Wednesday, September 7, 2016

We Are Moving

Bill and CeLinda
at Snoqualamie Falls 

Big news on Rose Hill: the developer came to our house, knocked on the door with an offer to buy our house, and within 2 weeks we agreed to sell. This is the first time he has made us an offer. We are not the hold outs, they never ask to buy and we were very content.  Moving is a big deal and we didn't feel the need to change; our house has met our needs for a long time. 

CeLinda and Deborah Kay
My best friend from 7th grade, Deborah Kay was here visiting and so we all went looking at houses together. We put together a list of needs and a list of wants and pros and cons of areas and started looking. Just when we thought about giving up, our daughter Tamara came over on my birthday and gave us quite the lecture on all the options out there, reminding us to use Zillow on our phone to look for places. Really within an hour of that lecture Bill had picked out our new house.  We saw the house on Zillow, drove by it, walk around the house looking in all the windows and called the real estate agent. We set up a meeting for the next day 1 hour before his official open house started we made an offer after we walked through the house. They had agreed to wait for an offer coming in on Monday so we had to wait till Tuesday night to hear if we got the house. There was a bit of a bidding war but we came out on top, and we needed to because we needed a place to move to right away. We have 30 days till closing and two weeks after that before the house is demolished. It is kind of sad to know that all the effort we've put into the house are going away however we're both pretty excited about the new place.  We will be 3.6 miles north of our old house in an area of Kirkland called Kingsgate.   The house was built in 1970 and remodeled in 2007.  There is more square footage but we have a very full attic and garage, the new house has no garage and we will handle the storage differently.   Bill is excited to have a shop and there will definitely be projects for him. I will have my own office and crafting space and there is plenty of room for guests so make your plans to visit or stay longer with us and see our new home. Did I mention that we will have a real dining room and a beautiful covered deck and back yard?

If you want a virtual tour just message me and I will give you the address and you can do a walk-through on Zillow. 

Moving seems to be like a review of life. Touch something here and a memory explodes, turn the other way, reach for a book, the onslaught of memories rocks my very footing. I am having dreams of falling, or getting hit head on by a truck. Why do people like to move? This event is definitely challenging the management of my  Addison's disease.   My new doctor once told me events in life are stresses and to manage my meds I have to decide how much of a stress the event is; is it like a cold, the flu or major surgery.   So far this is like the flu and I don't really have a grip on it yet.  

CeLinda and Aunt Dena 

Recently we went  to Sequim to visit Bill's Aunt Dena and his cousin.    Aunt Dena hasn't been well.  It was a beautiful 65 degree day, the sun was out and fall is in the air.  Aunt Dena looked good and recognized both of us.  

We are still having family dinner on Tuesday's and house guests during this transition but I did cancel a trip to Texas.   I was going for my college 45th year reunion and a visit with my mom but I will reschedule a visit as soon as we get settled in the new place. 

CeLinda found some time to Knit

We took Labor Day weekend and went camping.  It was a nice diversion and a good time to get grounded about moving and moving on.  We went to the Lake Crescent on the Olympic Peninsula and really had a wonderful time.   The first day and night it rained but with the right gear it was perfect.  We were snuggy in our sleeping bags had a large canopy over the picnic table.  We were with good friends, ate some good food, had some nice talks and all in all it was wonderful. 


All nice and Dry, even in the Rainforest 


That is CeLinda, on the edge..
The construction continues around us.  This week they are starting to grade the land for houses and digging a hole for the water retention area.  Bill says it is about 100 feet by 100 feet with 20 foot walls.

As for knitting,  not so much.   I am carrying my cozy memory blanket everywhere and working on it a little bit.  

How many weeks until football season.   ONE!!!!!
Woo Hoo!!   Go Seahawks!!!

How I handle stress:     

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.     Eleanor Roosevelt  


Dan Pedersen said...

That is huge news about your move, CeLinda. You and Bill make it all seem easy. You must have very mixed emotions about walking away from the place that has been home for so long, but this sounds like the beginning of a great new adventure, and you seem excited about the new house. Congratulations to you both. Well done.

CeLindakot said...

Thank you Dan, We have had mixed emotions but we are starting to look forward to the major work being finished and the settling in phase beginning.