Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mostly Knitting

Weeks Until Football Season: 9/11/16  = 26 weeks

Our Corner of Rose Hill:

On Mercer Island
photo by Bill Mohn 

This past week we had an exciting wind storm.  The region had wind gust in the 40 to 60 mph range. This photo was taken on Mercer Island near a friend’s house, and this little projectile was in our back yard.   There has been a lot to clean up.  While Bill was working in the yard he started a new project.  He planted these magnolias in the fall of 2014.  They will do better when the trees in front of them go down and they have more sunshine but they also are stunted because the deer want to eat them.  Bill had the trees covered with nets before and then had to take those down and was looking for another way to cover them.  This time he came up with an umbrella like framework and covered that with the net.  He was pretty excited about his creativity.  The trees will grow and at some point they won’t need the nets.  I think the wildlife will diminish when the construction project increases. 


We also had utility trucks in the drive for two days this past week locating each type of utility and spray painting everywhere.  Bill said they marked gas all the way down our driveway.  We tried to get natural gas 15 or 20 years ago and the bid was over $10,000.  So we got a propane tank instead and have a propane stove in the kitchen and propane to the gas log fire in the living room.   If we find out that gas was here all along we will be pretty amazed and a bit disappointed.

Special Guests:  Bill and I have guests all the time,  two or three times a week.  We consider each guest very special and love to have quality time with our friends.  The guest I want to mention now, loves to come to visit and wants me to tell the world (my blog) how special and smart and wonderful she is.   All of that is true and we are always honored when Lucy comes to visit.

after play time with Bill 

sorry this is blurry, these two just
don't hold still for a photo 

For Knitters, mostly: Just a Warning 

So many projects!  I was traveling and knitting and hanging out and knitting and cooking and knitting and anyway look at all the goodies.

Season 2015-2016 
Seahawks Scoreboard Scarf:  This was a fun way to mix to of my passions; football and knitting. I am so glad I did this in fingering weight yarn or it would have been ginormous. I had a skein of The Sheep’s Clothing and Avocado in my stash so I thought it was just perfect but those high scoring games blew that out of the water. In mid December I had to order more yarn and it took a while to get so I am just now finishing up the project.  There is a round of knitting in blue for each point the Seahawks scored and a round of knitting in green for each point the other team scored.  Each ‘game’ is divided by a silver lace row and when a game went into overtime there is a purl bump row so this scarf literally tells the score of each game in order.

Mix It Up Cowl: This was a very quick knit.   I needed something to go with my awesome new boots.  I got the boots as a Christmas gift and I LOVE them.  Now turquoise is my new favorite color. 

Otterly Fun Homework: This project was a homework assignment and I do like it, but it is ridiculously long.  The first try was 300 stitches and that was way to short so I cast on 500,  that was way to long.  I will make it again sometime and I will cast on 400 stitches,  that should be just right.

Taste the Fandom Mariner: This set of gradient yarn was just so many happy colors I had to do something with it.  It isn’t something I will wear a lot but it sure makes me smile to look at it.  

Of course there are other projects on my knitting needles and I am also working on a cross-stitch project.    I haven't done cross-stitch in years,  I think I quit doing cross-stitch projects as my eyes got worse but now that I have bionic lenses in each eye I am enjoying this art form again. 

Thank you for reading. I have so enjoyed your emails and messages back.   I love staying in touch with each of you.  

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Bill K said...

Hi all,
This is Bill using CeLinda's account.

The Magnolias are still a little stunted from lack of sun and the deers nibbling on them. They have been nibbled on twice now. The netting helps but they really need sun. When the trees are cut down south of us they will be happier. It is one of our 12 reasons to like the changes around our property. Let us know if you would like to hear the other 11 reasons.