Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm Back

I have been very busy and all the time I am thinking, I need to put that in my blog, or I need to write about that. So it seems to me I enjoy telling a story and I really enjoy hearing from friends and family around the country after they have read my post.

Here are some of the things I have on my list to tell you about:

• My new car

• The saltwater aquarium at work

• Bill and I went to Texas, for 17 days

• We discovered a rodent problem at the house, and the fix

• Cleaning the attic (see above bullet point)

• The lack of birdfeeders at our house this year (see above bullet point)

• What’s on and off my needles lately

• My yarn “give away”

• Going from “yard work” to “gardening” and the man hours involved

• An awesome recipe for Meyer Lemon and olive oil cake

• Cooking for a family some are vegan vegan, mostly vegetarian, all low fat, some non dairy, and no onions or tomatoes for one…..

Where should I start; last night my neighbor Chris invited me to Molbak’s, to a special event . The guest speaker was Ciscoe Morris a local media personality and garden expert, there was wine and cheese and the cutest little desserts. Ciscoe talked about lots of different plants and I bought plants to put in my three pretty blue empty pots that are one the back porch. Last year I had a hibiscus in one and it died during the winter even though I brought it inside and tried to save it. The other two I just set all ready planted planters into the pots and pretended I had plant them. Chris, my master gardener neighbor, helped me pick out an assortment of plants to put in them and I am actually hoping they will be hardy enough to make it through the winter, or at least most of them anyway.

Oh and we have three of the four grandchildren this weekend. Life is really good.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me. I would love to hear from you also so drop me a line at : or my personal email address if you have it.   Feel Free to tell me where to start.

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Welcome back!