Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New 2014th Year!

Holiday Cactus 
Happy January 1st, 2014   Yesterday I walked to my friends house to water plants, while they enjoy the snowbird life,  and this beautiful holiday cactus greeted me.   I sent them a photo because now that they leave for the winter they cannot enjoy the beautiful plant.

This is my first week of being almost retired and I decided that it might be time to journal some as I go into this transition period.   I am just home from 10 days in Texas and I am trying to catch up on the things that were left undone while I was gone;  the pile on my desk of mail,  paperwork, and Christmas letters.  Bill has been cooking dinners the last couple of nights and I haven't even started to think about groceries and food prep.

Looking to the new year, I hope to enjoy life,  make healthy choices and make others smile.  So here is to the New Year.   Happy New Year to you.

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