Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day week

What’s going on around here?
Gracie the crazy cat:  If you have been to our house you know we have a crazy cat.  Actually she is very smart,  but she usually does not like to be touched.  She always comes to greet guests,  she stands on the back of the love seat near the front door and she talks and stretches her neck out to greet you.  She wants to smell you.  The 'proper' way to greet her is to hold out your hand and let her sniff you.   Sometimes she will then tuck her head under your hand and ask you to pet her a bit,  usually just on the head.  Her 'talking' can get a bit rude if she doesn't like where you are touching her or anything else for that matter.   So the two following photos, taken this week are a totally shock for me.   Neither of these two guests realize they were taking their life in their hands as the scooped up Gracie and Gracie didn't mind at all being attended to by either one of them. 

Healing Process: I picked up my glucose monitor on Monday afternoon and the blood sugar numbers are not so good, so far. I will be checking a few times a day for a couple of weeks and then my internist will reevaluate the situation. Now I am getting a little depressed. I need to pay much more attention to myself than I would like. There is the usual grooming, and getting enough rest, then there is the time it takes to change my ‘bag’, and if I have to take off the part that adheres to my body and shower and replace that it takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. Now I am checking my blood sugar one half hour before I eat and then one hour after I eat. The only time the numbers are good is when I wake up in the morning and have not eaten for hours. So that makes me think I am going to have to give up eating and I don’t like that option at all. Oh and I need to walk for exercise and I am trying to walk about an hour a day, usual split up over two or three walks during the day.

What's up at the dental office? I did work this week and it went much better than last week. I ended up calling the nieces and cancelling ‘family dinner’ on the way home from work Tuesday night. I was really tired and I was sore and hurting. I might be developing and allergy to the adhesive on this ‘system’ my skin was hurting so much that when I got home I took everything off and showered and then just put some plastic wrap over my tummy very loosely and left it all open for a couple of hours. The plastic wrap was just to catch any surprises. That whole area was red and itchy so I also took some Benadryl and a couple of Advil and then I lay on the couch until it was time to go to bed. Wednesday I woke up feeling better and I worked all day and even felt pretty good at the end of the day. So I guess it really is one day at a time. One of my patients this week has colon cancer and all ready has an ostomy of some kind, he has just finished his rounds of chemo therapy and next week goes to San Diego for surgery. The surgeon in San Diego is the only doctor on the west coast that does this new procedure, he called it debulking. Later in the day I had a diabetic patient who has an insulin pump so we talked a bit about her situation. She reminded me of all the other problems with diabetes, like she goes to the podiatrist every 3 months just to make sure her feet are fine.

What's Cooking?
Sunday: Tamara & the girls brought fabulous Kung Pao Chicken and fruit salad for a very fabulous Mother's Day lunch.    Later in the day we met Bill's sister and Mom and the rest of the family for dinner at an Italian place in Everett.  It was a very nice day.
Monday: more delicious Kung Pao Chicken
Tuesday: family dinner – was going to be, but got cancelled: chicken sausage, spinach & cheese ravioli, stir-fry cabbage and veggies, brussel sprouts and bacon, garlic mashed potatoes, zucchini casserole.
Wednesday: homemade 'lean cusine's' from the freezer
Thursday: Bill’s night out and I had invited two friends over for dinner ages ago,  long before I got sick.   I decided absolutely not to cancel so to make it easy I cheated a little and did Greek Take out: Greek chicken and gyro meat, and pita bread with tizitki, then I made lemon-spinach rice, the zucchini casserole from Tuesdays menu and a big Greek salad
Friday: date night – we are meeting friends at the Crab Cracker for a happy hour dinner and looking forward to catching up with them.
Saturday: I am working Saturday from 2-5 so

What's on my needles: I picked up the stitches for the first ruffle on the Sasha skirt and have started knitting the lace ruffle. I love this project. I need to sew together the ‘lipstick vest’ but it is chilling out right now.

What I am reading: I am still reading ‘The Lace Reader’s guide’ a compelling story about a family of women in Salem who can read the future in patterns of lace and also have guarded a history of secrets. It is written from different perspectives and that has kept the story interesting.

I am also becoming a huge podcast fan, mostly knitting podcast and a couple of Christian ones that I like. I am always open to suggestions if someone finds something interesting.

Have I seen any good movies lately: We watched ‘Pirate Radio’ this week and it was a good movie based on a true story. I did get a little sleepy and Bill had to remind me how it ended.

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945

May 10, Thursday – Well Dad and Chy and Ann went to town today. Chy took Ann to Dr Felts and he said she had a little cold. Dad left his pickup to be fixed as it is wasting lub. I sent off 4 turkey hens and my gobbler. Lovie went in to bring Chy, Dad and Ann back from town. Chy had two letters from the Bill Boy and they had operated on his foot.

May 11, Friday – Well Lovie and Hilly worked in the store this evening. I had a long letter from Gordie, Nancy has gone home with Francis Ann. Ann has been so cross today, I guess the medicine Dr Felts gave her makes her cross. She is so good that is sure puts a pain in my heart to see her feel bad, will be glad when she gets well. I worship her. Gordie says Emma is working now for a wool association. Hilly and Lovie came by wanting us to go to church. I will go tomorrow night for I want my sons to come back. If I don’t go to church and try and live right they might not come back. So I must pray and live right. Lovie is good, she lives right. I worried today.

May 12, Saturday – Well Dad walked to Cherokee and caught a ride to San Saba to get his pickup which he left up there to have it worked on. It cost $20.00 for the work he had done on it. Lovie and I went to Mrs. Gays this evening to iron. Mrs Gay had gone to town and I had to go along with Lovie. I had a letter from Bill and he said his foot is doing alright. Hilly and Lovie came by going to Cherokee to take stock of the grocery store at Bob’s which they will take over on Monday. I got another Mother’s Day gift, a pair of everyday shoes, Lovie gave them to me, with my beautiful blanket Em and Gordie gave me I am fixed up. The Ann girl feels much better today and I am so glad. Mr Bryant called and said he had our B batteries but we didn’t need them and Mr Herbert R wanted them. Nancy is spending the weekend with Francis Ann Gray.

May 13, Sunday – Mother’s Day and it has been a good one. The girls were all here. Tom Alan came with Jymie and Elsie. Kathleen and Mary Ann came and Kitten brought me Mary Anns picture a big one in a frame for my Mother’s Day gift and I am so proud of it. Mary Ann is a honey and our Ann is so very sweet, her cold is better. Elsie brought me a lovely pair of Sunday shoes and a big potted flower. I enjoyed the day so much. Lovie came after dinner. The Gays came tonite and Ann strutted her stuff. Gee, but she is sweet. I sure missed the Sons and the Gordie and Emma today and I missed Nancy and Gordon. And I hope Nancy had a good time with Francis Ann. Dad went after Hillys hogs this morn,

May 14, Monday – Well the Lovie and Hilly went to work today in the store. I sure hope she can hold up. Ann feels mighty today. Chy had four letters from the Bill, and one from Emma and she is going to get somebody if we don’t send her white slip, but I haven’t found it yet. Bill is doing fine. Dad help Mr Gay fix his wind mill, then went and fixed on Doris’ mill. Doris and Gladys Ann came just at dark wanting to borrow the blue net ball dress that Chy gave to Nancy so we let her have it. It sure looked nice on her. We vaccinated the little turks this evening I cut Ann two little sun dresses out this evening.

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