Saturday, January 2, 2016

There are going to be a lot of changes in our neck of the woods over the next few years and I thought that I would challenge myself to blog again.    Bill has been retired from a long career as a power engineer at Puget Sound Energy and I am semi-retired dental hygienist.   I love my work as a hygienist still but I don’t have the energy for it for two or three days in a row so now it is usually 2 or 3 days a month.  Instead we are both project oriented and having lots of fun in a variety of areas.  
Some of the changes around here will be going on outside and around us.   Below are two photos of the front of our house.  One taken from our neighbor’s driveway looking at our house and the other is taken from our driveway looking at our house and with a view of a bit of the woods behind us.  

There is a new housing development scheduled to start this spring that will be all around us.  Some say that we were the hold-outs to this development but really the developer never made us any kind of an offer to move.    We like our house and have made a lot of changes to it over the years to make it work better for us.  We love the location near Redmond, Kirkland and it is easy to get to Seattle.   This house is all on one level which is a good choice moving ahead.  I used to say it was a starter home but after 35 years of living here we are thinking it will be our finishing home as well.  
We have watched our parents and parents of our friends’ age and seen the need of individuals change and we are hoping to make changes around here that will help up live successfully in this home until we need extra help.  Just for fun here is one more photo of the house sometime before 1990 and I know that because that is the year we redid the roof and added and attic. 

I am going to work my way into this blogging gently and I don’t really have an outline yet but you can guess there will be knitting and I already have a finished project for 2016 .

This project started as a purple scarf in the gift box in the attic.  I had originally made if for my mom but it was too heavy for her in Texas so I traded her a lighter weight one and brought that home  and put it in the ‘future gifts box’ .  Today I took rescued the scarf from the gift box,  took out both ends of the scarf,  attached one end to the ball winder and unraveled about half of the scarf onto a nice little 'cake' then I put each of the ends on a needle and with a third needle I did a 3 needle bind-off.  Magic, a lovely little cowl all finished and ready to wear.   How fun to have such a cool accomplishment of creativity especially today when I have such a cold and don’t feel my best.



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