’ shoes are out, they are not good at all for my problem. Anyone need and almost new size 7 ½ pair of black Sketchers Shape-ups?

Friday October 8th – No meds and nothing to eat or drink since midnight and by the time Tamara got here at 9 I felt awful. When we got to the hospital I was having an Addison event and was throwing up. They took me to the recovery area and an anesthesiologist started and IV and gave me the steroids and nausea meds I needed. It took an hour to get me stable and ready for surgery. After surgery was great. No nausea and really no pain. The anesthesiologist had inserted a drain into the surgery site with a ball, about the size of a tennis ball attached to the outside. This ball was dripping morphine to the surgery site and it totally controlled the pain for the first two days. My arm was in a sling to keep it immobile and they told me to move my hands but not my arm and no lifting.

Saturday October 9th – Tamara and the girls came over this morning. It was great to see them. After they left I pretty much slept the rest of the day. Aunt Jeanne called to see how I was doing.

Sunday October 10th – Today we went into Seattle and had breakfast with Barb (Bill’s sister) and Steve. They moved Wednesday from Bellingham and are just getting settled into the new house near Green Lake in Seattle. Steve says he loves BLT’s also and wants to go on my quest with me to find the best BLT in the area. That means we will need to eat a lot of BLT’s. Bill took my morphine drain out tonight. It really isn’t hurting too much but I am being really careful also. Lots of nice phone calls today: my cousin Jan, my sister Suzanne, Steve B from San Francisco and Carl. He said I have to heal up so I can get in and out of the airplane again.

Monday October 11th – I am feeling pretty good today. I talked to mom a long time this morning and Toula called and so did Uncle Ray and a couple of local friends checked in on me also. I feel like I am moving pretty slow but I was moving all day long. JoAnn came here and we walked for 45 minutes. I did a couple of loads of laundry, all with my left hand. Deborah Kay was on holiday from school and I think we talked 5 times during the day trying to figure out how to start a knitting pattern. It was really easy when my mind cleared and I started thinking about it but I sure had a block at first. I finished two more of the little rosebud hats, one for Baby Atchley and one for baby Buckspan.

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

Friday October 5th - Well, the Pollie called just now, she said they had a nice time in San Antonio. Said she had a card from Worth and he likes down there just fine. Gee, but it is raining but we pilled all the turkeys before it started. Mr. Bowden and Frank helped us. I sure would have been blown up if we had not had help. My finger is not sore and I have not got it wet as Dr. Pense requested me not to. Emma said the sure wanted to go to the football game at San Saba tonight as Goldthwaite will play the Armadillos’ at home in San Saba. Sure would love to see the ‘bear’ play tonight. We pilled 176 head of turkeys. Didn’t go to the ballgame as it was so muddy. RH is always on the war path, I can’t stand it much longer.

Saturday October 6th – Today is Jim’s birthday and he is 38 years old. I feel so bad I didn’t get up this morning and old RH is fit to be tied. He called me every lowdown name he knows. Oh God, to think I have to live with a thing like that. Mr. and Mrs. Bowden came late and brought me some squirrel and old RH sure did spout off. He will bring my nice children to shame yet. I used to have to get up when my babies were a few days old to keep him from raving on to me, but I don’t have to do what he says now. I’ll stay in bed if I feel bad.

Sunday October 7th - Well we had a very enjoyable day at Mrs. Gay’s dinner party. There were about 50 guests. Worth came in from college. Nelda was there and Hilly, Lovie, Nancy and Peggie were there. They brought me 25 pounds of ice and Tipper a lot of meat. I feel very well today and my head doesn’t hurt me too much. RH and I don’t speak. I have always waited on him and made the living and I am stopping for I don’t want anything or need anything except medicine. Guess, I’ll have to work to get that. I turned Wewe out as we didn’t milk her only for the cats. I will have to go back to Dr. Pense tomorrow and have the stitches taken out of my finger.

Monday October 8th - Well I went to town and had the stitches taken out of my finger. Dr Pense says to keep it out of water but how can I when I have to milk the cow and wash the dishes? Emma took me over to town in Lovie’s car. We shopped. I got Dad some shoes from the shop, charged $2.00. Put an ad in paper for Turkey Hens sale also cows and Bill’s horse. We ran up to see Gordie for a few minutes and while we were there Elsie called her and said Albert had called from New York. RH took me to Cherokee. Mr. Gay took his fat calf to Goldthwaite and the calf brought $81. Pretty Good. It rained and rained after dinner. Picked out my pecans for fruit cake, cut prunes.

Tuesday October 9th – Well it rained all night and it is still raining this morning. I baked two fruit cakes in the pressure cooker and they are so nice. One is for Son, but I believe he is going to come home. Emma bought fruit cake and goodies of all kinds to put in the Xmas box that she and Lovie are sending. Dad went to see about the goats this morning, said none were frozen down. He drove in 92 head. Well it is still pouring rain. Wish the sun would shine so we could dry out. Mrs. Gay sent me 7 Saturday Evening Posts by Mr. Gay as he had to go down to Bowden’s after his hogs.

Wednesday October 10th – Well Mr Bowden came after Dad this evening to help him fix is flu. I went with them and visited Mrs. Bowden. Flora and Cecil’s children came also. All of them together got the stove fixed and the flu put up real nice.

Thursday October 11th - Well we went to Cherokee. I wanted to send Son his Xmas package but the girls said it would never go, or be any good as I didn’t have it put in a bucket. So I brought it home and cut into it and put it in a bucket. Frank went to Cherokee with us. I took 28 sacks up there to sell. Mrs. Gay went to PTA this evening. Emma liked to beat me because I didn’t come prepared to go to PTA. Mr and Mrs. Bowden came tonight and I was right provoked because I wanted to read the mystery story in the Post that Mrs. Gay let me have. I ate a piece of candy and I really have the tummy ache.

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