Saturday, August 6, 2016

Things have officially started....




Our Corner of Rose Hill   Things have officially started.  On July 21 a honey bucket showed up and we knew this is the official start. The next day a couple of machines showed up and started munching the smaller trees and bushes, since then the “lumber jacks arrived” and the big trees started going down.  One week of work and about half the new development is cleared.  The barn went down today and so did the house attached to the barn.  Today I counted 8 large pieces of heavy equipment and all of them are busy and doing different jobs.   

Zoey was the star of the show 

CeLinda & Bill 
In My Travels – Last weekend my cousin’s son got married.  Bill and I got to go to the wedding and spend time with family.  Robert, the groom, visited us nine years ago.  He was a young man who had never been out of the city of LA.  We took him to see all the normal tourist sites in the Northwest but the thing we enjoyed most was how much he enjoyed chopping wood.  Bill was chopping some up so we could have a little bonfire while they were here. Robert was great at chopping wood and he chopped a big pile for us that lasted a good long while.   Robert and Jen have been together 6 years now and have the most precious 2 year old daughter Zoey and Laylah is Jen’s 10 year old daughter.  The girls are both so much fun to be with and watch.  They definitely made the whole weekend more fun.   We also got to spend time with my cousin Mark and his wife Jackie, their daughters Sophie and Gina and  my Aunt Jeanne, my daddy’s little sister and we even got to see my cousin Jan at the wedding.

Jackie & Mark
Parents of the Groom 

The Beautiful Flower Girls 

Aunt Jeanne will be 90 in October
We have a similar photo of Bill dancing
with my grandma on her 100th birthday. 

My Latest Knitting,  I did make a cute poncho while I was travelling.  I cast on at the airport waiting for my flight and I cast off the day after we got home from the wedding.   I have 2 dresses this little poncho will go with.    The pattern was from the Tea Cozy Yarn Shop this year as their pattern for the Fiber Love yarn crawl. 


On a Happy Note:  Bill and I celebrated being married 35 years this week.  He is my best friend and favorite playmate.  He makes me laugh and looks out for me.  He helps me to be strong and I am so much stronger with him.  We cherish each other above all others and we have similar core values.  We are content; we have traveled and explored lots of places together, we love working on projects and we both have a long list of projects to do. We like to hike, kayak, camp, listen to music, and spend time with friends and family.  We got married in the side yard of this house and we are still here 35 years later and are hoping to be here a lot longer.  

CeLinda & Bill 

How Many weeks until football season.  (hint - 4)

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