Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy New Year

I know it is the beginning of February but because this is my very first entry in this blog and also the subject of this entry I decided that is a fitting title.

I have been listening to several podcast lately and several of them have mentioned setting knitting goals for 2010. So here goes, some knitting goals: (possibilities) knit from my stash more, (oops, I bought yarn in January so that can't be retroactive, and it is not an absolute that is for sure.) Thinking of my niece who is hoping to knit a sweater a month, I think I will try to finish 6 sweaters this year. Also I want to learn a new technique or take on a project that challenges my skills this year. That sounds like some reasonable goals.

I had some personal goals at the beginning of the year and I will mention them as well. 1) make the healthiest choices for myself; time management, exercise, food, emotional. To me this means that I need to think about the choices before I jump. 2) Each year older I get I think about the influence I have or the 'footprints' I am leaving behind. So this goal is to try and make the choices and be involved in or spend my energy on the things that will make a positive difference in the lives of my family, my local community and friends and some how choose something to be involved in that can make some kind of difference globally

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