Friday, January 31, 2014

Best Laid Plans of regularly blogging are already out the window.  My new rule is no rules, it is time to have fun and do what I want, when I want.   I want to blog and I will.   I am choosing to remove a lot of self established stresses.  I
Finished puzzle
want to be kind and gentle to myself and others.   I want to breathe deep feel contentment and be grateful because I am truly blessed.   I sometimes think I am the luckiest person ever for without luck how could all this wonderful happen to me.

Granddaughter Halie spent a weekend with us and we all had a really good time, in fact the time went by so fast and there was more we wanted to do but didn't have time for.
Bill is still busy working on projects.   He hired someone to trim the trees/hedge on the back fence line and when those entire tree tops came down I felt like someone had just release a choke hold on me.  Now I am getting excited to start cleaning up the yard for spring.   The fact that we have hardly had any winter plays a part in that also.  

On the health front, this past week I got new blood tests and had my yearly physical and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am.   It has been over a year since I started taking little steps to change my diet.  The month of August, my birthday, I ate poorly, according to my ‘new plan’ and by the end of the month I was very motivated to get back on track.
Here is some of my good news:
According to the blood test 3 years ago I had what was called a fatty liver, supposedly a side effect of the prednisone, but now I have a healthy liver for someone in their mid 40’s.  (LOL)
My cholesterol was 232 and now it is 161.
My triglycerides were 339 and now it is 147.
My Alc1 was 32 and it is now a very normal 5.7.  
I am over the top thrilled and proud of myself because these changes took a real commitment to making the right choices consistently.

I started a Pilate’s class this month also, once a week.  The reason I added this is to limber up and gain some increased flexibility.    My new routine has also added two times a month at the local indoor range.  I have not done any regular shooting for years, since before my last eye surgery, when I realize I couldn't see what I was aiming at.   I have monovision now, distance in one eye and close up in the other.   I was not disappointed with my shooting, but there is room for improvement there also.

New Project 
 There is also knitting going on. I would do more but I don't want to just sit in a chair all the time. I could though, I love knitting. I knit during movies, I make baby bibs because I don’t need to see at all and it keeps my hands busy and I can usually make a half a baby bib per movie, so two movies equals one baby bib. I also finished a scarf for mom and a baby hat with the leftover yarn. I am also working on a mohair shawl/scarf that I work on watching TV with Bill. I got the yarn to start a new project, some very cute, convertible children’s toys but I am not going to start them till I get a couple of other finished  projects off the needles. I have a cowl on the needles that my niece Katherine designed and I have a cardigan sweater on the needles that has been in time-out over a year.   Oh yes,  there is the baby sweater I was knitting at Christmas when I ran out of yarn.  The sweater is missing about 2/3’s of the last sleeve and the collar.  Today the extra ball of yarn arrived in the mail.  I found it in someone’s stash on Ravelry and wrote to her.  It was an inexpensive yarn by JoAnn Fabrics but it had been discontinued,  which is probably why I got it on sale, and I hope I learned a lesson about having enough yarn for a project.  I will try to get that finished also.   Lots to do. 

The world around here is glowing blue and green;  the Seattle Seahawks play in the SuperBowl on Sunday.  I have one friend I have watched every game they won this year and she will be coming over on Sunday for "the big one"    GO SEAHAWKS!!!

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