Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On Life and Living                                      
Tuesday, December 7th; Time is just flying by and I feel like I am running a few days behind schedule. It is dark when I leave home and it is dark when I get off work. This morning on the way to work a car coming from the other direction made me laugh out loud. It had Christmas lights outlining all the side windows and the front windshield, just a little over the top, I thought. I have seen cars with wreaths on the front end and I have always smiled just a little more when I see them. The day went by fast as we were all busy and working hard. We have a new team member, Molly. Bill and I had a party to go to tonight and Amanda and Becky were celebrating their mom's birthday. December is so crazy we have decided to postpone family dinner until the New Year. I am just trying to find time to hook up with Chris and Ann and Tamara and her family, it isn't going to happen together and that was what I wanted at first, but I think separate is probably better for lots of reasons. I finally posted my last blog tonight and I was a full week late with that. Okay, I think I am ready for tomorrow, so it is off to bed for me.

Wednesday, December 8th Another Full day at work. Everyone needs to get their teeth cleaned before the end of the year. Sometimes it is to look good for the holiday parties but usually it is because they want to take advantage of their insurance or they are about to lose their insurance. When I got home tonight I was so exhausted I told Bill I didn’t want any dinner and I was lying on the couch when our neighbor called and ask us to come down and visit. Rich is the one person I share my affinity for tequila with and I had a new one to try…. So I put the tequila in my knitting bag and went down to visit. Funny but after a couple of tastes of tequila I was energized, I wasn’t as sore and I was all perked up. The really funny thing was that the burst of energy lasted for about three days.

Thursday, December 9th; I was at the LYS this morning when they opened at 10am for knitting circle and then headed into Seattle to my favorite Seattle Yarn Shop. I bought the most awesome button to go on a shawl I was finishing up for a Christmas gift. And I visited with Gretchen for just over an hour. I had not seen here in ages and it was so nice to catch up. Gretchen works as a project manager full time and has two young children. She is amazing. I have been helping her list her yarn on Ravelry and so I returned a bin of her yarn. It is so funny about a yarn stash. She took the lid off and looked at all the yarn and it was like she was saying “I missed you so much while you were gone.” I will tell you some yarn is never meant to be knitted, it is just meant to be admired. When I left Seattle I drove to Renton to Tamara’s house, just to hang out for a while. She had made Teriyaki chicken and rice in the crock-pot and it was delicious. I could have made a pig out of myself, but I used some self control. Tamara’s daughter Halie was making animals and things out of wadded up aluminum foil, it looked really great. I suggested she make a manger scene she is so good but a manger scene is a big deal and a little overwhelming. I think she stopped after making one oxen, it was a really good oxen. When they were all leaving for a music concert at school I headed home. It was a dark and stormy night.

Friday, December 10th; Bill and I had a plan to meet the Friday Night Dessert Group for lunch on Friday now that Bill has a more flexible schedule. We have all wanted to explore more places and this week we went to Julia’s in Wallingford; http://www.juliasrestaurantseattle.com/ I had a BLT, surprise, surprise. We all had a good time visiting and catching up and we probably won’t see everyone again until Christmas Eve. On the way into Seattle we left the car at our favorite mechanic’s; http://www.etireandservice.com/ As I left my car off I ask them to look at the tires and let me know if they look good enough to get me through a snowy winter, so the oil change turned into over $600 with 2 new tires, hoses, windshield wipers, and a list of other things but I do feel more ready for winter. My car wasn’t quite ready when we got back from Seattle so to kill a little time we went down the street to the LYS that was having a trunk show of a very local, Snohomish, spinner and dyer. In the spirit of supporting local industry I bought 3 skeins of her yarn and then 3 of another hand dyed yarn that I had not seen before. Bill really like these yarns also, maybe I will knit him something…. Someday.

Friday afternoon I worked on getting the Christmas gifts ready for Dr S’s office; for Dr S I had knit 5 baby bibs for him to give to patients, new moms or pregnant ones, for Donna I had knit a prayer shawl from the book she gave me, this one was called Heart Warmer. For the Girls @ Dr S’s office I made cold weather gift bags; deicer and ice scrapers. I know that will come in handy sometime this winter.

Saturday, December, 11th Look at today’s date; 12/11/10 counting backwards. It must mean something good to numerologist, but who knows what. When I got to work it looked like Santa had stopped by. It is my last day to work there before the New Year and there were packages for me as well as my packages for everyone else. Work was good, several challenging patients and I like that. Bill chose to miss a holiday party and hang out with me tonight. I usually can’t do much after work that calls for energy because all my energy is gone by then so we had a nice dinner and watched a couple more episodes of Doc Martin on Netflix. The television is working great running on the new computer. We are streaming almost everything and it is so much better quality television than what we were getting through the antenna.

Sunday, December, 12th I was pretty tired this morning too. I think Bill brought me 3 cups of coffee in bed before I could manage to get up. We went over to Bill’s sister’s house for dinner and to celebrate her birthday with a family dinner.        

Monday, December 13th This morning I shuffled through some paper work at the desk and then I ran a couple of errands. I had a doctor’s appointment at 11:30 and it really did take an hour and fifteen minutes. We went over my list of things that are bothering me, questions about medication and more stuff like that. Regence is my insurance company right now and they have cancelled every policy that covered any part of brand name drugs so we are going to be switching several of my meds to generic and lots of them are all ready generic. The problem is that if I don’t do as well on the generics then Bill and I will have to bite the big bullet and pay the $$$ which will be several thousand dollars extra. She said I am doing awesome, that I am in good health. We are both thrilled that I am doing so well on less prednisone. One of the side effects of the lower steroids is that I have much more pain, joint pain and muscle pain. To control the pain I have been starting to take more and more ibuprofen and I knew that was not a good answer so we are trying a few things different for that. I will do blood test the end of January and then we will know how I am doing. I came home for lunch with Bill and then headed out for Physical Therapy. It is now time to start working the shoulder and naturally it is so tight and seized up so the PT spent the first 20 minutes stretching the shoulder muscles from every direction and then working me out with that rubber tubing for exercise from every angle. I am doing great in most areas but I can barely put my right hand behind my back so the goal is to be able to scratch the middle of my back. At the end of the visit today I was starting to really hurt so he had me ice it for 15 minutes with that electric stimulation on it. That was a really good thing to do. Bill made tacos for dinner and I counted my blessings. I am starting to think about New Year’s Resolutions now. I am going to look back at last years and see how I have done and then think about what I want for goals in 2011. (Eleven knitting projects, eleven something about exercise, eleven something about ……..

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