Friday, July 15, 2016

Little House Moves

Just Starting 
Pouring Cement for the Tracks 

Look how much of the hillside he took out.  

New Resting Place 

Our Corner of Rose Hill is a little bit different this week   Bill has been preparing since February to move the “playhouse” out back.  (See May 24th 2016 blog post)  It is a 10 X 12 foot building that houses everything ‘Karen”.  When he built this studio in 1990 we stood there together and decided where to put it.   We choose the easiest location where he didn’t have to do much to prepare the land.  We also intended to build a three car garage with a master bedroom suite above it in the main house.  That would have incorporated two separate lots into one lot.  Years go by and we are thinking we don’t want a bedroom upstairs, and the two lots are more valuable to us as separate lots so the playhouse that is now straddling the lot line needs to be moved.  I know Bill has been thinking about the process for years, maybe 5.  As he thinks and we talk things start to fall into place.  It all came together on July 2, Saturday of the holiday weekend.

Here is a video of moving Day:  It is a time lapse photography taken by our friend Bill Mohn.             


In My Travels:  Bill and I went to the Oregon Country Fair.  We rented a van that was converted to an RV so that I could be in air conditioning if needed.   Heat is one of the first things to set off my Addison ’s disease.  As it turned out, the weekend weather was just wonderful and we had the best time.    I will include a poem that I wrote and photos to tell the story of our adventure.

Zumwalt:  a park in Lane County near the Oregon Country Fair,  once a year for that particular weekend it is used as a campground to house thousands of people for the fair.

Blue Moon Street:  really one of the 18 stages were music and entertainment played from 11am to 7pm for all three days of the fair.

Fairy's on Stilts 

Oregon Country Fair   by CeLinda Kotsogean     
Come to Zumwalt
   Young and old
Follow the fairy wings
   Down the road

Listen to the music                                                                           
Dance to the beat
Under the trees

Random Parade
On Blue Moon Street

Here we are
at the Oregon Country Fair
There is nothing else like it

It is important to feel free
Dress or not just let it be
Paint your face
Don you hat
Layer up your jewelry

Magic is in the air
Music is everywhere
Laughter comes from
Young and old
This is the place to let your
Inner child roll

At the end of the day
We are laden with treasure
We have seen lots of things
Paint your face
Experience so much pleasure                                              

Dusty and tired at the end of the road
All of the crowd to their
Campsites flowed
There is a line at the shower
There is a line at the gate
But here at Zumwalt
There is no line at the lake.

Christie BK & Mick under the influence
of the Oregon Country Fair
at the Blue Moon Stage 
CeLinda Resting

Making Breakfast

Comfy Bedroom 

On a Happy Note  We spent the last day of the trip with Mimi, a dear and special friend that has moved to Amboy Washington, and on the way home I was thinking of her.

On Seeing Old Friends   by CeLinda Kotsogean
There is your face
I see your smile
I haven't been with you 
in such a long while

Hugs and Greetings
It is easy to see
We are real friends
yes, you and me

Pull up a chair
Let's have a drink
Tell me what's up
Tell me what you think

Hours go by
We might laugh or cry
Then it is time to say goodbye

Down the road and after a while
We keep on driving mile by mile
I count my memories with words I compile
Thinking of you and your beautiful smile. 

How Many weeks until football season.  (hint – 8 weeks)

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