Monday, September 6, 2010

August 31, 2010 – September 6, 2010

Hello there; Here's how my week went: I worked at Dr V's on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was tired when it was over but it was lots of fun and a good week.

Tuesday night (August 31) we had 'family dinner' and the nieces that usually come have a cousin that lives in Seattle, she is going to pharmacy school. So Krista joined us this week and Bill and I enjoyed getting to know her a little better. We had breakfast for dinner. Bill made the waffles and I did hash browns and bacon. None of the girls remembered seeing someone make waffles from scratch. The batter was lumpy which was the beaten egg whites having been gently folded in and they were curious about that and then they were surprised I had used real potatoes instead of the frozen ones you pour out of a bag. They asked me how I got them that shape and I said I used the shredder just like you do for cheese. Opps, they buy cheese all ready shredded also. Any way the decision was that fresh potatoes do taste better than frozen potatoes, because it was dinner I used the savory seasoning I had used the week before. I got it at the Oil and Vinegar store and it is called 'Pesto Genovese - Italian dried herb mix'. I think that herb blend is delicious and really versatile.

My 'big family news' for the day was the birth of my second great niece. Grace Anne is the daughter of my nephew and his wife that live in Maine. I don't know when I will get to meet her in person but she is very beautiful in the photos I have seen. She was born just before midnight. Now both of my sisters have one grandchild each. Grandchildren are so much fun.

Wednesday September 1, was the first day of school for most of the kids up here and we all had to stop and think about the school buses being out on the roads again. Today we had a local periodontist in to talk to both hygienist and the dentist on our lunch break. We had an hour and 20 minutes with him and I could have asked him questions for 3 hours. (Especially if I had eaten something instead of starving and had my knitting.) The subject was 'calibrating our periocharting'; which means we all wanted to be on the same page with our patients when we do perio charting to improve accuracy between providers. Dr Perio talked about things like; the angle of the probe, how we look at the probe and read the numbers, when to round up and when to round down, how to make notations about bleeding, and how much pressure to use on the probe. He drew lots of great pictures and since I am a visual learner I thought it was great. I had made a lunch, we just didn't eat while we were in conference. My sandwich was a waffle from dinner, with a mayo mustard spread I make on it, then some really good ham and swiss cheese. It was delicious and I had used a whole waffle so I split it with the other hygienist and we were both grateful for a good sandwich. Now I am thinking I may try to make BLT's on a waffle sometime..... I only ran one errand on the way home and that was to check in some library books. I had checked out several audio books and put them in iTunes to put on my phone to listen too so I spent a bunch of time tonight downloading cd’s and knitting between cd’s.

Thursday September 2, Working three days in a row wasn’t really so bad. I talked them into letting me start with a 8:30 patient instead of 7:30, that made a huge difference for me. After work today I thought about going knitting at the new LYS but I was tired and I wanted to sew together my turquoise tee and that meant spreading out a lot so I just set up at the kitchen table and I got both sleeve in before I went to bed.

Friday September 3, I got up and did a bit of work at the desk. Then I went to the lab for a fasting blood draw from there I went by JoAnn and Dales for some tea and then into Bellevue for lunch with Helen and Bill came by to visit for a while also. After lunch I drove straight home, came in, put on my nightgown and got in bed. The next thing I knew Bill was coming in from work and it was 4:45. I know I am not a lazy person but I could not hold my eyes open, I know that is the change in meds and continuing to recover from surgery. Bill and I ate dinner in and watched a movie about a hockey player who did part time duty as the tooth fairy. It was cute.

Saturday September 4, I played in the attic this morning with my yarn. I am thinking I am going to reorganize the whole thing by weight instead of by color. It makes so much more since to me now when I am looking for yarn for a project. I am not ready to get into that now but I think about it each time I go up there. Today I was putting away some yarn that I am not using and some Hannah had brought back that she didn’t use then I was looking for some for a project I am thinking about. Today was neighbor Rich’s birthday and we went down to their house for dinner. Tara and Jason were there and Peter and Emily. We all had a good visit and Chris had made delicious carrot cake.

Sunday September 5th, Bill and I did a lot of sorting and organizing and cleaning around the house today. Bill and Colleen made dinner tonight and we were with Bob and Karen and B&C’s daughter Susan and her two daughters Carly and Catherine. Colleen made chicken lasagna and salad and bread and Bill made a blueberry pie. Tomorrow is Labor Day and by the weather you would think it was Thanksgiving.

On being Productive, experiencing Pleasure and Living Positive

My thoughts for the day: Last week I said I was going to try to stay grounded and handle whatever came my way in a positive manner. I guess nothing came my way because I can’t think of a time when I felt like I wanted to overreact. So I am going to keep this goal in mind but I am going to also think about enjoying ‘the moment’ as well: be here now, seize the day. I heard a podcast this week and this psychologist was saying that when you say “what if” you often miss the moment you are in and when you live in the past or in the ‘what-if’s’ you also can fail to take responsibility for your own life. I am thinking about this more because I don’t want to miss a minute. I want to relish and savor the moments of my life, I feel them fleeing away.

Sorting and Organizing and Compromise: We got a package in the mail this week, from Current, get-well cards. Bill and I had a discussion about greeting cards recently. He didn’t want to send one that says “I’m praying for you” or with a Bible verse on it. Deborah K was here when we were having this discussion and she suggested Bill scratch out the ‘I’m praying for you part’ or find a card that says I’m not praying for you but I hope you get better, or I hope you get lucky and get better but God had nothing to do with it. So now we have a stack of get-well cards that say, I ‘hope’ you’re feeling better soon.

What's on my needles or What's off my needles; nothing to report this week. I am working on a scarf to go with the hat I finished last week and it is a lot of 2 X 2 ribbing. Also I am working on parts that will make into little flowers to decorate another hat. So when that comes together I will take some photos.

Grannies’ Diary: Bobbie Ann Maxwell 1945: September 2010

For a few years now my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother) diaries have been sitting on a bookshelf above my desk. Now that others are reading this, I think I will take things from her diary and tell you what was happening at her farmhouse also. I have started with the first complete looking diary and the year is 1945. I am telling her story, in her words as best I can.

August 31st Friday - Tonight at 10 minutes before 12 o’clock little Ann will be one big year old. We had a letter from Bill and he said he hadn’t gotten his leave yet as his chart hadn’t gotten there but some one said it came in the day he was writing to us, so maybe by now he will know how long a leave he will get. Mr. and Mrs. Bowden came this morning and brought me the steel saw. Dad and I sawed the heads from the iron beds and they look right cute. Mrs. Bowden said Tomas O had ear trouble in both ears, poor fellow. Lovie called but she didn’t know anything. I made pepper relish today. Banty started sitting on 7 of her eggs last night.

Saturday September 1, I went to Cherokee with Dad. Frank went along as usual. We all ate dinner with Lovie, she had a nice dinner. She took me to Mrs. Browns so I could pay my phone bill which was $1.73 for August. I bought a bushel of pears from Bob Estek for $1 and I brought home a half bushel that Lovie had bought to preserve for her. Emma was supposed to come in tonight but she never showed up. Nancy came home with me and we cut Lovie’s pears and I sugared them down so they would be ready to cook in the morning. Nancy found Worth’s identification bracelet that he lost down here the night of the ice cream supper. Lester came home day before yesterday. I sold four hens and the crooked –legged rooster today for $5.52.

Sunday September 2, Well I cooked the pears for Lovie, and Nancy and I waited around here all day for someone to come, finally Lovie showed up about 2:30. Polly called and she had come in on the bus. Dad and I cut the bushel of pears I got from Bob and when I got up my old knee got me, thought I couldn’t walk. Nancy and I really enjoyed the goat meat Hilly gave us. Well the Japs signed General MacArthur’s peace treaty. Thank the good God, this war is over and the boys won’t be in so much danger and a lot of them will get to come home.

Monday September 3, A holiday but Dad and I ran up to Cherokee. I had to go along as I wanted to see the Polly girl as I had not seen her in a week. She said Jean was a mighty rich woman now, she had a $75 bag. Gee we sure miss the radio as Dad took it to Cherokee Saturday. I left my pears on the stove cooking while I ran up to Cherokee this morn. I got them cooked about 5:30. Got 3 gallons and 1 quart. They sure are good. My old knee was ok this morning. I was so thankful. We cleaned out the chicken house this evening. Dad used the new spray can I got from Miss Lissy for 45 cents. The Lewis, Gays, and Smiths all had ice cream tonite and never said a word to us. The ole’ hogs.

Tuesday September 4, Well the Dad went to town, spent the day up there. What he did I don’t know as he never went to see Gordie. I had a letter from the Bill Boy, he got back to Cruces for Ann’s birthday. He said he didn’t know for sure whether they would get off down here or not. Wish they would tell me if Ann is walking yet. I called the girls and they got back from town and they all had some dental work done. Lovie said Gordie was fine. She and Jim were painting the cabinet and fixing some shelves in the dining room. Dad paid the Federal Land Bank $114.60 today, said he got some men to say they would come to look at our cows.

Wednesday September 5, Well I had a letter from the Sonnie, first I have had since July 18. Gee but we were glad to hear from him and he wants to come home so bad. I got Bill Mac’s birthday ready to send to him tomorrow. Gee, I am so hungry I could eat a crow. I made 2 batches of candy and picked out the pecans. Sure hope Bill and Chy like the candy. I feel so sluggish these days. Mrs. Kuykendale came here tonight to see about buying our cows but she didn’t want part brahamas. I didn’t call nobody today, I am mad at everybody and RH thrown in. I’ll skin his head if he doesn’t skin mine first. I cut Sis Erweys slip 2 days ago and I haven’t made it yet. I must. I wrote the Son and Bill today and finished them tonight.

Thursday September 6, I got Bill’s candy off today. Sent each son a letter. I will send son a bucket of candy later. We washed today and got through about 12 o’clock. Then we ate a snack and ran up to Cherokee. Lovie had gone over to see Mr. Estep to try and make him get some body to take care of Mrs. Estep. Lovie had a letter from the Bill Boy this morning. We got the radio battery but Hilly said it wasn’t charged but it is, for Dad has the radio on big and strong. Frank came over and he had cut the trees down so he can see what we are doing. I got 8 baby Chix out of the 34 eggs I got from Doris.

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